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  1. cpuusage

    Rise of the black jaguar clan: Silent watchers from the shadow world

  2. cpuusage

    Lightwarriors, Fear Not What is Happening, Everything is Perfect!

    Lightwarriors, Fear Not What is Happening, Everything is Perfect! - An article taking a positive optimistic look at this current World / state of affairs for those on a Spiritual Path - Lightwarriors, Fear Not What is Happening... Everything is Perfect! | Wake Up World
  3. cpuusage

    Group Plans Protest Against the World Congress of Psychiatry

    Group Plans Protest Against the World Congress of Psychiatry - Mad In America Psychiatry: Fake science. Real harm.
  4. Solitude1

    I'm Extra

    I'm extra 😕 I don't feel depressed when saying it... I just know I'm extra Or at least I belong to another world... The world of nothings
  5. naominash

    What would you want most from God if you knew you could get it?

    Suppose there was a God of the Universe and God decided you could ask for anything you need? I would ask for self-knowledge. I feel like if I knew my purpose in this world, my constant perfectionism would die down. Id reach the balance between striving after improvement and resting in...
  6. S

    Turning Cynical, and bitter?

    Hello, first off, I should mention that I have recently joined this forums and I find that reading others' problems seem to make me realize that I am not alone in the world, and I thank a lot of you for sharing. I will share a bit about myself. I am a 26 years old man currently in grad studies...
  7. Leslie(notmyrealname)

    Feeling alien

    I don't fit in no matter where I go. I feel unwelcome in this world. I'm categorized as gifted, which means I'm a deep thinker and highly intelligent. I tend see the world differently. I'm hypersensitive to everything: sound, smell, taste, light, temperature, pressure, emotions. I react...
  8. B

    need help. having family problem what should i do....?

    :panic:so my father is ranting about my current situation, first im currently unemployed, since i resigned i keep training to improve my drawing for personal hobby and future jobs. my father is keep ranting about me being worthless, have no ability except drawing, he says i won't be able to...
  9. S

    I'm terrible at being an adult.

    I'm 22 years old and I'm just terrible at being an adult. I feel like I'll never understand the world. I'm an embarrassment to be around. This is why I don't really believe I'm human. I'm like a demon or something that just needs help all the time. Everyone else seems so perfect and they all...
  10. S

    Do you believe in Heaven and Hell?

    Do you believe that there is an afterlife? What are your thoughts on spirits and ghosts? What do you think about all of this? I just enjoy hearing peoples thoughts on these things. I don't believe in Heaven and Hell. I think there could be a place called 'Heaven' which is really just the...
  11. D

    Anxiety and Dissociation

    I've been dealing with my anxiety on and off for five years. But beyond racing thoughts, the worst part... which only comes about once or twice a week, when I don't have every moment planned out/productive/ with others... is when I dissociate from the world around me. I don't have much of a...
  12. B

    Hi everyone!

    Hi, should have posted here first but this morning I was all over the place. In a better frame of mind for now. I'm a single mother of 2. My daughter is 10 and my son is 18 months. I am a self employed Pet Groomer & run my business from home. I have suffered with depression & anxiety on & off...
  13. C

    Taking a break

    Hi all, I've decided to take a break from the forum for a while. As most of you know I've made great strides in my recovery and have returned to work on a part-time basis. But I'm still spending too much time on here which is impacting on my life in the real world. I think I need to spend the...
  14. B

    want to tell my story about my severe depression

    hello, im 27 years old and i live in philippines. my depression started to become worst about 2 years ago, i had a check up and i was diagnosed with severe depression. the doctor prescribed me with escitalopram and resperidone, since then i take the anti-depressant twice a day and resperidone...
  15. K

    Odd Dreams

    I watch videos about aliens and the end of the world and any science videos that are mind-blowing. But I get alot of dreams during sleep where I experience the end of the world or being killed by something. Should I stop watching these videos or is there better advice?
  16. L

    Looking for help...

    Hi everyone, I am new here. I am looking for help and support for myself and my partner. I suffer from depression and my partner suffers from anxiety and depression. Such a confusing world I live in.
  17. Tired Daisy

    Its the end of the world

    Many times I find myself wondering why does the sun go on shining? Why does the sea rush to shore? don't they know it's the end of the world? if only labour was still in power that we would be so much happier today. The evil Tory government have taken over and Donald Trump is president of the...
  18. E

    When does saving the world become trash duty on someone elses dime?

    I am not talking about your personal trash, I am talking world saving, I will die for you to prove I can't hit the numbers as well as celebrities, even if the game is rigged. When are you going to graduate from drug dealing "because we had families an interupting other people that we could...
  19. B

    A life lost to depression?

    Hi all, First time poster here. I want (need) to share my experience of the last few months, and hopefully get some kind of response from others who can relate, as the way things are at the moment, I feel totally alone, helpless and hopeless with my situation. I'm at a critical point in my...