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  1. Y

    new here

    Hi, I'm new here! I'm a therapist and wish to connect more deeply in the Cyber world. I am not here to provide therapy, rather I seek to provide and receive supportive understanding with people all over the world. I have my own darkness and shadow I am integrating and thought this could be a...
  2. M

    Will not conform with society

    Hello. Does anyone feel like they cannot conform with society anymore and the mind numbing daily routine that surrounds the commercial world ? Everyone is working to many hours and they are losing their identity.
  3. T

    Self harm returned and more severe!

    Hi there, I will try and keep this short as i could really go on for novel length! (as i am sure we all can:)) Basically, I have had a long string on trauma in my life. Including childhood sexual abuse, DV in my home as a child (then as an adult in my own relationship, which was mainly mental -...
  4. boudreauj4

    Does lack of sleep cause increased symptoms for you?

    Lately, strange things keep happening on the mornings that I hardly sleep the night before. Yesterday I woke at 1:30am and couldn't sleep the rest of the night. When I got up at 4:30 it suddenly felt like the whole world was moving to the left. It was different than when I've felt like the...
  5. D

    General feeling of apathy

    I've been struggling to connect to the world. Nothing interests me, I often feel like I'm just watching the world around me rather than being part of it. Even while I am doing activities or out with people I feel like a passive observer rather than involved, regardless of how involved I am. I'm...
  6. Fairy Lucretia

    me and maddie will be parted

    i can feel it and i will die im going to inherit my aunty's flat and when i have spent the money from that (it isn't worth very much) they will put me on universal credit and all i will have to live on is £79 a week i won't be able to afford even RSPCA or PDSA vet costs on that me and my baby...
  7. R

    Why does my art always get ignored?

    Sorry I didn't know which category to put this under. I thought about putting it under 'depression' because this makes me very depressed. I know I'm not the most amazing artist, but I feel like I do have some talent. Still, over the years of sharing my art online and improving, most people...

    Just be yourself.

    Better to just be who you are than what people want. But it gets a bit harder in the professional world. Any tips on how to act in an office? (I got an interview for a new volunteer job). It looks interesting, but I have no idea how much time they are looking for. Do you think I should ask...
  9. S

    Get rid hearing voices.

    I know you will not be convinced that the sounds you hear are not true، But I can make you ignore it. In my opinion.... 1 - You are not cowardly, but taking these voices seriously is not courage. 2- Thinking about confronting these voices is not healthy. 3 - All patients in the world hear the...
  10. S

    I'm not going out in public anymore

    I made up my mind. I used to be a hikikomori (someone who isolates from the world.). I would stay locked inside for months. We went out today and I saw my reflection in public. I'm so ugly and fat. I gained so much weight from these meds. I can't quit them because I need them to sleep at night...
  11. Kerome

    The psychology of games

    I’ve been wondering about this in the morning... do you think that games create an automatic distrust of other players or the world? Almost always you are in opposition to other players or the environment. Think of something like Monopoly or Settlers of Cataan, the other players are your...
  12. G

    I don't belong anywhere

    I can't maintain any relationship. I'm having a hard time even maintaining relationship to my family. I can't get through to anybody. I'm completely lost and disconnected from myself and from reality. I feel like I truly do not matter to anybody and that I'm a lost cause. I'm literally hanging...
  13. Mr.NiceGuy

    Summoning Angels to work miracles with your voices pt2

    I feel kind of bad for everyone else because they may or may not have the protection I get. I am being 100% honest when I say that calling on this Angel to deal with my voices causes a response in them that would definitely not exist otherwise. For example, I might say " Angel, put my ears to...
  14. L

    Needing a rant no need to read. no where else to go.

    i am struggling beyond belief. To the outside world no one understands the torment. The skin irritation when any material or human touches me i feel this rage burning in me. i can't stand being victimised being told frequently by one parent that had i spoken up at a younger age about his abuse...
  15. A

    Existential anxiety?

    Since November I’ve been struggling with this. I’ve realised essentially life is pointless, we are all going to die and cease to exist. Nothing means anything, there are no rules nor consequences and essentially we are all alone. I think that’s what scares me the most the fact that we are all...
  16. S

    INTENSE sufferation

    ive never really been able to explain this to any 'normal' person. when my psychosis started or w.e they called it was so intense and other wordly it was pure HELL on earth. i belived the demon controlled the world, he descended on me he descended on my world the whole world warped and...
  17. R

    i think im done..

    i think i cant contain myself anymore i feel like this world cant comfirt me like ever take xannax everyday for the last 3 weeks i cant im done
  18. R

    I feel lonely...

    I feel myself strong and lonely, I feel that I am not in the 'normal' world because I want to be with the steady state of mental health, I am not with my former partner. I get stuck in a world where I am just looking for something I have just happiens. I feel lonely, even in a crowded room. I...
  19. little rose


    dont want to deal with this trauma anymore been in tears feel extremely alone and like i am living in the bad world like i am stil in a bad world the bad world i was in when trauma was happening.. i dont want to put up with it anymore.. isnt fair :'( feel so alone
  20. Kerome

    Why there is no way back for religion in the West

    Interesting TED talk on the decline of religion in the modern world