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  1. E

    what do you do when you wake up in the night?

    I usually go to the loo, plump my pillows re apply lip balm and try and settle down again, sometimes it works sometimes it dosent
  2. B

    How exactly do anxiety mediactions work?

    I was just prescribed an anti anxiety medication today for my social anxiety. Could anyone explain how it works exactly? Like how it affects my brain and my thinking and everything?
  3. R

    Im new

    Hi everyone! Im at 26 year old woman and I have depression and anxiety! I have found myself really struggling recently to find a balance between the two! I find once ive got one under control the other gets worse!!! Ive recently moved from citalopram to duloxetine/ cymbalta so im just waiting to...
  4. M

    advice now.org.uk

    Don't know if anyone else has posted about this - if so, sorry. I've been told it's good and have had a quick glance - seems a good clear guide and although chiefly focused (re benefits) on DLA, I'm told (by friend who works for CAB) that it's just as relevant to those of us who are having to...

    NOTHING works

    I'm so frustrated right now, I could kick a cat, throw the guitar through the window, or do some serious damage. Just whats the F*CK is it about me that makes people think i'm some sort of weirdo, monster, outcast, person to treat like sh.t, or any of the other crap i've had to take for 27 years...
  6. Lolli_Liability

    My art if it works that is

    FAIL :/ I wanted to show my art

    People just suck sometimes

    Now i'm not the most confident person in the world, especially with the bp2 to add. But just this evening I was at a village meeting about the NHS cuts chaired by the MP, and standing up nervously giving my opinion on how the UK can afford to give away 'free money' to other countries yet cut our...
  8. T

    something amazing to watch

    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2GphmdhLMGE hope that works. i was in tears watching this. amazing.
  9. J

    you might thimk i am mad

    but I have a strong urge to self harm. I have thought of this for a while now. not tonight the wife is home,one night next week as she works nights.even though i am really calm tonight, this compulsion to self harm is al-ways there.
  10. prairiechick

    Computer trouble!

    On my iPhone right now but laptop is having problems. I think I might have a bunch of viruses, but my land line phone has been cutting out on me too. So frustrated! This kind of thing can send me over the edge. Don't know why iPhone is working because I don't have a phone plan on it right now...
  11. M

    Head [email protected][email protected]&@£!!!!!!!!!

    So, I've just gotten back from my CBT appointment, and my head is battered and I'm very very very very confused. We got talking and he said that, and I'm paraphrasing here, the depression is just the child part of my psyche throwing a tantrum because I don't listen to it enough. huh...
  12. L

    i need new medication, please help, what works for you and do you take ads?

    i need new medication, please help, what works for you and do you take ads? hi every one, i was diagnosed six months ago with bipolar, i have rapid cycling so finding the right med has been hard. i have tried olanzapine, ablify, citalopram and im now taking 50mg of seroquel xl, i feel anxious...
  13. S

    CBT. Any advice ?

    Hi, I have been offered this Therapy and I was wondering if somebody could please explain to me how it works ? I don't have to go back into past history do I ? Thanks in advance.
  14. M

    Benefit Pilot

    not sure where to post this and sure most people have read it. Hope the link works, if not go to MIND site mh http://www.mind.org.uk/news/4018_benefit_pilots_will_lay_bare_benefit_test_failings
  15. maxitab

    Alternative and Complimentary medicine...............

    as an adjunct or replacement for what we usually get landed with. Anyone tried. What? Did it help? I use St John's Wort instead of SSRI meds. Yes, it works for me.
  16. S

    Scared about what to expect (intake team cmht assessment)

    Hi, I hope somebody can help me alleviating my fears regarding an assessment by the "intake team" from my local cmht. I have never been in touch with mental health services in England (only ever been in touch with mental health in the country I come from which works completely different) and...
  17. D

    Getting out of hand

    I have now SHed 45 times in less than 3 days. None of the distractions like using a elastic band works. I am seeing a psychiatrist again tomorrow, but I don't see how that is going to help.
  18. picture_perfect

    Do you always feel better once you cry?

    Or worse? Curious as to know how it works for other people
  19. Rosepoet

    the feelin of being well

    that wonderful peaceful feelin...of being ok in yourself...i get it now and again...as i get well..that relaxed state where your mind just works. when ill u think doom every min...its exhausting...
  20. A

    Exercise – It Works For Depression