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  1. cpuusage

    How the mind really works

    How The Mind Really Works: 10 Counterintuitive Psychology Studies
  2. piglet

    Benefit advice for my dad

    Unfortunately my dad isn't doing so good at the moment. His chest is really bad and my mum thinks he has had a minor stroke. He's has been advised to go on sick leave by the boss of the company but he can't get SSP because he is a taxi driver so self employed. Could anyone tell me what...
  3. F

    New research centre looks to build mental health social work's evidence base...

    New research centre looks to build mental health social work's evidence base... One reason commonly cited as contributing to social work's ongoing struggle to assert itself in the medically-dominated world of mental health is the fact that the profession doesn't have the same research history...
  4. prairiechick

    Going To Look At A Place!

    ARRRRRRRRRRRRRRRGH! I'm going to look at a place for rent this afternoon, and I am very excited and nervous! It would be with roommates, but it's cheap--only $350 CAD/month and that includes all utilities. If this place works out that means I will no longer be dependant on my dad to help me...
  5. A

    Am I going mad?

    I feel like all the walls are closing in on me. I cant sleep at night yet i'm soo tired during the day i cant concentrate. I work for my dad and business is really tight so i'm having to make the cashflow work for the business whilst also making sure we all get paidto keep the roofs above our...
  6. amathus

    Works and Pensions - have they got it wrong??

    Work And Pensions Dept Criticised By MPs- over a 1000 deaths have been recorded due to the stress of the application process for benefits -ESA, by disability claimants, this has been self evident in the distressing posts made by members on MHF... read on...
  7. jems89

    Can you text your CPN?

    Last week I was unexpectedly given a new CPN, after having the previous one for almost 2 years. From the first day I met my previous CPN she gave me her works mobile number and said I could text/call her whenever I needed as it was a nightmare getting through to the main office and she's...
  8. prairiechick

    I Need A Strategy

    I can do fine with healthy eating during the day, but it's evenings, especially after I've taken my meds, that can really throw me off. Within an hour of taking quetiapine I notice my craving for carbs and sugar kick in really hard, and I am so used to just giving in and bingeing. I know I...
  9. J

    Reboxetine (edronax) for depression anyone?

    My pdoc has prescribed reboxetine for depression and I was wondering if anyone had experience with it? I have read it isn't effective in trials and hasn't been approved in the US (I live in Australia so okay here). My pdoc decided on this one as it shouldn't cause akathisia as it works on...
  10. jacq78

    depression and spouses

    Hi im taking a new med that seems to be ok-ive got depression and bad anxiety so i worry about everything. My husband is my full time carer and works part time to enable him to look after me and the kids,hes so fantastic and im lucky to have him. However works dried up and now hes so down, i...
  11. deathandsequins

    Dealing with Bad Days

    Hey all, I was just wondering what advice/tips you might have for dealing with bad days? Is it better to keep yourself distracted or try to sleep off bad feelings if you can? If you distract yourself, what works for you? I'm out of ideas!
  12. S


    Listen mate, for what its worth, she does not deserve you in all honesty. She never loved you in the first place as she just left you. Theres no point in wasting your time crying over someone who dont love you, you dont deserve that. Your way to good for a girl like her I would suggest (Iknow...
  13. V

    Worried about work colleague with mental health issues.

    I work in a Deli and I'm manager of the Bakery department there. I have four staff under me, one of whom joined mid-way through last year. He's a great worker, eager to please, punctual and has had few sick days off. However, he seems to have super happy side to him where he bounds around like...
  14. J

    anti-anxiety meds!

    What works for you?? I need a new anti-anxiety med. i am currently on Vistaril (Hydroxyzine) and it doesn't work at all! not even if i take double! I cant have any Benzo's in the program i'm in or else i would take clonzpam or xanex which i was on before and works! but this is what they give me...
  15. prairiechick

    Do laxatives really work for losing weight?

    I am bulimic, sometimes. Mostly I just binge, but sometimes I take laxatives and very occasionally I make myself throw up. But I don't think that taking laxatives really works for losing weight, at least not for me.
  16. F

    Whatever works

  17. B

    What if you WANT the voices?

    I didn't really know where to post this :unsure: In a way, it's not exactly about hearing voices. I'm sure a moderator can move it for me if it's in the wrong place. I have conversations with people who aren't there. Sometimes it's a way of releasing stress, talking about personal things...
  18. T

    New- Bipolar,PTSD,Anxiety and Avoidence

    Hi, Im Tinks and this is my first time here. Not quite sure how it all works, so any guidence would help!
  19. FootedPJs

    CBT vs DBT

    Anyone tried both of these? Know where I can get some work sheets? Which one works best with a borderline?
  20. A

    our wonderful planet...did you know?

    the the sunset is (in one way) an optical illusion. through refraction we still see the sun when it has completely disappeared from the horizon because of disortion. this works the same as sunrise.