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  1. L

    a friend?

    I just really would like a friend to talk to? I just don't feel like there is anyone in my life that I can talk to right now. I'm feeling really alone. I don't know how this site works. Can somebody be my friend?
  2. W

    Hi i'm whiterosegirl and i haven't got a clue what i'm doing

    ok so i've never been part of a forum before so this is a first for me, i don't really know how it works... just wanted to say hi and wish everyone a better day x
  3. Asphalt


    Hi, I am from Toronto, Canada. Currently unemployed. Staying with my parents. I feel so worthless. My depression made me loose my job. Now, I do some freelance works, which is just too little. I hope I can get help and support to lift my spirit.
  4. Beergardenweather

    I want revenge

    I want revenge on so many people. I sit and think about it til it makes me so angry. I'm not sure if I ever will do anything and if I do it won't be illegal stuff, just enough to put a spanner in the works . Anyone else ever feel like this or have I finally gone over the edge?
  5. N

    Mania and Boredom

    So I'm in a manic upswing I think, and no matter what I'm doing I'm constantly bored. I can't sit still or focus on anything for almost any length of time. I generally enjoy reading, writing, Netflix, etc. but I can't read more than a page or two at a time. And I'm so bored. Even while I'm busy...
  6. BorderlineDownunder

    Going Back To Work

    I just get so irritated so easily these days and the woman I am working for although perfectly nice in a general sense, of course is bugging me mainly because her sole topic of conversation is How Hard She Works in contrast to myself I suppose who only works 4 hours a week we only ever chat...
  7. cpuusage

    The Heart & Soul of Change: What Works in Therapy

    Hubble, Duncan and Miller on What Works in Therapy
  8. cpuusage

    How Psychiatry Works

  9. D


    Trying this thing.. hopefully it works..
  10. K


    Hi I'm really low at the min an pains everywhere just wanted to know if anyone has any tips on how to manage it an what works! Thanks 😀
  11. Abbierad92


    Would be good to hear people's experiences of mirtazapine... Anyone know if I can take in the morning instead of at night? I've only just started it but I would rather take it in the morning so it works during the day rather than when I'm asleep! Thanks
  12. C


    well, I've been looking for something like this for a while and I'm hoping this works.
  13. Lincoln1990

    Date :(

    My date got cancelled. He got called into work which I understand. But it makes me feel bad. I really wanted to go out with him...he said next week probably since he works the rest of the week.
  14. X

    Just Got Diagnosed With BIPOLAR - HELP!

    just got diagnosed with BIPOLAR the other day. is anyone able to tell me from your experiences what helps and what works. someone mentioned LITHIUM but i dont really wanna go down that path because of the blood testing all the time. something safe that works would be helpful ABILIFY ?
  15. S

    bpd what am i?

    Im fed up had to see my psychiatrist Monday hes totally confused me I was hoping after speaking to him I would understand more about bpd as I was diagnosed with this recently, but i cant sleep i feel really mixed up hes says I have a recurrant depression and that's what they are treating me for...
  16. D

    Law of Attraction

    Do you believe that the law of attraction works? If you have used it please share the outcome.. Personally I had a period when I applied it and it seemed like it works.. but now even though I want to (even though it may actually do nothing, I just felt generally better) I can't just get into...
  17. X

    what works, no luck, giving up ?

    i have so much anxiety and depression i dont know what to do. nothing works. what can i do. what medication is everyone taking and what works well for depression and axiety. low energy. mood swings etc...
  18. D

    Rubbish CPN + Benefits Worker

    I'm really tired with al of this mess. I've had a few benefit issues which have led to mistakes on my account interms of what I'm owed, what is due etc etc etc.... I've just had a CPN who doesn't know what ESA is and a benefits worker who doesn't know how housing benefit works - as they asked...
  19. B

    my first forum

    i have been diagnosed with psychotic depression for three years now. i had my first hospitalization last week. i was baker acted. i was doing good for so long and then just crashed. im pretty fragile right now. tried going back to work yesterday but came home in tears. i have a regular...
  20. RainbowHeartz

    AUDIOS to help you!

    Hi thought I would share the audios I listen to... Hope it works And if it does then it helps you http://www.excelatlife.com/