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  1. N

    My lover isn't doing very well

    Hello, I'm not accustomed to talk on the internet so sorry if I seem "awkward" or post this thread on the wrong forum, honestly I'm quite anxious to speak about this in such a place haha. So I'm in a relationship with someone a little bit younger than me (I'll be 20 in 2019 and he'll be 17). A...
  2. R


    Hi I’m a newbie ! Not sure how all this works but will give it my best 😊
  3. fazza

    Latuda anyone else on it

    Just had a med change to latuda as my diagnosis has been changed to schizoaffective. The pharmacy really strugggled to get it in. Does anyone else here take it. Just had my first dose. Hoping it works well. Andy
  4. letmein

    reaching out..............

    hi guys, I don't post much because of a few issues.... but i need to reach out. I don't think I'm safe. I have anew S idea and on a pro-S site it says it works very well.. need to get more "stock"
  5. J

    Newbie here - need someone to talk to

    Hi If anyone has time to talk and listen to my rant let me know. By the way, it works both ways. I am a good listener as well. Regards Carol
  6. R


    I have nö idea How this works is there anyone that has the patients towork me through this xx
  7. S

    strength not to go back

    about a year ago i broke up with my boyfriend of 3 years. he was a narcissist, extremely abusive, and really messed me up. i have been having an extremely difficult time getting over him. due to friend situations, i saw him for the first time in a long while the other day and it really broke me...
  8. fazza

    Care plan approach Review went bad

    I had my yearly cpa last week and it was bloody horrible. My consultant had a trainee doctor with her so for her benefit she gave me a real complete review of all of my problems. She even went back to discuss things about my childhood. My diagnosis is treatment resistive schizophrenia. She also...
  9. R


    I read somewhere that Cognitive Behavioral Theory works. Has anyone else heard of it or tried it?
  10. P


    Not sure how this works ...any advice
  11. S

    What happened to me?

    I'm not sure about how this works, i just searched through the internet about an online forum where i could get help or being heard and help me understand what is really going on with myself. Please write back to me..
  12. K

    How to deal with checking OCD ?

    Hi, After many years of suffering from checking the doors stoves, water leak etc. I have finally found out that this is a OCD. I am especially interested how you all deal with this and if you can share your opinions. What are your symptoms with being checkers (I am wondering where how it can...
  13. H

    Anyone else here avoid relationships?

    I don’t want a partner, I don’t want friends. They really stress me out. I prefer being alone with my dogs, less stressful :)! I think animals are much better than humans, I seem to attract narcissistic people in my life.. Literally everybody tries to manipulate me and it works the majority of...
  14. A


    Hello, not sure how this works, I found it by Google. Just feeling very much on my own.
  15. vanish

    Anyone here take Latuda?

    I was prescribed this after I had a bad reaction to Clozapine (it caused myocarditis). I take 80mg in conjunction with 200mg Largactil (thorazine) and 60mg Fluanxol injection (given fortnightly). I find it makes me very tired :sleepy2:, dizzy :drunk: and less motivated to do anything. However...
  16. D

    seroquel not helping sleep

    Hi it is strange i am on 100mg for a week now and i can't sleep should i try 200mg too see if that works
  17. Zardos

    Freaking Out This Morning

    i just can't hack it today.. Woke up with major anxiety.. Already took a bunch of pills which i can't afford.. shit maybe i should take 'em all...i've Got enough stuff in that i don't need to go out the whole weekend... I hate feeling like this.. Took a entire strip of pills and am starting to...
  18. ThinkingCat

    I can't breathe

    Guess I'm having a panic attack but this feeling is all day long. I can't catch my breath. Have tried breathing in for 4 out for 7 etc but still can't catch my breath or calm down. I've tried distraction techniques and colouring in - nothing works. I'm trying to appear normal as well while at...
  19. N

    What medication are you on?

    Hi all, Again, asking as a partner of someone with GAD. My boyfriend has been prescribed sertraline (at varying doses) over the last 8 years but I have an issue with it. Yeah it works, it works great, provided he takes them daily. Neither of us want him to be on medication for the rest of his...
  20. A

    I'm new here, not sure how this works

    Hello everyone, I'm new around here so I'm not really sure how this works... I just wanted to say hi... I guess. I hope everyone is having a good night/day depending on your time zone.