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  1. I


    I RESPECT workers. :respect: Especially ones with illnesses who work. After all they pay for me to survive off their taxes. I should never be rude to a worker, even if they are rude to me first. I hope to be a worker again someday. To all the workers out there. :thanks: :redface:
  2. cpuusage

    Why social workers are marching 100 miles in protest against austerity

    Why social workers are marching 100 miles in protest against austerity | Social Care Network | The Guardian
  3. M


    Been under the MH team since i was 13.. I have had so many different types of workers over 15 years but most of them have been unhelpful, unsupportive & uncaring... and some even causing more problems & issues & no correct help given a the right times,before bad things happen. Workers in my area...
  4. cpuusage

    Emotional Strategies and Skills for Aspiring Mental Health Workers

    Emotional Strategies and Skills for Aspiring Mental Health Workers Emotional Strategies and Skills for Aspiring Mental Health Workers - Mad In America
  5. Fairy Lucretia

    support worker

    it turns out she isnt leaving but her role is changing ,instead of going to visit people at home and support them with their mental health ,she ,and all the support workers at my day centre are going to be running physical health clinics where they take blood pressure ,weight ,that type of thing...
  6. C

    Any UK drug workers on here?

  7. R


    i've been going to this mind group and i worry that the more i use services like that, the more my diagnosis will get around and the more stigmatised and rejected i'll be in the area It's not as though i feel accepted as it is but i know when that benefit form arrives i'm going to struggle for...
  8. T

    Schizophrenia employment

    Hello, I was wondering whether there are any barriers to employment if you have Schizophrenia? Are there any jobs or positions that people with Schizophrenia cannot hold? I know they have changed the law now so they cannot ask you about your health before they offer you a job. But which...
  9. Fairy Lucretia

    possible impostor ,really scared

    i was in bed this morning and someone came to the door ,my aunt answered it was a man in a navy blue suit who said he was from virgin media and he wanted to check the back of the television for an isolated cable box and he had some good news my aunty said he had a card but i shouted down we were...
  10. T

    What makes a good support worker?

    Hello everyone, I'm doing some research for an organisation that provides mental health support workers for people in the community. They want to know what sort of person would make a good support worker, and what sort of person wouldn't. I would love to have your views about this, and hear...
  11. P

    I could cry!

    I lost my supported flat and my care workers due to how an autism care company in Edinburgh handled me crushing on two women employed there ages ago, and all this heartache started like 3 years ago now. Well, their bosses lied to me a lot back then, then later they refused to give me a second...
  12. S

    Cant cope right now

    I cant cope right now.. My landlord knows about my quite bad anxiety problems and he sent over some workers to do work on the roof above my flat without telling me anything.. I just heard a couple hours ago some noises outside so looked out the window to see some people climbing a ladder to the...
  13. Unique1

    What would you want to get from sessions with a psychologist.

    As far as the title goes. I guess it's going to be different things for different people. I have anxiety (PTSD)and depression, After a melt down a couple of years ago. I struggle with social occasions and at times going out, most of my struggles are around people. Particularly people who new me...
  14. Toasted Crumpet

    13 best jobs for people who hate people

    The 13 best jobs for people who hate people | Business News | News | The Independent Not everybody is a people person. If this sounds like you, your best approach for finding a job could be searching for work where people skills aren't all that necessary. To find these jobs, we averaged data...
  15. Z

    need help with ptsd

    hello. I have eu bpd. but ive also spoke to one of the workers at the mental health clinic about ptsd. I'm seeing my psychiatris at the end of the month. hopefully for a diagnosis. the reason I'm posting is to ask a question about it really.. my uncle died last deember and I was with him while...
  16. Fairy Lucretia

    why is all care time limited?

    ive been told i will never fully recover and will need some level of care forever i cant see how i can get it though when support workers ,social services are time limited to 6 months to 2 years what if you have a chronic illness and will be poorly forever? not fair
  17. The Big Dawg

    The Undateable's exploiting people with disabilities

    Hi, so there was some news that doctors & workers sent complaints to Channel 4 to say that the TV show which is about people with disabilities who find love are being exploited. What do people think? I don't think that this TV show does exploit those with disabilities at all, as a matter of...
  18. W

    Can anyone put me up for a few days?!

    Hello, I'm looking for a temporary refuge for just a few days, I can pay for food. Smoker but not a drinker. I'll understand if you feel reluctant due to my lack of posting (creating a "fan-base") on here. You can guarantee I won't drink your beer but the rest you'll have to gamble on. LOL -...
  19. The-Tiger-Thief

    Changing Case Workers

    I've been seeing my particular mental health nurse since I was 12, so I am very close to her. Unfortunately, she's been quite ill over the years and resigned earlier this year. I'm devastated, I love her so much and miss her a lot. She did leave me with another case worker, but I've only been to...
  20. apple

    what's the purpose of time spent with care co-ordinators and support workers??

    what's the purpose of time spent with care co-ordinators and support workers?? I am meant to see a care co-ordinator who is nice enough, but at the beginning when I was quite ill a couple of month's ago, he said lots of reassuring things about checking in on me frequently and not having to...