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  1. J

    Annoyed About "Key Worker"

    For the past couple of years I had a great Key Worker (Bob) now I'm with a new Guy and he (seems) kind of condescending.
  2. L

    Possible hospital treatment

    I've seen my psychiatrist today and I didnt really say a lot because I'm not really speaking much atm because I believe someone is watching me. I feel so scared and frightened by the voices. I feel threatened. So I just nodded and my support worker spoke for me. My support worker thinks I have...
  3. R

    Mental health support worker training recommendations

    Hi guys, i have recently started a job as a mental health support worker in the UK and am new to the roll. i have had a small amount of training but do not think this is enough. can anybody recommend training that i should be doing so that i can look in to it and put it to my boss?
  4. Fairy Lucretia

    what is going on x

    i don't know if anyone is interested but it will help me to write this down so a few months ago ,my cpn was away for 14 weeks ,my support worker felt i need a replacement cpn as i was so unwell with SH . i had a meeting with the manager and support worker and the support worker said nothing...
  5. L

    Wanting to die

    No-one obviously cares. I told my support worker yesterday that I am going to harm myself. I've done all the research. I would of thought my support worker would have called my MHT and my Care Co-ordinator would have been in touch but they obviously dont care. I am so shocked.
  6. V

    I have anxiety attacks all the time....

    To get me out of this place and back to where I came from. A sense of normality away from this miserablity. You can choose your friends but not your family! Especially when they say go speak to your social worker! Cheers! Such a great family!
  7. Y

    Asking for my friend - fear of needles distressing her

    One of my best friends has a fear of needles, and she's needed a blood test for years. Every time she goes to get it done she panics, leaves, and goes home in tears. She had treatment for it three or four years ago which involved little clips that she was supposed to prick her fingers with, but...
  8. Fairy Lucretia

    got a meeting on tuesday x

    with support worker and manager of MH centre because my current CPN is away and my self harm is so bad ,they said that the 2 phone calls i have with support worker every week is not helping with my self harm they want me to have a new CPN ,while im fine with a temporary until my regular CPN...
  9. Fairy Lucretia

    in such a state

    the manager of my mental health centre just phoned and said because im so ill and my cpn is away i have to see a new cpn i don't want to! and that might be instead of support worker phonecalls as that isn't working to stop me self harming im so scared so scared so scared terrified :cry:
  10. A

    How do I manage this and stay in one piece?

    Briefly speaking, I have an infection down below and am getting treated for an infection. My GP also wants me to get a check done at the GUM clinic. I didn't see the need to as my husband is the only person I've been with. I told my husband and he has no symptoms, but he did confess that he'd...
  11. Artmuzz

    Worried about letter from support worker for PIP tribunal

    Things are getting worse for me. Since failing the mandatory reconsideration from PIP I have seen my Welfare Rights Officer and signed a form to get the appeal started. The Welfare Rights Officer told me it would be a good idea to get a letter from my support worker as back up for me at the...
  12. R

    water sure money off water bills

    You can get 50% of your water bill if your registered disabled they accept a blue badge or receipt of disability benefits like pip just filled an on line form, at the end theres a box to tick saying your a support worker when i didn't tick it the form wouldn't go into cyberspace i had to start...
  13. I


    I RESPECT workers. :respect: Especially ones with illnesses who work. After all they pay for me to survive off their taxes. I should never be rude to a worker, even if they are rude to me first. I hope to be a worker again someday. To all the workers out there. :thanks: :redface:
  14. A

    Need A&E but scared to phone

    As title says, need A&E but scared to phone. Have phoned Mental Health Matters (who advised me to call 101 or if I can't do that to call my support worker). Phoned my support worker who said it's up to me whether I go to A&E or not, that only I know how I feel. I don't think I can keep myself...
  15. A

    I'm really struggling

    I'm doing all the 'right' things, but my suicidal urges are coming back. I don't know what to do now. I spoke to my support worker before. I don't feel like it's appropriate to call her again. I could phone mental health matters, or the Samaritans. I'm not sure..........
  16. A

    Hi I'm new here

    Just wondering if other people don't respond at all to their voices. I don't and now have a mental health worker doubting I am ill
  17. O

    Care coordinator OT how do I approach

    I love my care coordinator OT I can't help feeling love, romantic, sexual feelings towards her and I want to show her respect and the last thing I want to do is upset her or make her uncomfortable. Well she's fine to work continue working with me and said she's not uncomfortable about my...
  18. M

    when a mh professional has a hardon for you.

    My social worker has a new supervisor and she has decided to take an 'interest' in my case. So far she has stopped my social worker coming round occasionally and Iam now told to go to the mh building for appointments with her. This caused me to get paranoid and think all sorts of things, and I...
  19. B

    Need advice please

    Last week I had a face to face PIP assessment. Luckily, I had my support worker with me. He had with him a letter of some importance by way of evidence that I didn't. A friend of mine told me afterwards that my mental health team were in breach of patient confidientiality and breaking the...
  20. C


    i said somethings to my care coordinator that i don't think i should have said. I don't know what she would have written in my notes after our meeting. I hope no details but how can you tell, maybe she is not as kind and nice as she seems and maybe she is reporting to the psych that wants to...