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  1. M

    How much has rational-thinking strategies worked for you?

    I see quite often see methods of rational statements/thinking. How much have they worked on treating your SA (alot OR moderately successful)??
  2. inker_blinker

    I want to get better but it feels like its going to take forever

    I feel meaningless. Like I’m here to do nothing. Like our species is deeply flawed and nothing will ever be right. Like we are cursed to feel. To feel things that can only be described with empty words. Like no matter how much we try, nothing will ever go everyone’s way, because thats the...
  3. A

    Hello Everyone.

    Hi everyone. I head of this site from a very close family member whom also posts here she's a long time user here. I feel I needed to join this community as I heard good things about it. I'm a transwoman from norcal, I have had intense depression and anxiety since the last 14 or so years here...
  4. E

    Ketamine Therapy

    I recently saw something in the news about Ketamine Therapy. Has anyone tried it? and if so has it worked for your depression.. Thanks Empty silence
  5. J


    I have had really bad and all-consuming obsessional thoughts for a year or so. I have tried Sertraline, Citalopram and Escitalipram. None of them worked so I was put on Clomipramine a month ago. In the last month I have worked my way up to 150mg, which is the dose that my doctor wants me on...
  6. Per Ardua Ad Astra

    Versatile and Gorgeous Harp Music

    I found this on You Tube, after watching a few different videos, and think it's really chilling, pleasant, and conducive to relaxation and well being :) This harpist is amazing. It looks like she is weaving at one point, and it made me think of ancestors who worked in the cotton bills, as...
  7. G

    Am I nothing to anyone

    My mom left when I was 10. I struggled a lot with bullying and loneliness after she was gone. 6 years ago I moved to the city to be with her and my siblings that she kept. It was a brand new start and I wanted it to be an opportunity to get better. I've never had many friends, and I always felt...
  8. shaky

    Tapas, Nudity, Freedom

    I went for a walk today - over 5 miles. Some of it I walked naked - and I felt very free and happy Most of it I walked wearing just boots, backpack, hat and breech-cloths (or loincloth) I was not cold, but I suppose my body was working hard to maintain its temperature. When I got home I fel...
  9. M

    Anxiety medication

    Hi I am going to my doctor tomorrow to try and get medication for my increasing anxiety. He has been reluctant to put me on anxiety medication previously preferring putting me on citalpram. What are people's opinions on anxiety medication ,what has worked for them? I have reached a point where I...
  10. M

    tough times

    So as i said in a previous post, I'm heading back onto a psych ward. This is going to be my third admission this year. Each time its been a similar story either the psychosis has made me suicidal or its made me so paranoid that I arm myself with a knife and try to protect myself from shadow...
  11. D

    What are your persistent symptoms that meds just can't get rid of fully?

    What are your persistent symptoms that meds just can't get rid of fully? I'm on respirdone at 6 mg per day. It's the only thing that's worked without scary side effects like the body-lock haldol causes. But it doesn't take care of everything. My main problem, which I now consider to be my new...
  12. N

    been paranoid for a while now

    i've been paranoid for some years and it's been frustrating. i have no friends at college because i can't trust no one. i've been avoiding job interviews, although i really need a job. i went to a doctor and i've been prescribed some meds however nothing worked so far. any of you suffer or have...
  13. A

    Distance College Learner and Proctor

    I am new here so hello, I am 30yo and have been suffering from depression and anxiety since I was 16, its manageable through medication and thats fine for now. For almost 6 years though I've been dealing with agoraphobia where I have trouble leaving my neighborhood and I have recently gone back...
  14. M

    need a support system

    hello everyone, i am currently in a bad situation and i hope someone out there can lend me their ear and provide some support. ill try to keep as simple as possible. 33 years old and i have 3 kids (all girls). i live in AL with no one here other then my bf and my youngest daughter (shes 3). I...

    What happens to indigenous people in the afterlife?

    It might come as a shock to some that indigenous people, who were often called 'natives', 'savages', and 'heathens' by empire builders, know MORE about the afterlife, MORE about spirit...
  16. EllaGuru

    Was I nuts before or after? Please help

    I used to blush a lot when I hit my late teens. It became unbearable when I got my first job at the age of 17. I would have to catch the bus to work, but it got to the stage that I couldn't stay on the bus for fear I would start blushing, which would make me late for work. And when I got to work...
  17. polkadotscarf

    When there's something you can't just ignore

    I've been doing a lot better recently.. Started talking to friends, trying to open up about the general 'low' feelings or being upset/frustrated etc. But there's one thing in my life that I can't talk about to friends/family. And whenever that pops up I have nowhere to go I've contacted an...
  18. C

    real thought-broadcasting

    Hello. I am a real thought broadcaster. My thougts and five senses are transmitted to people around me for real, like uncontrollable telepathy. It is not thought-broadcasting in schizophrenia. Medications for schizophrenia haven't worked for me. Do you have any idea how to cure it? I'd really...
  19. I

    What should I tell the new doctor?

    So in 11 days I see a new doctor. Well, not really, she's a psychiatric nurse practitioner. She can prescribe though, so close enough. The reason I left the last one is because the practice was closed on the day of my appointment and when I called the next business day, I was told the doctor...
  20. T

    What worked for you??

    Hi all, I'm new to the forum and looking to try kick this stupid 'habit' but it's the only thing that keeps me sane. My self harming started off very small at the start as I was not used to the pain but as times gone on my methods have got more sever and I've seen several mental health...