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  1. Mr.NiceGuy

    analyzing emotions from words and wizzadry

    the time it takes for the emotions of the words of thought or speech to dissolve is important to tailbone wizardry. Short of biofeedback from your tail, analyzing different emotions during the pauses for words to settle will lead you to controlling volume and precision of making voices or clicks...
  2. J

    How did you /do i tell my therapist?

    Hi, so I've recently started therapy for depression and anxiety. I was raped a few years ago at a party and never told anyone for a number of reasons but recently I feel the need to get it off my chest as it's been affecting me more and more. But, I've never said the words out loud and even...
  3. B

    Confused 😕

    Firstly hello Am new to the forum. My son has been recently diagnosed with first episode psychosis. He has been given olanzapine but I have been told this isn't working. He will be given risperidone. Is this common? The words treatment resistant has been used but we have been told it is early days.
  4. Mr.NiceGuy

    starting a conversation from the words in your nose whistle

    Do you ever hear words that mix with the breath of your nose or your wind that don't really feel like your own ? Like the words 'I KNOW ALREADY!' came out of the breath of my whistler and I knew it would upset ghosts or voices or whatever, so I started rambling in thought in the direction of I...
  5. C

    Just hope someone reads this.

    To be honest i don't think i'm looking for any help i've been through a lot of it but in the end nothing changed. I'm not going to do anything bad would have did that years ago if i could have but have just plodded along with my crap life just wish i could go to sleep and not wake up. Always...
  6. R

    Depressed from birth....at 49...found out how to beat it finally. It is curable...but it is do it yourself...not with much help!

    Depressed from birth....at 49...found out how to beat it finally. It is curable...but it is do it yourself...not with much help! I opened my eyes in this world and the first thing I saw was hatred. It was like a punch from a very strong individual. When you are born you are tiny and unable...
  7. D

    I've ran out of words...

    I've ran out of words. I have lost explanation. I don't know what to do anymore. I don't know who can help me?? I just don't know anymore.. I'm sorry..
  8. B

    Voices relating to sleep.

    Hello all.. Does anyone only hear voices when they are falling off to sleep only? I hear my name being called either just going off to sleep or when waking. Some times it can be a few words. Thanks :thanks:
  9. Kerome

    Right speech, spirituality and the internet

    I just wanted to talk a little about a sutra of the Buddha which was about right speech. I’ve been wondering for a while what makes a good internet community, after observing some of the behaviour that goes on with modern Osho sannyasins... they bicker and fight and make snide comments, I just...
  10. T


    Dose anyone else get words in there heads and then feel the need to google but don't. I mean I'm getting words in my head but then I have no need to google them so I'm a little worried do I actually want to look these things up or is it the OCD
  11. A

    I don't hear voices exactly--I hear muttering.

    Hello! I've joined this forum because I'm worried about something that I experience that is similar to hearing voices. Sometimes when I feel tired and maybe anxious, and I'm alone, a sort of muttering or murmuring starts up in my head. It doesn't use any words, and I can't really describe it as...
  12. S

    How can i know if i am a Sociopath?

    Hi, Firstly hello to all and thank you guys for allowing me to become participant of this forum. I am always being tagged as a sociopath by my friends because i don't shed tears like them on people who are in pain. Though innerly i share some pain but my friends don't stop calling me a...
  13. S

    Bizarre CODE WORDS (and 'swap words')

    Get this - my voices use CODE WORDS that are normal words with a completely different meaning. How do hallucinations get round to utilising those? Why do hallucinations want to secure their communications and obscure their meaning? Here they are: This is a list of the new code exchange...
  14. S

    Previous relationship -- feeling sick at heart

    I posted this in the PD forum which maybe is not the appropriate place so trying here. Hi, this is my first post and I need support from people who understand my situation. I had a relationship with someone early last year. It was long distance, casual but at the same time intense. He was...
  15. A

    Being in a relationship and fantasising about having the bf kill me

    Title says all. I have no energy for words left
  16. G

    Hi from Wisco

    Hi anyone, I've never been good at talking to people or putting what's happening in my head into words. I'm new to forums, but this seems to be a good place to start.
  17. B

    The feeling of having something unique and unexplainable

    Whats been annoying me more on the last weeks, is the feeling that my deep rumination/questions-seeking, developed a whole new concept of worry. It's even hard to explain on words. I feel like, my problem now is not the doubts and the memory itself, but something else grew there, like a...
  18. T

    Words of wisdom please.

    Hi I am new on here. Just want some words of wisdom. I am suffering from clinical depression and can't seem to see a way back to normal. I am scared as had bad depression 4years ago I got so low whilst in hospital I tried to harm myself. This time I have been trying to do things to make time...
  19. Not_Crazy_Yet

    Im terrified!

    I have been having visual hallucinations almost all of my life, so they rarely cause me much stress and its even less often that they frighten me. I wrote in my journal about a hallucination I had as soon as I awoke. There was moving graffiti on my walls that was a mixture of symbols and English...
  20. M

    Seeing words on my walls

    Hi everyone, I'm a 20 year old girl and I've always had depression. I also have aspergers if that's of any relevance. I'm freaking out a bit because this has happened a couple of times now. I'll wake up after a night of sleep and see words on my wall. My eyes are blurry but the words aren't...