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  1. A

    Help! Crazy People

    Well, here goes... I live with a step-sister who apparently has bipolar disorder according to her mother. She is 23 and I am 26. She never leaves the house, doesn't have a job, doesn't really do anything except sit on the internet all night long and then sleep during the day. I am really afraid...
  2. D

    Disability Living Allowance Appeal

    Hi This is my first Message and if there is anyone who can help it would be great. I am just a week away from my appeal and for me it is getting very hard to get past all the negative parts that are starting to pop up.It has took me 10 months to get to my first hearing and I have aperson from...
  3. J

    Hello, need some advice

    Hi, I am 23 male and from the midlands (UK). I have been diagnosed with CFS/ME as well as minner depression and OCD. I am currently on no medication. I have joined this forum because I have been having some unusual symptoms and I am hoping someone here may have heard of them. The main thing...
  4. singingdollydaydream


    :clap:Hello. I see someone once a month at my mental health place, usually a gp in training working under my psychiatrist ( who I never see!). After the session they write a summary of what we discuss and send a copy to me and one to my gp. I am on my third one, they`ve all been women and all...
  5. D


    Welcome to the Bristol Mental Health Forum. This is an exciting place to be right now - this is a dynamic forum with warm & friendly users who offer support, information, help and a friendly word just when you need it! I'm glad to be here and I hope you will too! :welcome: