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  1. cpuusage

    Ofsted: all parents should get a 'checklist' telling them how to raise their children

    Ofsted: all parents should get a 'checklist' telling them how to raise their children Ofsted: all parents should get a 'checklist' telling them how to raise their children - Telegraph THE CHECKLIST • To sit still and listen • To be aware of other children • To understand the word no and...
  2. K

    Endless excessive word play any advice?

    Hi guys does anyone else do this? I have this awful thing where I see a word or the last word someone said to me makes up into really negative and horrible sentence, like each letter of the word makes another word and its all horrid and against me? It seems to happen without me trying or making...
  3. Gajolene

    Ahh the Wonders of Word Salad

    Just got home from long night of hard work and JD greets me by saying the cat got out, then goes on a 20 minute long word salad delux. He is so smily and humerous, Nothing like hearing an explanation of how the oxygen molecues in air the are is mellowed from ionized weed smell, (switch) the...
  4. Zoe :)


    Mam still insists on coming in with me fucking furious !!! She wants me to stay this way she doesn't want me to get help!! Fuck off fuck off fuck off :( I'm not a child I don't need her to talk for me.. I have a voice!!!! But she doesn't let me say a word!!! It's my body I know how it feels...
  5. M

    my thoughts the way i believe

    ok im bad at delicate or getting it out right all the time i dont see or judge religion i see people i was once on a group to unite and stop some of the fights and whos right that bring up another who is right who is going to hell not our to judge or criticize no matter how tempting it is...
  6. Angels_Fire

    It's me

    I just wanted to thank you all for your kind PM's and for Hellbilly letting you all know how I am. I'm not up to answering anything really at the minute. I've put this in the depression part because I'm struggling to cope :cry: I've been diagnosed with Adult T-cell leukemia :cry: :cry: :low...
  7. P


    Fuck this shit man , I am worthless Thanks for people who have sent me kind word in the past Stay strong Xxxxxx
  8. RainbowHeartz

    the writings of E

    I painted my nails and L asked are you painting mommy's nails? Ha very sweet, anyway have navy blue nails now, and not sure what to do, I've cleaned thoroughly throughout the week, and have CC coming tomorrow, and hope I stick around as its more helpful when I grab the information than letting...
  9. F

    Can't think.

    During conversations. Sometimes I..... Can't think (there's nothing there) Stop midway into sentances Lack energy to speak Become confused Have my word twisted against me Answer alot with just a "yes or "no Try and answer as acurately as possible
  10. E

    just ordered this

    Going back to old distraction techniques with arts and crafts so i have just ordered this...... http://www.amazon.co.uk/gp/aw/d/B000640TD8/ref=mp_s_a_1_1?qid=1368635506&sr=8-1&pi=SL75 I like these kinds of things because i find em to be quite fiddly they distract me for a while anyhow :) just...
  11. K

    gone again, gone?

    so is it back to the disappearing magic threads again ? its so predictable that the predictability is a fait acomplie, like a new word for over. katss
  12. L

    Trusting Others when You can No longer Trust Yourself. . . .

    That's where I am right now. My therapist thinks that I've become too deep in denial and we need to boldly face my AN upfront. She tells me I look ill and I have for some time. We never talk about the way I look. She tells me I'm in denial because I won't use the "A" word. I don't feel as...
  13. T


    My experience of many years of Anxiety, Depression has always reminded of one word "Hope". When i look back over 20 years , that is one word that stands out the most with me, especially when i have been at my worst. I suppose what i mean by "Hope" is, that there are vast amounts of help out...
  14. A

    Is it schizophrenia or Tourette syndrome or may be none !

    Hi, Help needed. I feel that i have some sort of disorder which i am unable to identify. It may be schizophrenia or Tourette syndrome or may be none or i might be completely normal. Here are few symptoms: I suddenly remember a disappointing or embarrassing memory from past or recent event...
  15. silentwarrior

    Please help support needed

    Silentwarrior here DID BPD sufferer currrently held against my will somewhere in london thats all u need to know right now. I need your support to get me home safe. Spread the word Silent warrior is making her way home go to other DID BPD forums. Spread the word Send me love Spread the word...
  16. K

    sunday sunday

    isnt it just not a jot of any nuance of anything to grab in sight.... :meanie: crap. NO. no no no no no no no no no I love that word NO NO NON NO) NO Poppy
  17. K

    bi-polar one upmanship is inevitable

    Yes its true due to the fluctuating nature of the illness, bi-polars tend to move on so quickly they cannot remember the last word, or, who had it, the last word that is. Howver they do dwell on it. Unlike Schitzofrenics they bi-polars are normally exempt from the 'delusional grandeour'...
  18. Philosophy

    My Intro: Don't be mad, I'm not that late :)

    Hi everybody, After several months of several hours of listening to the same three bands while thinking about what might be wrong with me I am here to see guidance of what I should do next. Let me explain: I've been diagnosed (or rather realized I've been diagnosed) with a mental disorder...
  19. jamie1973

    Just thought I would get the last word in

    grrrrrr... next level up and its all over.... had enough
  20. B

    Still scared

    I am still scared to go to bed :-( GP is being an idiot, and wants to see me physically assess me to see ''how i look'' what the hell is that all about.....so if you look normal, we won't treat you?! That's the biggest load of tosh ever! He never wants to help, always palms me off to other...