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  1. Ponder

    Hi Everyone

    Anxiety & social phobia sufferer from Australia here. Not sure that suffering is the right word though. :)
  2. shaky

    How do you talk

    I have been wondering about other people's experience of talking while psychotic or otherwise unwell. I remember that I used to have trouble getting to the end of sentences. I'd start a sentence and then get stuck on a word, just repeating the one word or just the first letter of a word that I...
  3. M

    Repeat thought in head

    I have been having the same word in my head it is there all the time the word us "aids"...i don't have aids but that word lingers in my mind. Anyone else experience like this. It doesn't really affect my sleep and i get through the day but it's annoying. I have and have had for a while...
  4. R

    Lamotrigine effects

    I've started forgetting things and it's getting annoying. Stuff like names for things/people. Words I'm about to say or type then I go blank like it's been sucked out of my head, I remember the meaning of it but the word is totally gone and I have to Google the meaning to find the word...
  5. cpuusage

    The Four Agreements

    Don Miguel Ruiz - Wikipedia >> Four Agreements and Wisdom for Spiritual Warriors based in Common Sense Agreeing with The Four Agreements | Psychology Today From Wikipedia - ""Life is like dancing. If we have a big floor, many people will dance. Some will get angry when the rhythm...
  6. Mr.NiceGuy

    I'm done, if you can listen to me word for word in thought then I'll do it back to you for a while

    I'm done, if you can listen to me word for word in thought then I'll do it back to you for a while elastic may amplify silence better then paper or plastic which are commonly used as diaphragms. paper and plastic are weaker then elastic at catching soft sounds and may be heavily distorted when...
  7. Mr.NiceGuy

    sometimes get lead on that voices are people you know

    Do your voices lead you on for long times making you think your conversating with people you know? Try this. Next time it happens immitate the voice to say "and I;'m a stupid moron" or something to that sort with the confidence that you have never approached someone on there word for word...
  8. S

    What word would describe a psychiatrist?

    You get psychopaths and sociopaths. What word would describe a psychiatrist? Ok there not all bad but a lot couldn't give a shit, only interested in filling you full of drugs and collecting a wage packet, not caring for the consequences of their actions, believing their belief of whats best...
  9. T

    What to call Schizophrenia

    I have noticed 'professionals' such as doctors, care managers and psychiatrists trying to avoid using the word Schizophrenia. They try to avoid giving someone that diagnosis and will only do it when it is absolutely certain. I have also noticed that when someone has an illness such as...
  10. Y

    Very low

    Sorry for the length of this but I'm in a serious need to vent. A little bit abit me, I'm a 28 year old female, who has suffered with depression since early teens. When I was 18 I was officially diagnosed and put on medication. Life's been up and down, I was bullied through childhood and most...
  11. cpuusage

    Study Confirms: The Words We Speak Can Literally Alter Our Brain

    Study Confirms: The Words We Speak Can Literally Alter Our Brain – Mystical Raven Dr. Andrew Newberg, a neuroscientist at Thomas Jefferson University, and Mark Robert Waldman, a communications expert, collaborated on the book, “Words Can Change Your Brain.” In it, they write, “a single word has...
  12. U

    SOMEONE tell me HOW 'Counselling' got it's name when.... (read on!)

    Dear Anyone. OK. This is the question I joined to ask - didn't know where to stick it - no doubt someone here will tell me(!) I was told I could have 'counselling' after a certain bunch of incidents in my life - what they were doesn't matter for this question. So, never having heard of it...
  13. G

    Horrible day

    Having a fucking horrible day , I'm done with all my so called friends , had a young girl verbally abuse me I'm on the verge of knocking her teeth out the back of her head! I'm staying away from a certain are coz I will cause bloody world war 3 . I'm done with drinks and drugs , I'm done with...
  14. Not_Crazy_Yet

    Too many coincidences

    I keep seeing the same word in different places. A word I was going to use in a text but didn't keeps popping up everywhere. Here, on IMDB, Tv. And when I was on imdb the movie I was looking up happened to have the same director as the movie I chose to watch now. Its as if things are being...
  15. E

    A Discussion About Terminology.....

    Have any of you developed any interest in knowing beyond a superficial level, what these words and terms that get thrown at us really mean? About 7 years ago started doing some deep research I am just going to give you taste of the first things I found. The Ancient Greek word 'PSYCHE', is the...
  16. RainbowHeartz

    finding music to relate too

    every word wow so true
  17. C

    One word

    Tits & fanny. (Sorry two words) and arses
  18. music91

    Schizophrenia (which is a very long word to)

    Its also what I've been lable to have or to be and its been hell and back!
  19. F

    Word clouds

    Just found these word clouds I did a while ago from posts to various forums.
  20. Mark_01

    4 am

    Another wonderful night's sleep. It was either 12:30 or 1:30 when I went to bed this morning and then bad waking dreams that I can't remember much about. Stress, anxiety, depression, creating non-existent situations and then worrying about it. What is the word I'm looking for... delusional? Just...