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  1. T

    Hi all.

    Hi all. I haven't been on here for quite some time, but wondered if I could ask for some advice. Please?
  2. little rose

    Other help for trauma possible dissociative disorder and CPTSD

    Hello . I am currently having trauma therapy for my issues and wondered does anyone know of other things or help you can get for trauma issues. I have had chronic trauma and also neglect as a child. I do things to help myself like trying to be self living at times. I use emotional freedom...
  3. M


    I have been put on this at a low dose 3mg a day. For severe anxiety as my psychiatrist had concerns I was bordering on paranoia and psychosis,because I started to get things out of proportion and was listening out for noises at home. In actual fact Iam diagnosed with ptsd, I just wondered if...
  4. B

    using magnesium for anxiety?

    Having had a bad 2 day episode of anxiety, I took a magnesium tablet, and I felt a lot better. But I have a few odd sensations, and I wondered what other people's experience of taking this would be.
  5. M


    Hi, has anyone experienced compassion focused therapy? I have been referred for an assessment for this and wondered what it involves. m

    Do voices stress you out?

    I find the experience quite stressful and draining. Wondered if anybody has some tricks to relax the body?
  7. F


    I live with my partner and we get on really well and I also work full time but the job I have means that I am often lone working meeting service users. I live quite a distance from my family and don't really have any friends where I am living at the moment and often feel really lonely. I know...
  8. Shana09

    Hearing myself talk to me

    I heard a voice that sounded like the way I sound in my head but kind of like a "posher" version telling me off and commanding me to do things I have been diagnosed with Psychosis and just wondered if this was common, I'm really confused about the diagnosis...
  9. B

    Rebalance your relationship with food

    I have recently joined this forum, and I wasn't sure where to ask this question! I wondered if any of you have seen the ED-inspired recipe book "Rebalance your relationship with food"? One of my friends (who is in recovery) says it has helped her to establish a number of recipes she now feels...
  10. O

    Anyone from kent?

    Hi all just wondered if anyone was from Kent? I'm from Maidstone
  11. O


    What are other peoples' experiences using olazapine? I find the binge eating is very difficult to control on this drug but need to be on it as had a terrible.time a few months ago. Wasn't sleeping and.ended up going loopy a few weeks later. I don't sleep very well on the 5mg so take 7.5mg when...
  12. supergreysmoke


    Posting as is, haven't watched it all yet but will later, seems interesting. I've read weed is bad for this sort condition in Sz, but maybe there's a low dose where it is therapeutic? Was very much on the margins of that culture in my distant youth, after diagnosis for Sz though - did inhale...
  13. E

    Please help

    I suffer from health anxiety and just wondered can you get physical symptoms with this. I am convinced I'm going to die of some form of cancer and now my stomach hurts. Just wondered if anyone has physical symptoms when they did not have anything physically wrong with them
  14. E

    Strange reaction

    So, I was talking to a friend and I mentioned the voices. I was sure that I had mentioned them before to him but he responded with "You hear voices? I'm so sorry for you." I said: "Don't worry they are no longer hostile. They're even supportive at times and tell me when I need to rest or pray."...
  15. M

    Do Pets Help You Heal?

    I just wondered if people are normally encouraged by their pets. I have been wanting to get a small dog. I wonder if that would help cheer me up or if it would just be another responsibility to take care of. It would be nice to hear positive feedback from people with their pets. Just something...
  16. U


    I feel I'm at the end of my tether got suicudal thoughts like I don't want to go on or if I can ne more seems so pointless I'm in a battle with the dwp over pip I'm not sure all this is worth it to be honest it's making me so ill mentally and physically went to my gp today but only got to c the...
  17. A

    mental health and child access

    Hi, my ex is using my depression as a reason to stop me being allowed access alone with my 3 month old child. i'm in the process of starting court proceedings and just wondered if anyone as any idea what the judge will actually do about it?
  18. M

    Spiritual attacks

    Hi. I believe in God and in the Holy Spirit because it was given to me after I pleaded with God for help. It helps hold me back from being stupid or uncaring and shines a light for me when nothing else could in the hard times. Before that I felt like I had been going through horrible attacks...
  19. R

    I didn't know this was possible!

    After moving house recently I am broke. No money for food and my support worker visited me yesterday and there are churches in the area that give free hampers. I am having food, pots and pans, cleaning supplies and even toiletries delivered tomorrow. Pretty generous of them seeing as I am not...
  20. E

    Voices and symbology

    Last year I tried writing about the voices using symbols for the things they spoke about. They were people (Voices) that lived on an island (Me) and interactions between me and friends were like sending ships to other islands or ships from other islands coming to visit. The voices reacted to...