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  1. L

    Paranoia after venlafaxine withdrawal

    Last July I decided to stop venlafaxine 75mg cold turkey, at the time I wasnt doing very well and decided I needed to do something about it. For the first 2 months of withdrawal it was the usual head rushes brain zaps etc. The last 2 months I have become extremely paranoid especially in my...
  2. F

    Clomipramine (Anafranil) Withdrawal

    Hi all, I've been on 150mg of Clomipramine for about 16 years for OCD and need to go off of it at least temporarily or I may find another drug this time in the SSRI family to go on. But the side effects over these years have been pretty bad and long story short, here is my situation: I went...
  3. A

    Citalopram withdrawal

    So I'm wondering if anyone else has managed to quit citalopram after having a hard time with it. About a year ago I changed to mirtazapine to help me sleep, and over the course of this year I've gradually reduced my dosage of citalopram. I went from 40mg a day to 10mg every few days, just when...
  4. R

    Resperidone withdrawal can't sleep

    I stopped takeing resperidone 2 mg that I had been takeing since this summer and stopped being able to sleep. Trying to sleep is really burdensome, I feel a wave of anxiety every few seconds all night and day long it doesn't stop and my mind does not stop running thoughts. It's been over a week...
  5. M

    Haloperidol/Haldol Withdrawal

    Apologies, but I am not sure where my questions belong. Although it is to do with Haloperidol/Haldol, it involves depression. As well as that, I have suffered from depression for several decades. I was prescribed Serenace (Haloperidol/Haldol) 1.5mg day for a nervous tic about fifty years ago...
  6. A

    Olanzapine withdrawal

    Have people come off olanzapine successfuly ? I was on 10 mg then went to 5 and doc reduced it to 2.5mg.im feeling anxious and confusion. I've read that these are normal withdrawal symptoms
  7. L

    Stopping antidepressants

    Hi. I was diagnosed with Major Depressive Disorder and Panic Disorder last May 2017 and I have been on Escitalopram (Jovia) daily since. I stopped taking these medications a a almost three weeks ago. No side effects except for occasional anxiety issues but very tolerable and controllable. I...
  8. N

    5 htp

    Hi there has anyone switched from antidepressants to 5htp and had no problems? I have withdrawal symptoms and was wondering it 5 htp will help. Has anyone tried it?
  9. A

    clopixol withdrawal

    Whats the lowest dosage of clopixol depot you can take before withdrawing?
  10. F


    I have stupidly stopped paroxetine and amisulpride cold turkey and can say I’ve never been this bad. Cant even sleep anymore. Have begged them to take me into a hospital but they wont! Im shaking, dizzy, being sick and the anxiety /depression is worse than I’ve ever had before. It takes every...
  11. K

    Withdrawal symptoms help

    Has anyone been on Seroquel? I have been taking 100mg of Seroquel for 7 years and I am currently tapering down slowly right now I am at 75mg. Should I taper down a dose every 2 weeks? Also is this a long process. I’m getting anxiety because I have only tapered down this much and I feel like...
  12. A

    hi all,,at last someone like me,,,to talk too

    well i wont bore you all to death with my journey to this point ,but in a nut sheel,cared solely for mum until death,,didnt then realise anxiety taking hold,,just a glass a wine at night hid it,,then more until was 7 units a day,,,,,, i stopped on monday for good,,but my god my anxiety was bad...
  13. spoon-racoon

    losing hope for treatment

    I don't know what to do. I'm on Lamictal and I started Geodon a few months ago, and was just now prescribed Topamax. The Topamax is because I've been really anxious lately, but anxiety is a symptom of Geodon. And I can't tell if it's anxiety or some heart problem that ALSO could be caused by...
  14. A

    Insomnia Rehab

    I am 3 medications for bipolar. Zyprexa 2.5mg just for sleep. Vraylar 3mg Lithium 450 I have been trying to get off Zyprexa unsuccessful over the last couple years do Zyprexa's sedation. Unfortunately I no longer sleep with out Zyprexa very well but I'm not sure if that would eventually...
  15. N

    Onset of Anxiety 2 Months After Stopping Abilify

    Hi, I was on 5-10mg of Abilify for approximately nine years. It was prescribed as an ad on to Lexapro. It seemed to work very well. After years of significant wight gain and horrible insomnia, I decided to ditch the Abilify. I tried tapering and stopping completely about 6 months ago. The...
  16. S

    Lazinesss vs serve depression

    I'm dealing with major depression combined with methadone withdrawal. ( and recently moved to the other side of the country alone) Most days I can't get out of bed, I'm suicidal and can't handle life. But most of all I have this feeling of extreme guilt for my laziness. I feel like I should be...
  17. S

    Quetiapine withdrawal

    I have recently come out being hospitalized long story short I think I was wrongly diagnosed my doctor thinks I’m post traumatic stress but my psychiatrist is awful I’m sure she hates me she said I had bpd and doesn’t listen to me. Anyway she put me on quetiapine and I get chest pains and it...
  18. M

    The more I read the more annoyed I am. Am I being reasonable?

    Hello. I hope you're having a lovely day. I've been in mental health hospitals 3 times. I started on Sertraline and Olanzapine before I went to hospital the first time. I was Sectioned and went to the first hospital, where they added Pregabalin and Diazapam to my prescription. Before I was...
  19. M

    my story of anxiety

    Hi everyone. Im new here and just found this website browsing for information about anxiety. Its nice that i can have somewhere to go to speak to people who understand what I’ve experienced, short of seeing mental health professionals. I would like to share my story. I hope people might read and...
  20. B


    My surgery is on special measures because of incompetence. For the third time I have been left without Venlafaxine for 3/4 days because they take about 8 days to process the prescription. Sudden withdrawal has led me to not being able to get out of bed and suicidal thoughts. Complaints just...