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  1. J

    Birthday .... mixed blessings.

    Today is my birthday . I have spent every birthday, Xmas and new year on my own fur over 20 years . Not because I had to because there were no people in my life. It was something have to do to cope . I have already had suicidal thoughts today and feel on the brink of crisis . Yet this...
  2. J

    Just saying Hi !

    Hi everyone. Firstly I'm pleased to say I'm relatively stable at the moment , so a good time to join and say hi . I'm 52 and have had issues with mental health to varying degrees all my life. My conditions fluctuate greatly and my only support these days is a rather wonderful GP. ...
  3. spoon-racoon

    sick of my eating habits

    I gained weight since starting college so then I felt shitty and started restricting my diet and now whenever I eat too much I feel really gross. Half of me wishes I could stop worrying about my weight and the other half just wants me to control my food intake even more :confused:
  4. H

    Prayer Thread

    This was just an idea that came to mind as I was chatting with a fellow member and this member had asked me to pray for them. Which got me thinking, what if we had a thread where people can come and request prayer/well wishes from others, or can come and provide prayer/well wishes to those who...
  5. E


    Hello to anyone who is reading this :) my names Laura. I've recently joined the forum and would love to make some friends. I've suffered with depression and anxiety for the past five years - life has most definitely been challenging but I'm still here :innocent: anyway I shall look forward to...
  6. L

    I have had enough

    Hi, I suffer from depression and have lost almost all immediate family. i am trying but struggling with little real family left i want to go. Sorry but i really do. Best wishes Sam
  7. C


    Haven't seen BDU on here for a couple of nights. I hope she's ok. I miss her posts. The forum is so quiet without her. BDU if you're reading this, I really hope you're well and safe. Best wishes x
  8. Jaminacaranda


    I made a will about 6 years ago. It cost me £200. I thought it was the right thing to do because I was previously involved in trying to administer a friend's estate who had no will - and it was a mess. If you die with no will, the authorities take over. Everything becomes complicated. My...
  9. S


    Hi all, I'm new here, I have bi-polar and am 'in episode' at the moment so looking for people to chat to. Look forward to meeting you all. Best wishes, Sal :)
  10. S

    new looking for friends

    Hi all.I am new here...have depression & anxiety and looking to make a friend or two...i have been this way for as long as I can remember and find it hard to relate to people who haven't been through it...i much prefer people who know where I'm coming from and have a crazy past like me...hope...
  11. M

    can a hospital....

    contact my family against my wishes if I take an overdose (I'm over 18) and I live in the UK.
  12. T


    Hello all, back here after a long time away. Best wishes Taffy x:)
  13. P

    Anxiety sufferer

    Hello MHF I have suffered from severe anxiety attacks for most of my life. Not a youngster but not as old as the username suggests. Atm I seem to be on an even keel which is good but have to be extremely careful. I am very fortunate that I have a great deal of support, but if I can help any...
  14. Stripeysocks

    me again

    Hi everyone, I just wanted to say I'm sorry for coming and going a bit on here. I don't mean to be or want to be unreliable and annoying. It doesn't mean I don't care. I'm just not really coping with day to day things very well and feel poorly a lot of the time. I want to be here to support my...
  15. calypso

    Anyone have a relative living with dementia?

    Dementia touches a lot of people's lives, so is there anyone who wishes to talk about it on here? Just a thought.:)
  16. speckles

    Sorry guys

    I just wanted to say sorry to every one for not being around I have just been so unwell I have not been able to manage much, I have been in and out of medical wards aswell as the locked ward I am on and it has been a strain, I do think of you guys and I have not left. Good wishes to you all speckles
  17. D

    happy birthday to me

    Not got many birthday wishes so heres to my birthday lol x
  18. W

    Lost desire toward everything

    I want for nothing,and that's not to say I have everything ,far from it.I just feel like I'm floating,in limbo,I have nothing to aim for and no idea what I want,this makes me very sad all the time ,I dnt know why to get out of bed,there's no one I want to see,nothing I want to achieve ,nowhere I...
  19. tiltawhirl

    Sorry I am not on much and supportive to you all here. REALLY!

    Don't spend as much time online and have had a chronic headache that will NOT go away and being online reading and writing makes it worse. But I do think of all of you and send up wishes for the best for you. I post to Spunky because we go back aways and have a pretty good understanding of...
  20. skitzofrantik

    Really in need of some advice plz (*T*)

    Hi, i have ooked on the net first ut it doesnt seem to make snese. basically if i happened to die, where wouldi be burried, as i am living in scotland and at my gps, police etc they have my friend as next of kin, and they know exactly whats mu wishes are, but my biggest worry is i was actually...