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  1. SomersetScorpio

    Leaves are falling, so is my mood

    The clocks have gone back, it's dark, it's cold. Already got cracked skin on my hands. I want to sleep. Winter can go and bite my ass. :BLAH: I must try to stick to things that were helping me in the summer and not allow myself to become nocturnal like last winter. I'm trying to help myself but...
  2. vanish

    Winter has officially arrived in Australia!

    I'm freezing! In Queensland (which is subtropical and spends most of the year sweating through heatwave conditions), the mercury last night hovered just above freezing. I believe the Southern states are experiencing snow in places that don't normally get it. Those Westerly winds, brrr!! I do...
  3. A

    Sesnorimotor/somatic OCD about breathing. Please help!

    Hey all! I'm new to this forum, and for several years I have dealt with Anxiety and OCD. My current fixation is on my breathing, and it has been this way for the past two months now. I suffer from conscious breathing and hyperventilating to a degree it interferes with my functionality as a...
  4. V

    SAD affecting my relationship every year to extremes

    Hi everyone Posting in this section as the sad one doesn’t seem to be active. since about 15yrs old I was diagnosed with depression and anxiety with the worst time being in the winter leading me to be diagnosed with SAD (seasonal affective disorder). Every year (without fail) it gets to autumn...
  5. V

    SAD affecting my relationship every year to extremes

    Hi everyone I’m not sure if this is the right section to post this but since about 15yrs old I was diagnosed with depression and anxiety with the worst time being in the winter leading me to be diagnosed with SAD (seasonal affective disorder). Every year (without fail) it gets to autumn and I...
  6. NicoretteGummed

    Have You Ever Been Homeless???

    I was homeless for two weeks in central London in July 1997. It could have been a lot worse-it could have been winter. I mainly got through it thanks to Woodpecker & Monster Munch. :)
  7. P


    Thanks for the extra help in finding "Introduce Yourself". Just hit 60 this year and I still don't know if I'm going to make it. I suffer from sever depression. 2 suicide attempts within a year apart, and 8 years ago. I'm trying some new things and I am hopeful. I'm also very new to Forums and...
  8. valleygirl

    Joining a Gym

    So I went to the gym for the first time in years on a 3 day free trial, and I worked out for 30 minutes! I'm going to get a gym membership tomorrow and start working out on a regular basis. I am obese, and after a winter of snow and icy sidewalks, I have never been so inactive in my life. I...
  9. NicoretteGummed

    Does The Weather Affect Your Mental Health????

    I find myself being affected a lot by the weather. In the Summer if its hot//and or sunny I feel so much better. And in the winter I feel so much better when its either foggy//frosty/or Snowy. I hate mildness in the British "Winter" :mad:
  10. J

    how many of you take 2 or more antidepressants to treat SAD??

    is anyone of you taking more than 1 antidepressant to treat SAD? what are the best for SAD?
  11. J

    major depression therapy

    Hello everyone, my name is Christian and right now i am using two antidepressants to treat my depression: citalopram (40mg) and brintellix (10). How many of you are currently using 2 or more antidepressants and is your depression in remission? Mine is not in remission and I was thinking about...
  12. cpuusage

    Winter Solstice and the Collective Unconscious

    Winter Solstice and the Collective Unconscious | Through a Jungian Lens Johfra Bosschart: 12 allegorical paintings-astrological signs VISIONARY REVUE
  13. G

    Cash help in winter - can you help me?

    Hi Everyone I'm new on here. I wondered if you could help me. I had very severe depression as a young woman but have managed to keep it at bay for 35 years now, and have had a successful career despite a few minor relapses. As part of my 'payback' I'm keen to keep in touch with mental health...
  14. prairiechick

    Can't take it anymore

    Winter is never going to end. April 3rd and it's still snowing, the whole day long. Sidewalks have been un-walkable for over 3 weeks. Slippery as hell. Still dealing with my sprained elbow, it's still bothering me after more than 3 weeks. All this winter is taking its tolls my mental health...
  15. prairiechick

    Arrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrgh! Winter Rant!

    So today, March 1st, the highest temperature we reached was -26 Celsius. Then the windchill made it feel more like -40. It feels like winter is NEVER going to end. I am going stir-crazy. I really don't know how much more of winter I can handle. I just get to feeling very desperate. I have...
  16. prairiechick

    So frickin wound up

    I haven't been this wound up in ages. Wondering right now if I'll even be able to fall asleep, much less stay asleep. I had to go shopping for new winter boots, because my other pair broke, and I can't go through 2 more months of winter with broken boots in Winnipeg, otherwise known as...
  17. Reach


    Doesn't it absolutely suck. I counted each day until the bleak midwinter, and now and counting the days out of this sucky season. I wake up and my mood is on the bedroom floor, i'm brighter between 11:30am and just after it gets dark, and the evening i spend with my head between my knees, not...
  18. K

    Any good tips on how to manage bi-polar during the winter gloom?

    Ok the turkey is eat, the chocolates festering in celophane beside the open wine bottle, the bank balance is in the red and now it's gonna be New Year and 1024! How the ravages of time marches on, and waits for no one, not even bi-polar to cure.... So has anyone got any good ideas/tips on how...
  19. T

    I think I might have SAD.

    I've been on and off depression the whole year, mostly it's there, but kind of under the surface. But ever since winter came around, and especially since the snow came, I have been nothing BUT depressed. I don't think I have genuinely smiled in a week. This is horrible. I only feel unhappy all...
  20. prairiechick

    Grey Winter Days

    I hate grey winter days. I feel so blah. I know I should be getting out for a walk, but I just want to stay inside with all the lights turned on. So here I am, sitting here getting fatter and fatter by the moment.