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  1. P

    Wine and Loneliness

    I'm lonely so I'm over-posting and I'm sure I'll be embarrassed in the morning. I just want some company. I've had wine. I drink a lot, I know I shouldn't with my medication but it makes me feel better most nights. If I drink too much the self-harm thoughts start up, and some depression, but...
  2. C

    Fiancé has high anxiety which causes rage/temper/anger...

    Is there anyone out there that can help me with my problem? My fiancé has high anxiety and cares almost too much for small things, making an ant hole into a mountain (as some would say.) He gets angered easily, and uses violence on other people and I. He has hit me multiple times for things I...
  3. D

    Hi everyone

    Hi is there anyone from Edinburgh? or Scotland :wine:
  4. K

    Highs and lows and the triggers inbetween

    Hey guys So I'm super new here... this being my first post I was just wondering if any of you guys are easily triggered? The smallest thing can happen to put me into a spiral, and then that's it I won't leave the house for days. I now associate wine with the drink I drink to numb the emotion...
  5. O

    Self medercation of Red Wine

    Here is a video buy Ub40 that shows the self medicating of Red Wine. Why? It's used to kill the pain of the guy's brother stealing his girlfriend. It's a good reminder to me that Wine can be used as a medication. Enjoy the video UB40 - Red Red Wine :havingabeer:
  6. megirl

    alcohol and antabuse

    Well well I did it again At least not as bad as last time. I had 2 standard glasses of wine, now the palpatations, flushed face, feeling weak like i might just fall down on the ground. Last time i drank a whole bottle of wine fuck i was so very crook i actually thought i was going to die that...
  7. T


    now I'm drinking wine and [email protected] not even 8am yet but seems to have calmed me down a bit though
  8. D

    i just misss it!

    I miss wine red wine if I think it threw it would just be awful mainly lying in bed with alcohol poisioning doing this a lot:doh2: I am just tired of everything and miss my crutch the rosy glow.
  9. D

    happy birthday stripey

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY STRIPEY:hug: I give you permission to buy the biggest baddest chocolate cake you can find (flake ones are good) drink some wine and dance around like a loon:):loveshower:
  10. F

    A wine a day...keeps the psychiatrist away?

    A wine a day ... keeps the psychiatrist away? Light drinking linked to lower risk of depression
  11. ghillie101

    should i ask

    I don't know whether to ask my ex from 4 years ago if she still self harms evin if I did how would I ask I need some advice, been up all night with a bottle of wine to keep me company
  12. megirl

    its all in the open now

    I thought I was an alcoholic???!! Not that that matters really but apparantly I arent :unsure: Anyway most my adult life have used alcohol on and off to self medicate. I am on antabuse but had been sometimestaking it and sometimes not. Several weeks ago I had a total blackout. Cant remember a...
  13. Cee-Jay

    Cheese, Red wine & Cats

    Hello everybody, I'm new to this forum, new to anything like this. Hope everyone is doing OK this evening. I thought I would give something like this a try, I guess, I am not alone in this sort of thing - but it feels like that sometimes doesn't it. I love cheese, red wine and cats :)
  14. megirl

    F*** oh f***ing new years

    :( Yesterday hubby went and was painting a roof for a friend he and the dog were away for the day. I started getting overwhelmed and agitated (not hubbys fault at all) Got my self a bottle of white wine (a nice drop..but..oh well) Ended up drinking whilst in the garden. Been waiting all day...
  15. megirl


    Wow!!!! What a word..sounds very positive. Feel good almost like a human being again, than wham..... Applied for a job very positive, manager shows me around the locally owned factory. They need some casual workers especially over the summer, sounds like I am in, awesome. Left a message on...
  16. A

    Need Advice

    I was recently diagnosed as Bipolar (mixed) after being on many different Antidepressants for the last 13 years.They would work for a short while, but my moods/behaviors were always erratic.Went from job to job, moved many times etc.I recently had a bad crisis of drinking wine every night and...
  17. fizzbom80

    crashing down :(

    So have had the worst day I've had for a long time I've been sailing along then today I've woke up today and want it all to to away I've sat looking at tablets wanting to swig them all down with a bottle if wine luckily I managed to stop myself Hate feeling like this I just can't do it I want...
  18. R


    As above, the weekend is here, any plans folks? Myself, I plan on sinking a bottle of rose wine tonight and then spend the rest of the weekend playing Xbox and avoiding housework, screw it! :D
  19. Valarie

    lithium and the occasional alcholic beverage

    I just started taking prozac and lithium, and while i dont drink all the time, how harmful is it to drink occasionally? Like just a glass of wine or two?
  20. calypso

    Calmer, Shock Over, Thanks

    Thank you for all your recent support and kindness to me. I am much better than I was. I think I was in shock at the fact that my brainwashing past still was not only there, but still affecting me. You have all proved the very thing my therapist wanted me to discover; namely that if I told...