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  1. F

    Can I claim PIP?

    Hi, I am presently in hospital but from here I am likely to be moving to a mental health rehabilitation unit for a period of time. I have been told whilst I am there I will not have to give up my council house, but what I am wondering is whether I will still be entitled to PIP whilst in rehab...
  2. E


    I have been referred to a sleep disorders clinic, this is due to me having nightmares every night & it's been going on for 30 years, I will have to go & stay the night & be monitored whilst I am sleeping.
  3. N

    Panicky - slightly whilst out shopping this afternoon

    Hi Evening Folks, I had a bit of a panick attack, this afternoon, whilst out locally again. I had been in a well known pharmacy store, I had only just arrived in, and all of the sudden, bearing in mind, I was in the morning, (bit of a long story) and nothing occurred then, there was a over the...
  4. W

    Trying hard but can’t seem to make it

    Hey all I’m 37 and a professional but have suffered with depression since I was a teenager. I’ve been really luck to have some great friends through the years, but life gets in the way and people move on. Last night is one of the recent times I have had a breakdown and not had the support...
  5. P

    Urge to come off meds

    Does anyone else have the urge to just stop their meds, just to see if they are actually doing anything? If people gained weight whilst on meds did it fall off them when they stopped? Thx
  6. embleton

    With a bang may I introduce myself!

    I am a 55-year-old male with a previous diagnosis of bipolar that was reclassified schizoaffective recently, that's within the last couple of years. Living with bipolar previously since 1997 when I was locked up under a mental health section 2 for 28 days. I've been sectioned under the mental...
  7. M

    Anxiety whilst driving

    Does anyone else experience anxiety whilst driving? It’s very strange and I hate it as it means I hate driving alone or in the dark.
  8. N

    Completely Differnt Time of Day to take 25ml daily of Abilify

    Hi Folks, I was very shattered yesterday, and having been so very well, taking doses in the afternoon, in that, last night, I just happened to have taken at 8pm just after, and I also slept very very well, so I am trialing me, on a 8pm timeframe, in terms of the holiday, bearing in mind time...
  9. G

    HELP - BPD Partner & 3 Children

    . . . .don't know where to start. Well actually I do . . .having a plate of food and glass of wine thrown at me whilst eating dinner with my three young children this evening . . .all because the kids conversation was annoying her and she couldn't control it or her own unfounded emotional...
  10. Y

    Newbie and feeling extremely overwhelmed

    Hello :) Sorry if this isn't in the right place, I'm feeling very overwhelmed and panicky at the moment with so many things going on in my life, and only my mum knows the full extent of what, but not how I'm feeling. I also apologize in advance for this may be very long! I'm not really looking...
  11. N

    Probelms with Paranoia More Recently

    Hi Folks, I'm better now anyway. I have been h aving paranoia problems whereby I'll always will feel, and I am senstive on that front, that people are talking about me, without me there, in a large gathering crowd, or worse when I am about, in streets, organisations of volunteering depending...
  12. L

    My experience with BPD

    So I've only just joined this and I'm quite nervous as I don't know what to expect but I thought I would throw myself in to the deep end and share a little bit of my experience of living with Borderline personality disorder. So here it goes. Ever since I was little I knew there was something...
  13. N

    Abilify - Run Out!

    HI all, I continue to be well, and balanced and stablised on reduced dose, not on 15ml, but on 20ml, withouit any such szchophrenia based conditions problems. However, we had a mad erractic week last week, we temporarily forgot, mum and myself, and I was asking (!) her, that to re-order my...
  14. P

    Concentration is so messed up

    Hi, so I've had this problem for about 2 years now but don't really talk about it. My concentration is just messed up. Like my concentration is constantly breaking even whilst writing this, whilst talking to people it will probably go about 20 seconds before it breaking and me not knowing what...
  15. C


    Advice/help welcome! I am new but have an Appeal for My Dismissal on Mon 9 Jan. I have been dismissed for poor performance whilst off I am off sick with depression triggered by work related stress due to an accumulation of toxic office culture and boss is a bully and harassing/pressurising me...
  16. S

    One Step at a Time... hi :)

    After 17 years of being depressed... i think i have finally accepted that i need help. After self referring to get the help i need, i am now waiting on an appointment.... it has taken a few months for me to get the courage just to make that appointment even after recognising i am willing to at...
  17. M


    hi all :) im trying to find out whats wrong with me and whilst im not saying id actively choose to be bipolar but i know theres something wrong with me whether it's bipolar or something else id want to know so i can get support and learn to help myself. When i think of bipolar of claire danes...
  18. D

    new member - badly depressed

    Hi good evening all im currently suffering from depression im on 60mg of fluoxitine and im still struggling with everyday life i haveno motivation no interest in anything i have previously tried to kill myself before (1) overdose whilst in the army (2) self harmed i dont know howlong i can...
  19. NicoretteGummed

    How do you feel about your siblings???

    I'm posting this thread as i'm interested in sibling dynamics and the effect it has on an individuals psyche. I've noticed that there's a really wide ranging array of attitudes to peoples attitudes to their siblings. Personally I've got 3 younger sisters. I'm confused as to whether my sisters...
  20. RainbowHeartz


    I'm hearing voices whilst working :(