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  1. L

    West Midlands

    Is there any groups in the West Midlands?
  2. K

    Anyone here from the West Coast?

    Jw lol
  3. E

    Cognitive Development

    Hi all, not posted on here before and feel abit out of place doing so now. I've been interested in cognitive development for a very long time and a few years ago started developing a personal form for developing my own mind. It has helped me personally in alot of ways including fixing my...

    North West London

    Hi I am in this area, good to see any locals.
  5. Palladian

    West Wales

    Hi I live in West Wales and would like to chat with people from this area. :dance:
  6. B

    south and south west london

    anyone from this area? would love to make some friends in the area.
  7. mami5

    Am I the only one???

    Anyone else from North West Wales? Feel lonely here.
  8. Run Like Hell

    ATOS - national demonstration day

    Sorry if someone's already posted about this, couldn't find anything. https://www.facebook.com/ATOSNationalDemo NEW LIST OF VENUES FOR THE ATOS NATIONAL DEMO ~ 19 February 2014 As you can see, we have 144 national events planned! If anyone in ANY of these areas, who would be happy to...
  9. G

    Mental health news this week

    PLANS to convert two Erdington (Birmingham) homes into a school and residential home for emotionally and behaviourally vulnerable teens will be withdrawn after a backlash by existing residents -...
  10. G

    Mental health news this week

    (I post 2 loads of stuff each week - a list of mental health news items is put on the News forum - and a list of mental health TV shows is put on the Events forum) Cannabis Raid - Erdington, Birmingham. Cops sniff out cannabis plants during operation - defendant claims depression. Click the...
  11. A

    Looking for new friends aged 18-25

    I’ve posted this in the depression forum, so you may see this again. But I thought I post this in the anxiety forum as is suffer from this too and just in case others might have not seen this post. So I have never done this before, but I would like to know if there is anyone out their in the...
  12. I

    any southerners

    Anyone on here from the south west of the UK?
  13. marcustwelve

    Anybody There??.........

    :hi: Sounds a bit spooky but any members out there from the North Wales Area? I know "qualityfactor" is N.E Wales, I'm N.N West. Anybody inbetween??
  14. D

    hello everyone

    just wanted to say hello,and so glad to have found this forum,my names dave and im from north west england ive been diagnosed with bipolar disorder for about two years now but sufferd for about ten.
  15. S

    hi, i'm ryan

    Hi, my name is Ryan, 25yr old, living in west vale, near halifax.
  16. H

    Is there anybody out there ?

    Anyone got details on active North West groups ?
  17. R

    er hi there i'm new

    as this is the "introduce yourself" section i guess it goes to say that i'm new or i'd not be making a post. ha ha. anyway, i'm rachel, aged 25 and i live in shipley (near bradford / leeds) in west yorkshire. i've been married for just over 3 years now. what else to say? Not much. it's in my...
  18. orange_sox

    Welcome Bradfordians

    :welcome: to the Bradford and district forum! I'm orange_sox, or Emma whichever you prefer to call me :) I'm from Clayton, which is a village to the west of the city, and I've lived here for just over 4 years now. Hopefully there are more Bradfordians out there :thumbsup:
  19. gemmaLIV

    Request for research participants in the North West!

    Hello! My name is Gemma. I am currently doing some research with the university of Liverpool, which I am hoping will contribute to the literature that might influence psychiatric diagnosis (in a good way!). I am looking for people in the north west who wouldn't mind being interviewed about...