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  1. Maya J

    Too much anger

    I feel so much anger these days, I can barely contain it. I try to not lash out but I have shouted in my family house. To people my anger comes out as sarcasm and sly remarks. I am finding hard to control it all, there is so much anger there, waiting to fly out. There are so many loose ends...
  2. D

    I will probably get a ban or warning for this:

    Ok moderators, I'm doing something very naughty and against your guidelines, but before you ban me, would you take a look yourself? I've decided to create my own wordpress blog today, been thinking about this for a while, and someone showed me how to do it on Monday. It is a blog about...
  3. amathus

    Does well-being improve your mental health?

    BBC News - Does wellbeing improve your mental health? "The importance of mental wellbeing has gained significant support in recent times. But does it protect against mental illness? "If I do things that will make me happier," the logic goes, "I am less likely to experience mental health...
  4. K

    Are you happy?

    Hey there, this will be my very first post and thread on this forum! I am on a recovery path and doing quite well and I am very proud of myself actually! So, today I just wanted to ask you how you are doing... Are you happy with your life and yourself? Why? I ask this because it would be very...
  5. cpuusage

    The Scarlet Label

    The Scarlet Label (Borderline Personality Disorder) By Brent Potter PhD The diagnosis Borderline Personality Disorder (BPD) strikes fear and loathing in the hearts of most mental health providers. It is unquestionably one of the most stigmatizing and overused diagnoses in existence. Often...
  6. W

    Conflicts at Mr. Wellness's Need to See his psychiatrist

    Broad Picture Chronology of the Terrorism inflicted by erstwhile Psychiatrist -- 1. After Regular visits to the psychiatrist for a prolonged period, the symptoms progressed in a manner to which he led to the convergence as noted in the Treatment plan. 2. This convergence resulted in him...
  7. AppleCrumbles

    Starting to recognise I could use extra support again

    Hello, this looks like a lovely corner on the internet and I hope to start posting with you soon. I've suffered from depression on and off for the last decade or so (my whole adult life). I'm starting to accept that it's just part of my life that comes in and out. There are certainly triggering...
  8. cpuusage

    Sleep: The Forgotten Key to Health and Wellness

    Sleep: The Forgotten Key to Health and Wellness by Ellen Hughes on Free Audio Download, Online Video Explore measures that can be taken to not only live longer but also live better with Dr. Ellen Hughes who describes the need for sleep to achieve wellness and health. Series: "UCSF Mini...
  9. S

    Books on brain health/recovery?

    I am wondering if there is a good book I can read on brain health? You know like an ultimate-read on recovery/and or keeping the brain healthy. If my brain is causing my "symptoms" or "mental illness" or psychosis I would like to use alot of energy in support of proper function and wellness of...
  10. J

    Feeling kind of bad today

    Not a good, day having some fleeting thoughts, feeling on edge and panicky. Feel like giving in and just not bothering. Any one else feel crappy etc even on A/Ds I have been taking them for 5 years or so and recently increased but have no decreased to my normally well dose? Do they stop working...
  11. S

    Hampshire Wellness Recovery Action Plans (WRAP)

    This is the new way Hampshire has decided to deal with it's mental health service users it appears! http://www.hampshirepartnership.nhs.uk/patients/wrap What do people think? Has anyone experienced having a WRAP? Did it work for you?
  12. J

    Suggest name for a mental health group

    Hi Everyone, I want to start a mental health group and at present thinking of good names for the same. I already run two groups, one for women (called WE) and other for children and parents (called Big Fish Project). This will be my first group which will have online presence on various...
  13. nickh

    TV advert

    A story from the Mental Health Foundation..... >>England's first mental health awareness television campaign has been launched today on ITV Anglia. The advertisement, which aims to empower individuals to protect and improve their own mental health, will run five times a day until October 11...
  14. yodel


    Has anyone had experience of writing their own Wellness Recovery Action Plan (WRAP)? yodel :grouphug: