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  1. W

    Anxiety when thinking about my own body, especially reproductive organs

    Hello, I would like to know if anyone is like me, or if I could get some advice maybe? I feel like my body is alien to me. I don't like feeling things on my skin, HATE thinking about my internal organs and have anxiety when I think about my lady parts. This really gets to me the most when I'm...
  2. whiteflags330

    Aniexty Attack

    I think I'm having an anxiety attack, but in a new way.. Before my attacks would be losing circulation in my arm (or feel like it) and I would have a stomach ache. But this one, I'm feeling all Shakey, like I haven't eaten all day (which I have) or like having too much caffeine in my system...
  3. K

    Terrible health anxiety

    I’ve been having bad anxiety for a month now. I’m 20 years old female. This all started when I was at a store with my friend. Suddenly I felt my left side going ”numb”. It wasn’t like real numbness. I did still feel my legs etc. They just felt weird. My while leg left weird, my left cheek and my...
  4. L

    Need help with anxiety

    I’ve been having anxiety attacks for about a month in a half. I get chest pain, weird feelings in my head, funny feeling in throat. Every time I get a weird feeling I always think the worse. Does anyone have any suggestions on what I should do to help get the negative thoughts out of my head.
  5. M

    Did something weird and gross.

    Greetings! :) I often feel the need to confess everything to my girlfriend. And if i don't do it, the anxiety kicks in. Yesterday I did something weird and feel like I should tell her. I was in the bedroom and saw a hair clump in the bed. I was going to throw it away, but when I picked it up, I...
  6. C

    Hi, I have a question

    so I was wondering. I can't seem to feel an emotion longer than minutes or even seconds, I always go back to being numb and not caring about anything. is this an issue or are people faking their emotions? I know this is weird, or at least I guess it is
  7. A

    Weird thing I did when I was a kid and teenager

    Hey everyone, I was recently diagnosed with OCD I am 20 years old. When I was a kid I always would play with sticks and pencils and shake them while walking up and down the halls. I would make up stories while doing it knowing that it was all make believe. Shaking the stick made me think better...
  8. S

    Is this anxiety? Depression? Something else?

    Hi, for a couple of months now I have episodes of weird mental states. They've been very spread out in the beginning but now they're almost daily and sometimes don't go away fully. I'ts hard for me to explain it when I'm feeling ok but here is something I wrote earlier while I was in one of...
  9. T

    Weird Dizziness

    Hi guys, I am 19 years old and the past 4 years I am experiencing a problem I can't really find an answer about. First of all, I think I have a mild form of depression, though it may not matter, cause the problem might not be associated with the depression, but I could not find a link in the...
  10. S

    Weird, very short panic attacks

    Hi there, I am new here and I hope I am posting this in the correct category. So recently I have been getting really weird and short panic attack like symptoms. They get triggered by seeing big numbers in a specific context. As an example, I just scrolled through my YouTube recommended page and...
  11. B

    Uniquely weird and anxious, need some advice

    Hello. I really need some advice. I make people freakin uncomfortable that some even stop doing what they've been doing and just leave just not to be around me. Thing is I have something like essential tremor/dystonia and it gets weird when I'm anxious. My movements get weird as I get more...
  12. X

    Weird symptoms started recently

    Hi, sorry if this is the wrong place, but strange things have been happening to me and id like some help figuring out the reason basically, ive noticed my thoughts "stuttering?" i can speak fine, but when i think a sentence or simply narrate what im doing (which i also noticed i NEED to be...
  13. W

    Weird self talk + imagination

    (this is a long one, sorry, never could write a short message) Hello, you aay remember me from one of the topics, I came here for advice You see, I used to talk to myself, like a lot, in High school I developed a part of my persona (not split personality, just "a voice in my head" so to...
  14. H

    First Love - First real heartbreak, HELP?

    Hi all, I've been in a relationship with a guy for 7 weeks but we've known eachother longer than that. The relationship's been very weird because he would only see me once a week because he was 'busy' and recently just had exams. A week ago I went through a really rough time and messaged him to...
  15. R

    Just been diagnosed with schizoaffective disorder

    Hi, I have just been diagnosed with schizoaffective disorder but from Oct last year to January this year I heard voices continuous for that time. I spoke to God, ghosts who I had to change their codes so they wouldn't haunt my house or rape when they take over people. Animal spirits so they...

    Do you think you have brain damage?

    I speak strangely. I used to speak normally, but now I speak a little weird.
  17. Solitude1

    depression goes worrisome

    Hello. Good time This time I'm having a most weird issue to deal with. First I should mention that I never ever had bipolar disorder and I only always had bouts of depression at different severity levels. Now I'm under a whole lot of pressure, studies going to be wrecked, force from outside to...
  18. P

    Delusional again :(

    I had a pretty bad Sunday last week. I was having positive thoughts and normally my voices dont respond to what im thinking. This time they did and i thought that my ex neighbours were reading my thoughts again. I have so many weird coinsidences with telepathy. How can i get over this...
  19. N

    Not sure what to do! Need Help!

    Hi, I have a friend (an actual friend, not me) who I think is borderline. This is just my opinion not an actual diagnosis from a doctor, so take it with a grain of salt. Also, if I am reading too much into this please let me know. I may be. As a common friend of ours has committed suicide about...
  20. C

    I Feel Like My (Social) Anxiety May Be Coming Back

    I know this is kind of a weird question, but bare with me. Lately, things have been getting kind of weird. For no reason in particular, I feel like my social anxiety has been "coming back". I'll give you a few examples: 1) I can't tag someone in a picture on Instagram. This is really weird...