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  1. J

    Scared to relapse/fall off track.

    Hey all. I struggled with anorexia and orthorexia all throughout high school, then in college a bit, but then last summer I actually became bulimic after a trip to Europe with a lot of food. Since then, I'd seen a nutritionist, she gave me a plan, but it was just way more food than I was used to...
  2. B

    Having trouble with food.

    Since the new year, I’ve made it my priority to eat well. I’ve been doing a good job. But eating has become something that makes me very nervous. I spend about 80% of each day thinking about food or preparing meals or worrying about my weight. For three months I did a pretty good job but I did a...
  3. P

    Close to relapsing

    A couple of years ago my eating disorder was really bad. Since I met my partner I have been much happier and more stable, and my eating has improved. I got to a weight which I felt okay about. I still had thoughts about being too big but as long as I did not go above this weight I was okay...
  4. qwerty1234

    The root reason for worrying about weight

    Why do you care about your weight? I am not sure if I care about others' opinions that much, but I automatically assess people in part based on their weight. Even though it seems to me that some of my friends deliberately diet. For me I think it may have something to do with status. It is...
  5. B

    Another newbie

    Hi, I just joined. I’ve been suffering depression, relapse of anorexia and saw a psychiatrist today and discussed bpd. She suggested quietiapine and while I’m keen to try anything that might bring me some stability I’m terrified of weight gain. Does anyone here know much about it? Do...
  6. B


    Hi, I saw a psychiatrist today who suggested quietiapine. My problem is I’m terrified of weight gain because I’m struggling with an eating disorder. Can anyone tell me what it’s like to be on it? Does it make you put on weight even if you don’t eat much? Thanks
  7. S

    BPD and weight obsession

    Hi I've spent the majority of my life significantly overweight. Fat child, fat teenage into a fat adult. I first lost weight successfully about 20 years ago on weightwatchers, kept if off for about a year then piled it back on, plus some. Lost it all again only to repeat the gain process again...
  8. A

    Fooling Myself

    Hello, so I've been trying to work towards recovery for the past few months but I feel like I'm just fooling myself and am handling my disorders in a different way. I look better than I did when I wasn't taking anything in at all but I think it's just water weight because I still weigh the same...
  9. S

    Help with Mirtazapine withdrawl

    I was put on Mirtazapine two years ago for an eating disorder. Gained 2 stone in weight (28lbs) and had night sweats too. Want to get off this medication due to weight gain mainly but wanted other people's experiences of this. Question is did you have many side effects when tapering and did the...
  10. whitelection

    What's wrong with me?

    It is so frustrating how little I eat yet I still manage to have fat on me. Other girls my age eat mountains, but they're skinny. I have a friend who is an identical twin; both she and her sister eat nearly thrice the amount I do, but they look like models. I'm not a jealous person, however...
  11. megirl

    being weighed

    I have lost a lot of weight just with stress splitting up with husband shifting etc- But anyway still seeing my mental health support worker most weeks and now see him and a psychologist. Anyway shes going on about my weight I am only slightly underweight had weight issues in the past. Now...
  12. J

    Unexplained weight gain possibly triggering

    Hi, im new. Im stuck in a rut at the moment I am seeing my Dr and am aware no-one here can diagnose me i was just wondering if anyone had been through something similar. Over the past year (4years anorexia got very underweight) Ive gained a lot of weight, on too few calories a day never more...
  13. H


    I’m not sure that I have an ED as such. I’m very conscious of my weight and have been since a young child. I am overweight and am prone to significant periods of bad depression. I’ve lost a lot of weight since this last bout commenced in May. I currently run a lot each week and generally try to...
  14. F

    Postnatal with eating depression

    Stupid as it sounds but don’t know what, where, who to turn to ... I have a 5month son who is my world I can’t fault him he’s amazing! But yet I feel so unhappy. I have battled through pregnancy silently with my fears of gaining so much weight and now months after birth I felt like the fight...
  15. C

    Unsure how much to exercise

    Hi, It might be a bit unfair to post on this forum as I don't feel I have an eating disorder so much. As I am underweight though, after loosing weight a few years ago, I'm also really trying to gain weight at the moment. I'm just a bit unsure what approach to have towards exercise with the very...
  16. J

    I finally disclosed I have an eating disorder and don’t know what to do now

    I finally disclosed I have an eating disorder and don’t know what to do now I am 50 years old and have struggled all my life with with anorexia. The only time I have been able to keep it at bay or be a little over weight I have been using drugs and alcohol. I am completely clean and sober and...
  17. N


    I'm struggling a lot lately. I just can't stand myself. Everyone keeps commenting on my body and saying how I need to gain weight or how I'm "so tiny." Commenting on what I'm eating/not eating...etc. Just wish everyone would be quiet. It's so triggering and I'm trying really hard to eat and...
  18. M

    olanzapine withdrawal and weight loss

    Does anybody know how long after ceasing to take a 5mg dosage of olanzapine for 17 years it might take to see a marked reduction in body weight. Thanks.
  19. Shadow-one

    Are Eating Disorders based on scales/weight or mental thoughts & actions

    Are Eating Disorders based on scales/weight or mental thoughts & actions I'm curious... Are Eating Disorders measured around weight and bmi or around the person's attitude towards food and their ways of approaching food every day? I read an article recently that said that Eating Disorders...
  20. S

    Cannot get past it

    I've not self harmed in 6 months am trying to loose weight and all I can think about is self harming as I'm struggling with the weight loss that has been gained through self medication with drink. I just feel every implement I touch is a implement to sh. I just feel lost and alone