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  1. R

    nightmares, flashbaks, and panic attacks from shows.

    Hey everyone, So... i'm finally pregnant with my second baby. i'll be 14 weeks in just a couple days and in light of my loss this past spring you'd think i'd be overjoyed and i keep trying to be but the last two weeks have been hell. When i had my son, i was with someone that, the day i told...
  2. J

    Mirtazipine and Sertraline

    Does any one have any advice about how long doseage changes take to settle. Been on Sert 200mg for 16 years but it pooped out and stopped working. GP recommended staying on Sert and adding Mirtazipane as an augmentation strategy. I've been on the Mirt approx 10 weeks (2 weeks on 15mg, 4 weeks on...
  3. L

    Has anyone had rTMS (modern version of ECT)?

    Looking to talk to others who’ve had rTMS. I’m five weeks in.
  4. T

    Hello everyone..my first time here

    I am a 50 yr old divorced woman suffering with depression for most of my adult life. I have taken antidepressants for many years and had counselling a few times. I have been off work for a few weeks now. I'm still waiting for therapy and thought I'd give this a try. If nothing else, it will be...
  5. Liza9560

    Upping My Sertraline Dosage

    Hi, all—I’m interested to know what y’all have experienced in this vein: For five years I’ve been on Sertraline, and I’ve loved it. But a lot of stuff has piled up on me over the last 6 weeks, just normal work/family/holidays stuff, but too much I think. My anxiety/panicky/depressive feelings...
  6. Fairy Lucretia

    im so very scared

    my aunt was 90 on boxing day she has had a cold for 4 weeks she had the flu jab so i don't understand what if she dies :cry:
  7. R

    Does my ex-girlfriend suffer from bipolar disorder?

    Dear members, I am from Germany and looking for help and support. Unfortunately, I cannot find many information on german webpages, thus I signed up here to get some support and your assessment. Current situation is quite complicated. My ex-girlfriend broke up 2 months ago as she lost...
  8. T

    I don't know where to go from here :(

    Hi all, This is a difficult post for me to write but I need somewhere to be able to air exactly how I'm feeling and hopefully gain some advice on what to do. I'm sorry, I already know it's going to be a long one. I think I've probably struggled with depression since I was 14 years old - I've...
  9. S

    New and needing advice

    Morning all! I'm hoping to get some advice from everyone regarding my fiance and his mental health problems. He was involved in recreational drugs when he was a teenager which resulted in him being sectioned on a couple of occassions up until 2008. He has been on different medication, swapping...
  10. S


    I am taking SSRIs for anxiety and upped my dosage from 10mg to 20mg 4 weeks ago. A couple of weeks before moving up to 20mg I had a low couple of weeks, with symptoms similar to depression I have experienced in the past. For the last 3 weeks, I have been progressively becoming more depressed. I...
  11. S


    I am taking SSRIs for anxiety and upped my dosage from 10mg to 20mg 4 weeks ago. A couple of weeks before moving up to 20mg I had a low couple of weeks, with symptoms similar to depression I have experienced in the past. For the last 3 weeks, I have been progressively becoming more depressed. I...
  12. A

    Back on Buspar after quitting due to nausea

    Hello all I have health anxiety which I am mostly able to manage with a Xanax here and there. I was prescribed Buspar and the nausea made me quit after 3 weeks. I am trying again and hoping that the nausea does not emerge this time around. My regular Dr. prescribed 5mg at night for two weeks and...
  13. K

    5 weeks on Citalopram - Should I feel a bit better by now?

    I have severe GAD. Panic disorder. Agoraphobia and mild depression. Doctor gave me 10mg citalopram for a week then I went up to 20mg for 3 weeks and now I've been on 30 mg for another week but I don't feel any change. Should I feel a bit better by now? It's been 5 weeks and honestly feel...
  14. J

    Please someone help....anxiety...sertraline to mirtazipane

    Hello, i'm suffering again from Generalised Anxiety Disorder after 16 years remission where Sertraline worked like a dream. My 200mg Sertraline pooped out and GP has recommended Mirtzapine as a combination as opposed to going higher on Sertraline. Would like to hear some positive inspirational...
  15. D

    Tardive Dskensia

    My daughter was taking 100mg of seraquel and 6mg of resperdone for schizophrenia. She has developed this side effect where she constantly is moving her mouth. I pointed it out to psychiatrist a few weeks ago and he stopped seraquel. She still has the mouth movements on resperdone alone. So he...
  16. N

    CMHT Referrals - how many weeks?

    Hi Morning All, Folks, I am just wondering,and I had trialed the question with my GP service I've just come off the line, would anybody here know or have an idea, roughly how many weeks might take, if I do recieve an referral, for CMHT? If anybody on here does know, this will be of great...
  17. B

    Going back to work next week and feel stuck and not moving forward

    Hi all Been off work with anxiety and depression for 8 weeks and returning to work next week. I do feel better than when I was first off and definitely on the road to recovery but in the last two to three weeks I feel I have not moved any further along. I seem to be stuck in this place were I...
  18. F

    Non-drug ways of coping with/escaping debilitating anxiety?

    If you've ever found yourself with debilitating anxiety that lasted for weeks, and you absolutely needed to escape it, for at least a while, to keep from completely losing your mind... Did you find any non drug way of achieving this. I don't have a doctor appointment until the 20th, but this non...
  19. A

    New to this

    Hi all I'm Amy. I 30 years old and have suffered all my life with mental health. I am under the care of CMHT . The last few weeks I have struggled more than ever. I came across this site and have found reading through people's chats helpful.
  20. B

    Bdp and being a single parent

    Hi everyone, 1st time being on this site, I'll keep my msg short and to the point, I'm a single parent to 2 kids age8/14, I have no family nor friends, and I literally mean none, I got diagnosed with bdp in March 2018, I'm currently having episodes every 4-6 weeks, the only support I have is my...