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  1. T


    i really really want to smoke weed :/ obviously the doctors SAY its bad for me but should i smoke some???? im dying for some btw
  2. T

    great feeling!

    i cant explain how i feel i just feel so great! i can do anything im fuckin brilliant i feel so good im getting excited i want to go out and smoke weed and steal some things :D this is amazing :)
  3. R

    Any advice?? tnx

    Hello! I need an advice. I have one question about mind reading.I know with one girl and then, when she told something similar what aslo happened in my past, I felt that she knows about this and my thoughts. Is this same as mind reading? I have been smoking weed, skunk about 6 years. Is this...
  4. L

    Advise on long distance ex

    After moving to be with m boyfriend in his area. The relationship didnt work. For some reason from day one, i always felt he was to good looking for me (as shallow as it sounds) due to this I was very insecure and suspious of him. He did turn out to be very selfish and really had alot of...
  5. T


    cannot face work today the palpatations were just too much the sleeping pills are great at for at night but cant take them during the day or id be a zmobie but then again what else do i have to do with my time - i miss weed, but i know it wont help the problem it will just make it worse...
  6. E

    Smoking Pot & Schitzophrenia

    Just want to put the issue out there. I'm interested in other peoples experiences of smoking weed and becoming psychotic? There are many people who do use drugs and weed and don't have psychosis BUT is there a connection between the smoking of pot (usually Skunk as its 20x stronger than just...
  7. K

    umm a little question

    so, what can i say.. i feel like i have got no mind. so i was interesting, is it possible that anxiety is so strong that it overcomes you and your thinking and just pushes you away from you? well, i have felt anxious i think for like 6 or 7 years, started smoking weed like 2 years ago. But...
  8. S


    What are the effects of it on Bipolar or medicines?
  9. B

    Old friend contacted me but I dont really want to be his friend

    An old friend from when I was 18 tracked me down on Facebook. We exchanged a few messages and then met up. The thing is that this friend is the type of person you don't want your parents or your partner to meet. We used to smoke weed and do other things we shouldn't have when we were younger...
  10. R

    Can schizophrenics smoke weed? after seeing this picture:

    When you see this picture http://www.bcss.org/documents/pdf/CannibisandPsychosis.pdf wouldn’t you say that if your brain has been damaged by schizophrenia or psychosis, you shouldn’t smoke weed, or else your brain will run out of blood? Because marijuana and schizophrenia both restrict blood...
  11. B

    I dont know whats wrong but its getting serious

    hello I am 18 1/2 year old male, i am a musician and have been running a music production company since i was 13 or so. I have never really ever felt normal, growing up i was always aggressive and was always kind of hostile towards adults . I use to take these crazy fits and would act very...