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  1. sallyp

    Greetings cards that actually say how you really feel

    My friend made this and I wanted to share it with you all They sell cards that say how you really feel What do you think?
  2. G

    Any men who want to share their experiences and struggles?

    Hey guys, I'm on a mission of trying to get men of all ages/races/sexuality/locations to share their experience of mental health and the battle they have fought/are currently fighting. It's a well known fact that suicide is the biggest killer of men under the age of 45. This is heartbreaking...
  3. R

    Help please: I'm being BULLIED online.

    There are people talking about me online. I don't think they know my tumblr, and other places where I post my art and interest in witchcraft. But I'm worried! They're on some forum and they've been making fun of me and many other people who are members of a celebrity gossip website. I have...
  4. 8


    Hi everyone, just a quick question I’ve contacted serveral counsellors on the BACP website for the UK via email a few days ago, but not got any response as of yet, I left my phone number off the form because daft as it sounds, didn’t want a phone conversation with any of them as yet, any of you...
  5. S

    I keep going to my former school's website

    I keep going to my former school's website and looking at the schedule of classes. I am really bored...
  6. 1


    I'm not sure how this works. I haven't been diagnosed with anything and I haven't gone out to look for help nor do I plan to. I'm using this website to try and figure out some things.
  7. S

    People are talking about me online. I feel awful. Please help.

    Okay I deleted my account from that god awful celebrity website because I was tired of all the rude people on there. I wanted to delete all my comments and posts along with my account (which you're able to do. it's optional.) Anyway I googled my username and the website name to see if my posts...
  8. H

    Hi there

    Hello! I've been diagnosed with anxiety and depression since about 2 months back and has progressively gotten worse since then. I have seen my GP several times but God bless them they can only do so much for me, they have been great and supportive however the only thing they can do is prescribe...
  9. L

    Self Help Website

    Hello guys! Anyone knows a website or websites with techniques or methods to cope with memory loss and other medication/illness effects? By the way, do you think memory loss is illness related or a medication side effect? And the lack of concentration also. What do you have to say? Thanks...
  10. S

    I just tried to kill myself but my mom caught me.

    I can't describe how I tried, because this website doesn't allow that. But I was caught. Oh well.

    Integrated Voices: Can you help us create a resource for voice-hearers and those who support them?

    Integrated Voices: Can you help us create a resource for voice-hearers and those who support them? Integrated Voices: Can you help us create a web resource for voice-hearers and those who support them? They are looking for input to create a new Hearing Voices website.
  12. A

    Hello, MHF, I feel miserable, and depressed.

    I suffer from autism, and I often have addictions to things, that I think, lead me to be around certain people that make me upset. I go to a site where I'm around someone who interacts with people who are either mentally challenged in some fashion, or bother me, and often I feel like being...
  13. G

    I feel like I don't belong in this world

    I'm sorry to post such a negative thread but I just can't help but think its true. I genuinely feel like a hated person by most. I get such dirty disgusted looks from strangers when I'm out. I have a very high functioning autism and I guess people can't see it for what it really is. I've been...
  14. K

    New comer

    Hello guys! I am new here,just joined the forum.I think this a very good website of mental problems discussion.
  15. P

    Loads of Interesting Stuff.

    Plenty of important views, opinions, debates I am pleased to be newly accepted to the site. Also an absolute mammoth amount of learning, understanding and education for me (they say "knowledge is power" who ever they is?!) I am the pitts at websites takes me ages to negotiate them. I am tired...
  16. letmein

    mind's Elefriends....

    doses anyone here use the Mind's elefriends website, I have tried to get on but can't anyone else having trouble?
  17. C

    Useful website for those living with Schizophrenia

    Hi all, I found this really useful website for those living with Schizophrenia. Living With Schizophrenia | Information & Support The site provides information about living with the disease, current treatments, and engages with the current debates which divides the psychiatric profession...
  18. beautiful-butterfly

    Usernames and depression

    My depression is so severe at the moment, and i really need to change my username on this website - how do I do this??
  19. O

    Names's Omac

    I actually know a website that uses the same format at this one so I somewhat know what I'm doing. Anyway, I'm Omac and I'm new to this website. I'm still figuring things out so if I make any mistakes, please let me know. Okay... I was just diagnosed with Schizoaffective which is like a...
  20. N

    Hey there

    Hey guys, I am a male from Algeria, I do some propaganda work about NPD and Narcissists, to raise awareness on the subject. I enjoy Computer Programming, Drawing, making websites anything to do with a Computer :P Thanks for reading.