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  1. U

    Wearing Gloves in Public?

    There are certain places (such as the pharmacy) where I would feel much better wearing medical gloves. When I do this, people of course look at me strange, and even worse I find that they seem frightened by me. I can relate as when I see someone wearing a mask I assume they're sick. My question...
  2. N

    Possible Lined Up volunteering /Anxiety Levels Increase

    HI Folks, I have been having a bit of a problem with my anxiety levels. I am very aware that there could be a possible volunteering task, to be lined up for me, soon, and what I don't like, at all, is that some co-ordinators these days, can't do any emailing comunique not until about the late...
  3. C

    Anxiety over Brain MRI I had today

    I suffer from anxiety on a reg basis. I had a brain MRI today to investigate migraines with visual symptoms (not mental health related), but I'm having major anxiety after the fact. Here's my anxiety: I wore makeup during the MRI - no one told me not to. I got up and got ready like it was a...
  4. J

    Waitressing with scars

    Hi, I'm new to this so I hope I'm doing this right and there's someone who can give me some advice, because I'd really appreciate it! :) A couple of months ago I started harming myself. I now have quite a few scars on my left underarm. I work at a coffee shop as a waitress and we have to wear...
  5. D

    Braless around male housemates? Advice/opinions needed please

    Hey people I suffer from anxiety and a few other issues and now this has made me feel worse. So i need advice/opinions PLEASE I am studying and currently rent a room in a house that has 3 males. The guy I rent from and his son and another guy who rents the other room. I would ideally...
  6. N

    Raynaulds Condiitons - Very Bitter

    HI all, Boy it has been very cold today - a blast of colder air, as I unlocked the door this morning earlier, and I happened to have been out twice, once for my GP appointment; so later on during the day in at home, I felt, I'll make a hot drink, and I am wearing my thick jumper, due to the...
  7. V

    Am I anxious or depressed ?

    Seven weeks ago I had a bad fall at home, tripping on my grandsons toys and breaking my humerus (upper arm) after 8 days in hospital have had to wear a brace. I know this is not an orthopedic forum but since then I have been suffering what I think in anxiety. I detest wearing the brace it makes...
  8. D

    Do you show your scars?

    Hi everyone:grin: So I was just wondering what people's thoughts/views and experiences are on showing off your self harm scars? Does it bother you if other people look at them, do you cover up? Have you ever been asked about them or have people been really supportive about them? I personally...
  9. R

    feeling anxious again

    i'm feeling anxious and a feeling of dread, haveing trouble shaking it, done exercise and meditation, could see gp saneline said to tell him how i feel, he cut me off with everyones feeling a bit like that nowadays, my case has been closed, referring me would take months, i don't want to risk...
  10. messymoo

    Informal Interview

    This will probably seem stupid to write this post. I have been out of any kind of work a long time so feel a bit uncertain. I have an informal interview for a vol admin job. I am worried about what to wear do I need to go smart or casual? I was thinking of wearing black trousers top and my...
  11. F

    Don't want to be here anymore

    Got overwhelmed by stress...set me back. I had to give up on everything again....not as strong as I portray and look am such a waste of space. Fed up of wearing a mask but don't want to stress others around me by putting my crap on them....seeing psychiatrist tomorrow...don't no what to say....
  12. Empty

    New day for going outside

    SO anybody that has been following my situation will know Tuesday just gone was going to be my first time going outside in a year. it got cancelled and this got me really depressed. new date set... next Friday.. so I should be happy I got a new date set... nope. now I get to agonise myself for a...
  13. D

    Hello to you all.

    My name is Derek , I am a woman in a mans body, I always have known I am a woman but society has expected me to act like a man just because I have a male body and I have never been comfortable or happy with that. Earlier this year I done a dressmaking course and started making my own clothing...
  14. D

    How can I overcome feelings of dread .

    I am 39 year old and I am still affected today mentally by corporal punishments I got 21 to 26 years ago. Starting at 13 years old my parents started punishing me very severly for any wrong doings, the punishments were done in a formal manner in that I would be told why I was to be...
  15. S

    Phobia Of Wearing New Clothes

    For about six years now I have developed a weird problem around looking nice and wearing new clothes. I have what I describe as an all or nothing personality, I'll either spend hours dressing up or I go to the extreme of going out to the shops with unbrushed hair and old tatty clothes. I am...
  16. S

    are these hallucinations??

    hi people, since 4 years i started to hear voices of unknown meaning, or some time words were not clear, i dont know if it was hallucinations or not, i used to have depression and anxiety, i even had numbness on my whole left side of the body due to anxiety, but the new thing is that i...
  17. S


    Hi everyone. I'm really struggling at the moment, and have joined this forum because I desperately need to vent without judgement. I've struggled with a kind of low-grade depression all my life, and suicidal thoughts along with that, although I always think of it as me being too cowardly to...
  18. R

    Job interview on Thursday

    How am I suppose to cover up all my marks on my wrist without wearing a ridiculous amount of bracelets. My makeup doesn't work. I have been tempted to cancel it as I don't know how to hide my marks without wearing bracelets. Please help :'(
  19. Gajolene

    ‘Supernatural’ Star Jared Padalecki Talks Depression and Why You Should ‘Always Keep Fighting’

    ‘Supernatural’ Star Jared Padalecki Talks Depression and Why You Should ‘Always Keep Fighting’ Jared Padalecki Talks Charity T-Shirt Campaign ‘Always Keep Fighting’ | Variety Variety spoke to Padalecki about his passion for the cause and his personal experience with depression. The interview...
  20. C

    If People Talked About Stolen Wallets The Way People Talk About Rape

    Rape is a crime where people often blame the victim in a way they wouldn't had another crime occurred -- for example, the theft of a wallet. Caitlin Kelly, a web producer for The New Yorker, tweeted what conversations about rape would look like if they were conversations about a stolen wallet...