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  1. T

    clopixol depot side effects

    Hello everyone my gp told me that clopixol depot causes hypersensitivity towards fabrics. I cannot wear a scarf anymore or i get sore throat i used to be able to wear a scarf before these meds. Is it true that clopixol causes allergies towards fabrics?
  2. A

    Clopixol depot hypersensitivity

    Hello everyone, does Clopixol depot cause hypersensitivity because I've been taking it for over a year and I used to wear wigs for alopecia but recently I cannot wear wigs anymore because I have become allergic and its really difficult because i have a huge bald patch, I also cannot wear scarves...
  3. A

    (Metaphorically) naming my demons: alternatively "Who Am I?"

    my first time posting in a forum in all my years of internet use. wow. for as long as i can remember, the only thing that has been constant in my life is that my personality will change. recently i've given them descriptors but it's not like DID where it's a different person. it's still me...
  4. D

    Ritalin and anxiety

    few years ago, I was put on Ritalin and it made me very anxious. I will be going on them again next week and I was wondering will these side effects wear off?
  5. Prairie Sky

    Ear piercing for migraines?

    Yesterday I had an appointment with my therapist. I mentioned that since lowering the dose of Depakote my migraines have become worse, and using Advil to control them is a two-edged sword. She told me about something she heard of from a client: piercing a certain part of your ear (not the...
  6. SBRicketts

    Nymphomania cures

    Listen to the radio on your phone or device, you'll need headphones. Smoke barefoot and wear sandals. Wear a short sleeve shirt.
  7. D

    I hate and distrust people, including my family.

    For as long as I can remember, people have said and done very cruel and stupid things to me. When I was about four years old, I was nearly raped in the bath room of the church I go to. People saw that I was grabbed up and nobody did anything. And on top of that, someone erased the camera tape...
  8. D

    Money is dirty

    not sure if im the only one but i find money ie coins and notes DIRTY AND CONTAMINATED . I WEAR GLOVES ALOT. anyone feel the same thanks ...
  9. N

    Hijab, my personal prison

    I don't know with what purpose I am writing this, knowing this won't change anything about this situation, but I have to express myself somewhere. I'd also want to know if any other girls who might've gone or are still going through something similar like me. Introducing myself really quick, I...
  10. O

    moth phobia--very very very very scared

    i'm so scared of moths. there is a dance practice on sat....i have to pray that there are no moths around that area. im so scared to even step out of the house or open my windows. this gotta be one of my worst nightmare. i am so scared of small moths and i spotted 2 large ones and i freaked out...
  11. BlueGlass

    How to cover up sh on legs?

    I want to go to gym classes like yoga or pilates but don't know how to cover them up. I am not comfortable wearing leggings. Has anyone got any ideas, I have been thinking for months and can't think of anything. I already wear knee high socks to the gym for cycling/ cross trainer which work...
  12. Zanily

    I want to be young again

    Hi everyone I'm becoming concerned about my current obsession with my physical appearance. I imagine those of you who read the post title "I want to be young again" have assumed I'm an older woman who doesn't like her wrinkles. That isn't the case. I'm actually 23 and I want to look like a kid...
  13. chainsofdaisies

    sertraline side effects

    Hi all Hope you are all well, the gp changed me from mirtazapine to sertraline on Wednesday, I've been taking them since then. I can't stop moving, does the restlessness wear off?
  14. CyranoSCW

    Obsession with body odor-does anyone else have it?

    Does anyone else here have an obsession with body odor? I had comments made about me having it in high school...I'm 36 now and a lot better, but at one point I had about fourteen different types of deodorant in my cabinet because they would stop working after a day or so. Everyone tells me I...
  15. S

    Feeling very alone

    Its warm outside today but i have no plans to leave the house, to normal people this would seem strange but to me this is a regular occurance. I often spend long periods in the house with nothing to do and noone to talk to. Even when i do leave the house i have to go through a routine that often...
  16. Fairy Lucretia

    extreme light sensitivity

    ive always had migraines ,but lately I am having to wear my sunglasses indoors because my eyes hurt so much ,especially the left eye:unsure: lately im having to keep the curtains in the lounge shut all day because the light from the sun outside is really hurting me. the pain goes off a little...
  17. F

    clothes problems

    You know how when you sit down your thigh fat spreads? This has made me want to lose weight again even after almost recovering from an eating disorder. I am starting to wear shorts and can't believe how big my legs look! What do you guys suggest?
  18. Z

    Solidly into the "meh"

    Spent some of the week trying to sort out insurance. Drives me fairly crazy that its still kind of in limbo, though I'm sure if at a state of rest, could straighten it out fairly fast. Sleeping a fair amount, but not really getting rest, and its starting to wear me down hard. Just don't have...
  19. M

    I feel Like a man. :-((

    I've always been overweight but not just that I have a large frame as well. As a result I can rarely bring myself to wear skirts or dresses. I feel lime a transvestite any time I do. I'm injured :-( so not allowed to wear high heels. I'm desperate to loose weight. In fact I've lost so much...
  20. prairiechick

    I'll Wear You Out

    I'll wear you all out, because that is what I do to everyone, and then, once I've exhausted everyone--the forum, my friends, my (former) church, my parents, my sisters, my psychiatrist, therapists and counsellors--I'll kill myself, because there will be no one left for me to wreak havoc with.