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  1. qwerty1234

    Standing up to bullies

    I have extremely negative experiences with negative support and invalidation when I work with aggressive, nasty people ... people act like I shouldn't be scared, or not to be upset. I hate it. I have gotten more support lately, and have learned how to stand on my own, but I come here to vent...
  2. T

    Hello folks

    Thought i would post here to see if someone can shed some light The last 2 weeks i have had what feels like an internal tremor When i hold my arms out they dont shake its like an internal buzz and worse when i lie down at nite. The other day i felt weak and actually felt my legs go really weak ...
  3. L


    I'm lost. I have a history with depression. Long enough that I believe its sunk into my bones. I have low self-esteem, I'm alone, I'm scared, and am in constant pain. I've been told from a past co-worker that I am one of the most pessimistic-optimistic person they have ever met. I am filled to...
  4. A

    Clopixol withdrawal

    i want to stop clopixol depot, my doc reduced the dosage to 150mg could i withdraw from there because these meds are making me really weak, i've been unwell all year.
  5. N

    what is the definition of a weak character?

    is it not standing up for yourself when getting bullied, mocked, or clowned ?
  6. I

    Sign of weakness

    Does anyone on here consider mental illnesses as a sign of weakness? I don't consider mental illness as a sign of weakness but they sure can make a person weak! I feel weak! :cry2:
  7. B

    The Weak Donkey

    I love to use the analogy of the Weak Donkey. So, a blind, lame, or otherwise weak donkey will get kicked out of his/her tribe to protect the herd. Yeah, literally kicked out and then left to die. Humans are like this too. How have we not got our things together by now? What is it that...
  8. I

    I am weak

    I hate being so weak. I cry way to much. I get panick attacks all the time. I am always scared. I have no self worth. I don't have the courage to defend myself. I can't be assertive with people. I can't make eye contact with people like I should be able to. I am a scrawny wuss. I am stupid. I...
  9. J

    First time going to a mental health center

    So things have gotten consistently worse lately. I've been depressed for a while now, but I've also started self harming again and I've been having suicidal thoughts. I'm also anxious a lot and have mild anxiety attacks. I didn't intend on telling anybody but I was talking with my grandma and it...
  10. K

    Where to begin..

    I don't necessarily know what I'm looking forward to from this post, don't even know why I'm making it. Cry from a worthless soul,I guess. How does a weak willed person find the strength to get up? My fear of being a failure/rejected/judged all but guarantees these things.I'm hopeless, I have...
  11. G

    I feel like I don't deserve depression

    And I don't mean that in the way that I'm too good of a person to get it, because I know it could happen to anyone (and I don't consider myself a good person). I feel like I haven't suffered enough to have it, I feel pathetic because I have it even though some people have been through much worse...
  12. Sparklypurplepaws

    what is wrong with me? why am I so weak?

    I just can't resist the sh urges, they're driving me slightly doolally. Why am I so weak, why do I just give in to my own urges but can dish out 'good' advice to others? I must, deep down want to do it to myself, and what does that make me hey? Some sick twisted individual that wants to inflict...
  13. C

    Need to eat healthier any advise

    Hi people just a few questions. i want to try and start to eat heathier but as ive got a eating disorder. i eat mylti-vitims tablets with iron does anyone know what else i could take such as cod liver oil. and i do need to bulk up a little bit as i am weak and does anyone know any superfoods...
  14. Laura22


    Why when something makes you miserable would you be so determined to hold onto it? I am such a weak person... Why can't I just be strong :'(
  15. Zoe :)

    Pains and weakness

    My arm where I have sh'd a lot has been getting pains.. Feels like something is stuck in a vein and I have to keep rubbing it.. And I wake up and my arm feels weak.. Could this be caused by sh? I haven't done anything serious is a good while
  16. Inura

    I'm a wreck

    My anxiety and panic attacks have gotten noticeable worse I'd say in the past week or so. I'm barely functioning at this point. Things like work, errands and chores are such a challenge. The attacks are coming more frequently and are lasting longer. They make me feel horrible I HATE THEM! I'm...
  17. Lincoln1990


    I am so weak. I deserve to die. I'm trying to go to bed and all I can think about is going into the hospital. Maybe I need to.
  18. mrlaurel

    a SORRY to you all..........

    for being a sad ass loser who treats people so badly. I am so SORRY if you can, please forgive me, I am weak and useless. stan
  19. P

    Can't explain it - can you?

    Hi, I'm still on the long road to recovery and if I'm honest with myself today has been a day from hell! let me explain - Ive come back from a week off staying at my brothers house looking after the dog whilst he is away with his family in Spain. Spent most of the week at home doing chores etc...
  20. C

    Weak and afraid

    Sorry I haven't been posting or helping anyone but don't honestly know how to anymore, an incident last week has really got to me, I've tried to get through it and pick up but it's made me feel very weak and afraid, vulnerable, useless. I'm now scared to go to just about the only place that...