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  1. R


    I havent watched tv in about 15 months cause when I watched tv I felt like the ads n programs were programmed for me specifically or sumtimes that they were accessing my thoughts or trying to relay certain things to me I dont understand why this happens should I tellmy dr about these thoughts...
  2. Mister.B

    This is hard to watch, but it's an important insight into the how DID feels.

    This is hard to watch, but it's an important insight into the how DID feels.
  3. Mark_01

    On Normal, Again

    Ever notice how normal people become uncomfortable when talking to insanity and don't carry on a conversation like they do among themselves? If I were paranoid, I'd believe there is a conspiracy. They want to exclude us from the commonplace, but they don't know we watch them through...
  4. D

    the power of exersize

    lately everyday I get up and walk miles and miles with my dog its nice sunny weather at the moment and it has really helped me feel more positive. I take a drink sit in the woods and watch Bernard my dog. ive vowed never to stay inside if its a nice day again.
  5. G

    Brief video I made (Please Watch & comment)

  6. LX_Marego

    I think I'm addicted

    To sex that is. I've never actually had sex but me and my fiance have messed around. He understands I'm not ready yet I'm really horny and watch porn all the time especially lesbian porn. I really wanna mess around with a female. Am I addicted
  7. M

    *Trigger warnng* Watch movies

    I'm in no position to give others advice, but this has helped me with SH. I thought I should share it with you guys. Watch movies about SH...I know, you may think they are triggering, but in a way, seeing someone else do it makes it look...pathetic. Like I was watching "Manic (2001)"and this...
  8. ali

    horror fims

    Years ago I was in quite a violent relationship. He used to tie me to chairs and make me watch horror films. Hit me when I looked away. I am in a very loving relationship now with a wonderful man but he loves horror films. How can I forget the past and watch them with him without freaking out Xxx
  9. S

    I'm so stuck in my life.HELP...

    :cry: Hi... well im new to this so bear with me.... i dont know whats wrong with me but lately its like i cant function at all. I quit cleaning my house, i dont want to do anything, except be on my computer or watch tv. Its like in my head i know i need to get up and clean but i just cant seem...
  10. FallenAngel

    Drinking oh Yeah

    I decided that I am treating myself to a drinking session. Now I know the label says don't mix alcohol with me medication, but tonight I decided fuck it I am not going to throw caution to the wind. I am going to have a drink smile and watch the world go by while the sun goes down on another day...
  11. Lillyone

    Feeling so depressed.

    I am so depressed. I want to know my ESA result I imagine I have failed, but until they tell me I am in complete no man's land. Got the letter from my mortgage company today, that goes up from May 1st. Also trying to see if I am eligible for DLA so filling that form in. I am drowning in the...
  12. cpuusage

    Inner Worlds Outer Worlds

    Free to watch Film - Inner Worlds, Outer Worlds Movie (also on U-Tube)
  13. prairiechick


    Okay, so I'm sorry if I'm annoying people with all my posts today, but I have a question. Why, when I'm having a really bad day, possibly feeling suicidal, just sitting on the couch doing nothing better than watch tv all day, do I start feeling feeling more upbeat a couple of hours before...
  14. J

    Eaten up by stress

    I've just registered for the first time on here, I'm feel like I'm being eaten up by stress and anxiety. I'm off sick from work, facing disciplinary action, in debt and alone. My whole body feels stressed I can't even relax enough to watch the tv and I'm chain smoking. I would just like to...
  15. N

    aids to self help.

    what sort of things do you do or have in place at times of lows? i have boxes of glucose and take a spoonful with all my drinks and food and a couple of glasses of water with a few big spoonfuls in, this always appears to help me keep an appetite and a little boost. i always keep lots of...
  16. B


    For the last few days I've been watching my life go by through a lens. Watch as I get up from my odd sleepless dreams, drag my feet to make coffee, but it doesn't work. I watch as I light another smoke, walk umbrellaless through the rain to the station, and shift uncomfortably on the train as...
  17. starrynightdawn

    Is it worth it??

    I have never been easy to understand from the age of 2 when my seizures first started it was a HASTLE to try and find the problem. The countless pills I had to take for as long as I remember. Nothing ever stopped them. I was drugged all the time and when I was at school I would just piss the...
  18. prairiechick

    If I do it...

    ...I have to do it right the first time. There will not be a second time. I cannot bear the thought that if I screw it up my parents will drag me back to BC and watch my every move.
  19. moyet

    Did anyone else watch Ruby Wax's Mad Confessions on Ch4 last night?

    Apologies if someone else has already posted about this, but did anyone else watch it? I did and thought it was fantastic. It was honest, realistic and quite emotional in places without the pity or fear that sometimes comes with this type of thing. I admire her for what she's doing. I actually...
  20. S


    I don't know what to do. It's a long story but I'll try to nutshell it. I live with my mom, her ex husband, her ex boyfriend, my brother, and my nephew. I watch my nephew all day because my brother is at work, my mom is so drugged up on prescription drugs all the time that she is stumbling...