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  1. T

    Feel horrible today

    Hi. I've had minor depression for a while. I am 28 years old. I have no friends, no girlfriend, job sucks, and I live in a crappy apartment. I've always known this but today it just keeps digging at me. I got to work and the woman I like has to tell me all about her new boyfriend. Sure I...
  2. cpuusage

    Watch the Crazy Wise Film for Free for

    You have about 24-36 hours to watch this brilliant film free Final on Vimeo
  3. B

    So Frustrated

    I honestly don't know what's wrong with me. I should be so happy, but I just want to drive away and not come back sometimes. My husband and I have struggled with infertility for almost a decade. I've had several miscarriages, two that resulted in emergency surgery. I have prayed, begged, cried...
  4. B

    Hi , new here !

    First time here , not sure what I hope to gain by being here . My life seems so pointless ,I live alone , done so for 25 years , everyday is a struggle and getting harder , if I try to go out I just see people being happy and I feel worse , I can't e en watch t.v. . All that keeps me going is...
  5. B

    I require a diagnosis for someone else

    Hi. When i was 18 years old my friend and aye decided we wanted to go out for a drink and to get the money my friend decided he was going to sell his gold watch, so we set about finding someone to sell the gold watch to, and then while walking up to a local pub we knew some guy with red hair...
  6. Nikita

    Wednesday 30th November 2016/TV Program Channel 4 10pm on self harm/Kids On The Edge

    Wednesday 30th November 2016/TV Program Channel 4 10pm on self harm/Kids On The Edge Starting any minute now a program on self harm and suicide being major problems for teenagers,should be interesting to watch going to watch it now!Mainly girls that are self harming.
  7. A

    im super lazy and i it makes me really sad!

    so yeah it says it in the title but basically im really really lazy i just cant get my ass up to workout or to do something for school the only things i do is play videogames and watch stupid videos all day! i really dont know what to do to stop but its just feels so bad when i try and do...
  8. J

    How To Be Unf*ckwithable

    This Guy is amazing. (And doing some amazing things in the World.) The most important component to being "Unf*ckwithable" is practicing forgiveness. (Of yourself and others.) He doesn't know it yet, he's going to be my greatest Mentor. Take the time to watch the full video and I promise you...
  9. P

    So who's gettin it this halloween?

    A special special night i guess. I wonder who's fucking getting it this halloween? Some killed and some tortured. Who makes a good target would you say? What are you guys going for anyway? All that i know is someone is fucking going to get it as usual just as i did. Watch out during...
  10. N

    Akathisia just crept up and I didn't know I had it.

    I have long history of Schizoaffective Disorder and previously been taking Aripiprazole maximum dose (400mg monthly injection) for 4 years which become ineffective and I become severely psychotic again and hospitalised for 6 weeks, I'm now on Paliperidone 75mg a month which is supposed to be a...
  11. H

    Not sure what's wrong

    Wasn't sure which forum to post this under because I don't know what I have. I am probably the biggest contradiction you will ever see. Also sorry if this post is a big jumbled mess, just going with what comes to mind. A little about me. When I was younger I was diagnosed with Autistic...
  12. BigAma

    I like Markiplier's message

    WARNING: WATCH WITH CAUTION | Anxiety Attack - YouTube
  13. Y


    I need help finding a specific dbt counsellor in the Hampshire/Berkshire border. I have read so many things over the past year or so to try and help my family member who has been diagnosed with bpd and am of the understanding that dbt therapy is the only option for a borderline personality...
  14. Z

    sensitivity violence and horror

    Hello. Not sure if this is in the right forum..when in my 20s I could watch horror movies. Watch anything g with death or scary bits. Now I can't even watch a trailer of a movie. And can't watch any documentary on anything to do with bodies or autopsy. It's really bad that I have to have lights...
  15. Lincoln1990

    What the heck? Snow...in September?!?

    It is supposed to be 25-30 F and we are under a freeze watch until Friday. And we are supposed to get snow?!? Why this early?
  16. S

    ansxious and paranoid

    ive been like this for over 3yr,never been able to keep still esp in car today had to wait for something was ther for nearly 2hours was horrible start thinkin im havin a heart attck n that cant sit still been like this all me life seems to be getting worse I cant even concentrate on a film I...
  17. RainbowHeartz

    do you believe...

    ...that when someone dies that they can watch over the living?
  18. B

    I am in a sorry flux of a state mates with regard to my wife

    What the hell. I cant come on here and talk about her I love her too much to use counselling through a forum, so might as well just watch. Ok with you? Thanks I suppose in advance. Might learn something useful seeing as it is valentines day. From Glasgow. Thought I might say. Ken:goodluck:
  19. S

    sesame street

    Sometimes I watch Sesame Street to cheer me up its really effective
  20. shaky

    999: What's your emergency

    This program was on Channel 4 on Monday this week It was an episode following ambulance crews and was devoted to Mental Health incidents - but ***TRIGGER ALERT *** It might be a good watch for some of you, but I had to stop watching as it had scenes of self-harm and I decided it wasn't good for...