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  1. R

    Watch out, paranormal

    Watch out for the moon and Mars in time for people colonising as space ghosts that own the earth are going to wrap spirit mist around them in time for people colonising as to kill and entrap human spirits as is done on earth. When this happens Mars and the moon will start to get an atmosphere...
  2. C

    sometimes accepting is the hardest struggle

    i spend time on this forum, answering those of us who seek support and re-assurance that they are not alone. I want to make others feel better and hopefully give them some relief of their pain. But i guess i need a little relief too. I'm tired. I read this article/blog about 13 ways...
  3. R

    Watch out, paranormal

    Watch out for the moon and Mars in time for people colonising as space ghosts that own the earth are going to wrap spirit mist around them in time for people colonising as to kill and entrap human spirits and this will cause a atmosphere and it will start to rain. Please don't float up to ozone...
  4. T

    Losing the will to carry on

    Have gradually been getting worse and worse over the past few weeks, I have lost interest in everything, can't even stay interested in the simplest of things, could use to binge watch a show now struggle to even do that or watch a movie. All I want to do is sleep. Then last night I took an...
  5. G

    Helpful Distractions

    I'm wondering what other people do to distract themselves from doing any self harm. I've recently started slipping back into old habits and know I need to curb them before it gets worse. My fiance suggested to me yesterday that I play with a fidget-spinner when I start having certain urges but...
  6. L

    Can someone help please

    I have Aspergers and am under the mental health team already. I don't tell them everything because last time I did they tried to section me, so now I am careful of what I tell them, I am hearing voices, sometimes inside and now outside. Always critical. When a room is quiet they scream and tell...
  7. C

    I can't Switch off and Enjoy

    Hi, i've had anxiety for many years and i'm currently on 30mg citalopram/celexa for the second time after my anxiety got a lot worse last year. Since then i have read so much about anxiety and thoughts, done a CBT course, listened to audios from Claire Weekes and on the whole i feel a lot...

    Anybody watching Mr Robot?

    I watched season 1 a year or so ago. It was really good, about computer hacking - but really dark and moody. Then I heard season 2 was not so good - so I did not watch it. Anyway just catching up with season 2 now and it's excellent. The main character has severe hallucinations. It is not...
  9. M

    TV - Flowers - Tomorrow at 10pm

    It is on all week and they mentioned major depressive disorder, so it might be worth a watch. Channel 4 i think?
  10. P

    do not watch

    Whatever you do if you are easily triggered don’t watch BBC threes dcoudrama “killed by my debt”. I’m not easily triggered but watching that definitely triggered something in me this week. Just warning you guys
  11. albie

    Watch out for this trick-ESA

    Went to get my blood taken by the gp and she asks me some questions for a form. One of them was asking if I did any work or voluntary work. I stupidly said I did voluntary work. Now if this gets back to the esa people I could be taken off the support and lose money. So watch out for this.
  12. Mark_01


    Am having a very difficult getting myself to do things. Have managed to keep myself clean, and the dishes done, but everything else is falling into entropy. Don't feel like fighting anymore. Don't watch television much, don't read, don't go out. Live in my quiet little world and look out the...
  13. F

    Pedometer watch

    Well that was a ******* waste of £11. Just got a pedometer watch from Amazon and tried it out by walking up and down the kitchen and hallway . Half the time or more it doesn't record any steps. I thought it might be due to arm movement but that makes no difference. It's ******* pointless if it...
  14. N

    Effect of Hand/wrist shakiness/doses/whilst out today.

    Hi Folks, While i was out in a store/shop, and waiting to be served for paying, my hand wrist area was shaking like anything. Now I have a GP appointment not until the 30th of April, (I'm not going to try to book up for usual GP, when I have t his one booked within the same practice group -...
  15. N


    I am a 26 year old female who has no friends, stays at home when not working and like to be alone and not interact with family. I never fee like doing anything like watch tv, read a book etc. What is wrong with me and what advice can you give me?
  16. P

    What do you do all day?

    I read so many books that i wish it was my job. I read all day. Last October i read 15 books!! Besides reading, i like to exercise and watch YouTube videos. What about u guys? 😛😜
  17. madfryer

    i did not know yoga did this

    a great watch Pupil: 'Yoga tells the worries to go away' - BBC News
  18. Y

    Does anyone understand?

    Hey everyone! Just wondering if anyone understands the following or has any advice? Never mentioned these to GP and not sure if worth mentioning or not: 1. Scab picking. I pick scabs, no idea why have done since I was little and just can't break it. Try to pick them where people won't see them...
  19. R

    Overthinking/Rapid Thoughts

    Hi, hope this is the right place to post this. I've suffered with anxiety and depression for many many years. I started back on 10mg of Citalopram/Celexa at the end of march and upped to 20mg 2 weeks ago which i'm sure is probably playing a part in my above problem. i'll have bee on 20mg for 9...
  20. B

    Sign of OCD?

    At first it started with my acne I was 14 years old back then. I tried sooo many products but none of them works because I kept touching or picking my acne so once I stopped doing that my skin has become so much better. Since then I avoiding touching my face at all cost and if I wanted to touch...