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  1. F

    Just another cosmic joke - the 80 percentile boy

    I grew up in a Christian home, which I took very seriously as a child till my late teens. To the point where all I wanted was to be a monk or a priest, and serve God. I was extremely dedicated, and was out to be the greatest Christian there was. I am now an atheist. My rationality and skepticism...
  2. H

    Otto from The Simpsons

    In one episode, Otto gets a pill (or injection) which makes him more intelligent for a few minutes. He then freaks out and realises he has wasted his whole life. I saw this episode a few years ago, and I laughed. But as I have grown older and matured (too late 😢) I have realised that I wasted...
  3. Zardos

    Took Too Many Pills Again

    Trouble is i didn't take enough.. not enough to knock me out.. Now i don't feel so good.. I'm kinda woosey... on the plus side i don't feel anxious... I'm too wasted Oh... And I've screwed up my sleep routine again... Which isn't helping
  4. J


    Hi everybody More and more I'm feeling huge amounts of guilt for things I've done in my life.The people I've hurt, the money I've wasted and the list goes on. How do people cope with these feelings? Please help Jamie
  5. G

    No passion.

    I am really struggling to find any passion for anything. The frustration is in knowing exactly what I want to do. I know what I intellectually like and want to strive towards. But this malaise is entirely in the way. Just feels like more years pointlessly wasted wrestling with myself. My only...
  6. B

    Why are people with bipolar treated like children?

    Because they accept thats the way it is. Everything is bipolar just as all roads leads to Rome, apart from the M25 that just goes round in circles. This is getting too deep Sorry to have wasted your valuable time.
  7. letmein

    A wasted life

    I've wasted my life, I'm ready to hang up my gun now.... the only thing I have to show for my life is debt. it hangs over me like an axe man's sword. I've failed my daughter, my lovers, my family. my self. its time to walk away and end it...
  8. D

    Comparing myself to others

    I know it's wrong to compare yourself to others but I just can't help it. My little sister is getting married next year, they've bought a house together and are already talking about kids... I've never even had a boyfriend. She went to University... I spent years being agoraphobic and alone...
  9. Gajolene

    wasted out of my skull

  10. D

    i just took the quiz

    i took a quia that said i am something like 97per cent neurotic...........great glad i wasted that time fillin it out.
  11. clockworkmonkey

    wasted Emotions

    Why do we spend most our lives going through wasted Emotions.? Whats the point of them? Is there anything to gain from them except a headache?. To be fxcked off with something you cant change or doing anything about it.But still you spend half your life thinking about them. Or is it just me...
  12. D

    Do you think this is OCD?

    I have a habit of obsessively regretting past mistakes, and this is probably partially caused by OCD. Consider the following example. It happened to me several times, I said I would begin studying at, say, 7 pm. But I start studying at 7:10 pm. I start getting frustrated and regretting this...
  13. ABsea

    why do I do this! ??

    Why do I stay with him? How can I do this to myself? Last night I even had a dream that I was kicking him in the nuts! I can't stand him no more. Keep getting accused of being such a horrible selfish person which makes me want to prove even more that I'm not but really? What's the point?? Why...
  14. razza

    New Year, new chance to screw things up

    Everyone keeps talking about New Year "Celebrations", on FB. Memo to my fb friends: I dont care about the fk New Year "celebrations", it just reminds me how I fked up this year and the year before, wasted 2 years of my life, and will just fk up the new one... (sorry for the rant)
  15. RedRoseBeauty

    When is it addiction?

    I don't think I am addicted to alcohol because I don't want it every day. I want it when I am alone. Is this addiction? I never EVER used to drink the night before work because I knew I might have a hangover but now it doesn't phase me. I am looking forward to tomorrow night, on my own, after a...
  16. S

    Really don't want to live anymore....has it beaten me?

    Hi everyone, I'm 26, and have suffered with panic disorder and agoraphobia for the last ten years. I usually cope with my condition but just lately I have been getting so, so depressed about it. It's really hit me how much of my life I've wasted. The things I've missed out on...the massive...
  17. K

    Back with Citalopram

    Come back from the consultant today, booked with the psychologist this week.. Took 3 today just to have the side affects pick me up (maybe not a good idea) ended up getting wasted.. IM SO MESSED UP!
  18. M

    What do you think about when you feel depressed?

    I seem to focus on me, I stand around in a trance like a zombie and tell myself over and over and over what an idiot I am, that I've wasted my life and how I have let people down. Is that typical of someone feeling depressed? or do think about other things too?