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  1. Linda1989

    DO YOU think some people are brain washed by Christianity?

  2. RainbowHeartz

    not washed

    yup fuck it
  3. ms.beans

    Flying apart

    I'm lost in the memories One after another They hit me like waves I hug myself so hard I leave bruises Jaw clenched against the whimpers that want to escape I am aware of my surroundings The children want a snack The laundry needs to be folded Dishes washed I'm shaking I want to vomit Movie...
  4. T

    I'm better than THIS

    F*ck this. I'm not going down without a fight. Need to get my brain washed out so I can think as clearly as I see. Things need to change.
  5. mrlaurel

    morning all....

    hows everyone today, I'm a 7 out of 10, just about to go get washed n dressed and go out for an hour or two. I'm taking flowers to my parents grave, I've done 6 parcels from e-bay and even washed a plate up......... now just watiung for the crash! have a good one people.. stan xx