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  1. Funnyday

    My Landlord thinks that I'm growing Cannabis

    That has to be the reason that they want to come into my home so much. From carrying out the Annual Gas safety check every nine months. Then a quality control inspection. To now wanting access to all areas of my flat for an asbestos check. That's inside cupboards and in every room too. Why don't...
  2. Anime-Alchemy

    My OCD.

    I have OCD. I remember when I worked at a University, I was in a hall that had students taking their exams, although i'm pretty sure we called them schools rather than halls. So this was the south school I was in and it was assigned to me to look after and make changes, etc for the exam period...
  3. B

    Wanting to self harm

    Haven't self harmed for years but a recent operation I had "down below"has caused lots of childhood stuff to resurface. Really don't know how to fight these urges right now. Really worried
  4. E

    BPD hot or cold?

    Hey, my boyfriend of 1.5 years has BPD and ADHD (formal diagnosis), we are both in the process of seeking therapy. I just need some advice and insight, because sometimes I can feel quite alone. My partner seems to go through phases of wanting closeness to wanting me gone. But it's not in a...
  5. Lolli_Liability

    I want to kill myself

    I haven't posted in here for a very long time and I apologize all for just dispearing . I've had some stuff go on and I've been in an out of hospital. But here I am once again covered in SH and wanting very much to kill myself. It's all I can think about I'm fucking lost and broken and so alone...
  6. Hikikomori1979

    Setting Boundaries with your parents

    Im not sure how many people can relate I have an unwell father and my mother is intolerable at the best of times but in terms of how they disrespectful they are Situation 1. wanting to just set me up (NO SETUPS! PLEASE) with complete strangers with no narrative. Their Rationale - wanting...
  7. Fairy Lucretia

    suicidal wanting death more than ever before

    im a piece of scum
  8. F

    My thoughts of my depression demons

    I'm in a dark place.. A well A hole A cave No sign of light No sign of freedom No help Tired of fighting Tired of believing Tired of hoping Feeling trapped Feeling lost Feeling lonely Staring in to darkness Staring in to silence Staring in to the eyes of depression Wanting to escape...
  9. H


    i had generalized anxiety disorder with adhd for awhile now. i use to get pretty anxious, but since i have been treated it for awhile. it hasn't been a super bother to me like it was before:) anyways, i was wanting to know what type of things do people do for social activities
  10. H

    Feeling hopeless

    I can not stop wanting to die I keep pushing it and pushing it out of my head but it's getting harder to not think of it.
  11. R

    Changing medication

    Hey guys. I’m currently on citlopram 40mg. For a while now I’ve noticed it’s starting to become less effective to the point of me nearly attempting suicide last week. My doctor is wanting to change my medication but win me off citlopram first. Has anyone come off it ? I’m just wondering about...
  12. M

    My mind - Complex, intellectual and multi-dimensional.

    I'm asking a question, based upon my sanity. Going back to the early stages of my life (which I can remember very early on) I have been different - I have never been in tune with my peers, although I was accepted into groups and lived a relatively normal first stage of child hood. I was...
  13. T

    Can anyone help me?

    I have been well for 3/4 years, well no hospital admissions anyway. Some dips and some psychosis. But for the most part, I have been ok. This year hasn't been so good, have gradually slipped into a low mood/depressive state. I have been trying not to tell anyone that I am feeling this way...
  14. C

    I can't imagine wanting to live

    It would be a nice feeling to want to be alive, but I feel like it's something I will never achieve
  15. I

    Forgiving abusers

    As you all know. My mother was very abusive to me. But after all she is still my mom. I am really wanting to forgive her and have a good relationship with her. Have any of you ever forgave an abuser?
  16. G

    Does it get better?

    After being sexually assaulted in April, I just want to know, does it get better? Will I ever stop feeling guilty? Will I ever stop wanting to cry whenever I have sex with someone now? Will this end?
  17. S


    Since June I have taken two overdoses, long story short I have been told that I might have a personality disorder cause of how quick my mood swings and how quickly I switch person (being happy and wanting to live - being depressed and wanting to overdose) daily I get this voice in my head that...
  18. B

    Ive never been in a relationship

    As in with a girlfriend; is that weird? I wouldn't say ive been avoiding relationships, ive just never sought one out. I guess what it mainly comes down to is not wanting to complicate things (life can be hard enough just trying to cover your own groceries and bills); and also not wanting to...
  19. D

    Fantasy about SH'ing for the first time

    Can anyone relate to this? I've never physically SH'd before but recently I have been experiencing graphic fantasies about injuring myself. These are really distressing. Im not sure why I'm having these thoughts, some of it feels as though it may be me wanting to punish myself for something...
  20. M


    Hi all, going to see my shrink later. Have got anxiety depression and bipolar. All the tablets I'm taking at minute are not working as I feel really anxious all the time and over everything. My moods are up and down like a yo yo. This is no life. So I going to ask to try different tablets. Was...