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  1. P

    Hong Kong piano lover in depression

    New to this forum. I'm a uni student in Hong Kong. I've been battling depression for years and I'm taking fluoxetine (an SSRI). I did bad in an exam yesterday and felt a bit suicidal. Then I went to a piano store to play a grand piano because I don't have a grand at home. I wanna buy one in the...
  2. T

    What's my problem??? HELP FASSST

    I've searched for the awnser in the entire internet but found nothing: Since the last month my mind is forcing me to believe that my personality is fake, it can change any time, that there is something wrong with me.. i also have been feeling like i'm becoming more like people that i don't like...
  3. I

    Help for a loved one who self harms

    Someone I really love goes through fazes of self harm. I am worried about them. I'm afraid they will wind up getting infected or going too deep and dying. I've talked about this to them before. They always promise they will stop but never do. That person suffers severe mental illnesses too. What...
  4. S

    I worry all the time about my relationship

    Basically what I’ve noticed especially last couple of years I fear that my boyfriend will leave me .. I’m 26 and I’m relationship with someone new , this worry has followed me trough my 20s . Every time my boyfriend doesn’t reply to my text and have seen it , I panic . Not all the time but if...
  5. M

    Thoughts of hurting other people

    I don't know if this is in the right place so apologies if not. So basically I've always been a caring person who likes helping others / animals and I hate fighting, I think the only times I've ever fought is to look out for people who I felt were being mistreated and couldn't look after...
  6. Not_Crazy_Yet

    What to do?

    I've had some really bad thoughts. I don't see myself as having value to the rest of the world. I can't SH the way I used to. The scars alert the MH ppl. I miss the ward but don't wanna go back.
  7. S

    i wanna kill myself

    i really just wanna attempt suicide, it's 1 am rn dk what the actual fuck to do
  8. L

    Don't want to live, don't want to die either?

    Hey, So last year the guy that I'm in love with ditched me for another girl and I'm still struggling with this, very badly. I've had a lot more shit happen to me in the past and I've suffered from anxiety and depression since I was 15, and all the heartbreak that this guy has put me through has...
  9. D

    Years without improvement (I'm frightened)

    it's been years without any improvement. I stay at home all the time, my parents are taking care of me. I feel completely disabled and paralyzed. Nothing would work for me. I'm just not getting any better. I wanna take away my life.... I'm already dead.
  10. P

    Advice? plz..

    I think i may need to end things soon. I have an appointment in just over a week with my therapist and i want to talk about my thoughts and plans. But i dont wanna be stopped? Does that make sense?? Its like i wanna get my thoughs out of my head and into the universe but i dont wanna take it to...
  11. nickybow86

    Hello darkness my old friend ..

    Have been feeling good the last few weeks then BANG .... today has been so hard If i could stay asleep all day i would but I have kids and have to "function". It's been a while since I was this low and I nearly forgot how it felt. I hate everything :( I don't wanna be alive
  12. W

    Does anyone wanna talk

    Hi I wanna talk
  13. Not_Crazy_Yet

    Riding a high and beautiful wave

    I've been somewhat manic all night. Its now 6 Am here. I had fun singing and cooking and laughing at Tv programs. I forgot my meds last night and I know that the mood drop is now coming. But I feel so fantastic that I don't wanna take my morning dose. All it will do is sedate me and make me...
  14. M

    Need advice and support please

    So this is really hard for me to write! So laterly I don't even recognise myself, I have locked myself away, ignoring everyone, snappy. I went to doctors on Friday and they just said they will refer me again to well being ( I'm already with them) I was on citalopram which I stopped myself...
  15. Lyotto1

    so sick of bully

    So what if am sick of being bullied because of my social anxiety and made fun of?! What if it just makes me so hurt and angry!!!!! I no longer want to pretend am not hearing what they're saying and let them know what of feels like and how mad it could make me. I wanna grabb one these scums and...
  16. W

    Living in the middle

    Hello. For the last 15 years something goes ?wrong? with me.You know, a big story like yours i suppose. I will not enter in details but i would like to speak with people that feel like living or dying still its not an answer or a solution. what happens in between? how you manage to live in...
  17. Tired Daisy

    The spare of the moment

    The spare of the moment. It just comes and there are voices in my head telling me to do things I don't wanna do and I try hold myself back but it doesn't always work and then I'd just do it. It can be like torment like your thinking about it over and over and the voices never leave your head and...
  18. S

    Hitting the rock bottom. How to start over again?

    For the past decade, I've known all along that i am somewhat depress, but i never really accepted the gravity of my situation until recently when everything started crumbling down right in front of my face.. marriage separation, not being able to be with my son, moving in worst career ever...
  19. Bleh*

    I just need someone to talk to

    Hey, I dont really know how to start but i guess ill just write whats on my mind as of right now. Dunno man i just feel like a bad joke to everyone... I know im useless but i feel like everyone has to remind me just how fucking meaningless my existence is. And this is really hard for me to...
  20. F

    I don't feel like I belong anywhere..

    I hate myself so much...I feel like nobody cares about me at all..not even a drop...I don't think I belong anywhere... I almost always expect a welcome whereever I go, whether its a forum involving depression or joining someone's chat party on PS4..but I do know that not everyone says hi.. I...