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  1. Fairy Lucretia


    i spent years in my room ,only leaving to toilet and bathe my food was bought up to me it felt a bit like a prison life isn't that different now ,at least i walk maddie but before ,just the room and me x
  2. sunset547544

    Hello from Fuertaventura

    Here now avoiding family and Christmas weather in England, it's been ok lots of swimming, walking eating & drinking in moderation.
  3. L

    Helping a partner in crisis during my pregnancy

    My partner struggles with his bpd and has done throughout our relationship. Until now we have managed fairly well at maintaining stability and avoiding escalation of arguments. I am currently pregnant and my illness during this time and my inability to control my own raging emotions as...
  4. M

    PLEASE help - psych appt tomorrow morning

    Hi, I’m a young adult - previous mental illnesses and currently living at home. If I walk into my psychiatrist appt tomorrow and am completely truthful about not taking my meds (at all) and hardly eating + sleeping - what are they (CMHT) most likely to do? I absolutely cannot face my parents...
  5. T

    Hello folks

    Thought i would post here to see if someone can shed some light The last 2 weeks i have had what feels like an internal tremor When i hold my arms out they dont shake its like an internal buzz and worse when i lie down at nite. The other day i felt weak and actually felt my legs go really weak ...
  6. S

    Hello New Comer👋🏽

    Hello, I’m from Memphis Tn a wife and mother of 3! I’ve been dealing Health Anxiety and have had it for about 2 years!! I focus so much on my body any ache, pain, scratch,bump, fever, heartbeat, cough, head pressure, body sensation I get!! I’m 34 and HA just hit me out the blue!! Ive been to Er...
  7. Z

    Panic Attack

    I was walking through the parking lot this morning to go shopping. After I got out of my car and started walking, A man was walking towards me with his dark hoodie pulled down and a scarf on his face. When I walked by him he stopped walking and was watching me walk into the store. Years ago...
  8. J

    fear the walk home from work

    I have worked at my job 5 years coming up and I’ve always walked home as I don’t drive and I live literally 7minutes from my job. I mostly finish at 10pm and never had an issue up until about 2 years ago when I started randomly getting frightened when I walked home. I get absolutely petrified...
  9. C

    Can't Admit What May Be Going On With Myself...

    My bestie has experience in the field of Psychology, and I was moaning and groaning to her earlier today that I feel so lost and I can't even THINK the actual name of what might be my issue, much less say it out loud (or even in my head). I told her I really don't know what is wrong with me. She...
  10. J

    Late night walking

    Does anybody else like doing this? I live in a small seaside town called Whitby and it's beautiful at night. I find walking up on the cliff really late at night eases my anxiety slightly and it really helps to clear my head. On the right night, when the sky is covered in stars, and there's not a...
  11. Fairy Lucretia

    feel like a caged animal

    cooped up in here all the time ,only going out to walk maddie i feel like a caged animal i feel like i have got so much potential but am too scared/don't know how to reach it but at the same time i don't want to go out and be with people sometimes i feel so penned in i go for a walk at...
  12. S

    Does walking help with depression?

    Does walking help with depression? What are your experiences? How do you make yourself do it if you are really low.
  13. M

    CPN viewing my social media.

    She viewed my linkedyn account, I got notified. She don't fancy me or anything, this is because she doubts what I tell her as there is a reason I just joined linkedyn to do with a family issue and they either think Iam psychotic or a liar. This and other things, like her walking in the park to...
  14. shaky

    Pilgrimage - to the Sea

    I started a pilgrimage to walk to the sea along the stream that goes by my house (obviously it empties into a river before it gets there) My pilgrimage was rudely interrupted when I was arrested on Section 136 by a policeman and taken to mental hospital (As I described in another post) Since...
  15. L

    Having no feelings after a low period

    So for the last 5 days I've been feeling extremely low and after breaking down to my dad the other day I'm started to feel a little better in mood. But today I don't have any feelings at all its like I'm just walking around lost and in my own world. Does anyone else ever feel like this? Any...
  16. freddiefreakery

    Help starting to work out?

    I wasn’t sure where to post this, but I figured here would be okay. I just really need help becoming healthy again, and I need to start working out. I had my first really bad schizophrenic break last winter which forced me to become very sedentary as I couldn’t bear leaving the house. I also had...
  17. Zardos

    Go Me ! ( I Went Out )

    I did the grocery shopping and took my prescription repeat into the doctors by 8:15 this morning and was about to settle into a weekend in doors.. But then the batteries in my Tv remote went.. So I go to the draw where I keep all the batteries and there were two left.. But that left me with no...
  18. Anon_21

    Hypersensitivity to stimuli, how to cope??

    I struggle with anxiety, social and otherwise, and do not enjoy being in public settings. I can usually manage if I do have to go, but there are some little quirks that I struggle with and was wondering if anyone had any insight or advice... In quiet places, like church, I feel like freaking...
  19. L

    Concerned I may have Schizophrenia.

    Hello all, I am new to this forum. I am not sure if I'm on the right forum but I think I have traits of Schizophrenia. The reason I think this is because I hear ringing in my ears and music sounds in the distance. My symptoms are very debilitating. My psychiatrist recently prescribed Abilify...
  20. C

    Do you wish you could just start over?

    I feel like somewhere along the line, I got lost.... like, completely lost. And i've somehow just followed this random path and i'm stood, looking around - the path I've been following has gradually become narrower, faded and overgrown until i'm struggling to even see where the path is anymore...