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  1. J

    hi everyone

    hi i want to introduce myself. I am 41 years old and have 4 kids, the youngest just one month old. and I am very lost. the father just left and disappeared. so it is everything all by myself. I suffer a long time under depression and anxiety. and it is not getting easier. everyday I wake up and...
  2. S

    Is it really that bad?

    Am I just making mountains out of molehills? Shouldn't I just suck it up? It's not like there are planes flying over Birmingham chucking fish and chips out the window. I don't have a bad life. I've certainly seen worse, but i've also seen better. I am struggling. With everything. I fail, at...
  3. Poopy Doll

    Meds not working

    My meds are no longer working. Every night I can't fall asleep until 1am and then I wake up at 3am and think, "WTF".
  4. D

    What do anti-psychotic drugs do to you?

    I am on clopixol 300mg injection a month and I used to be on 600mg a month. It makes me feel lethargic and causes me to leave my mouth open and not look directly at the PC monitor when I am typing. It affects my sleep as well where I find it hard to get to sleep and when I do sleep I do not want...
  5. B

    Thoughts going crazy

    Thoughts come into my head on the workings of the mind.How does thoughts come into your head.You cant think.Then a whole fear comes across the whole entire body.Panic sets in.Mind goes blank and then goes to normal and then the same thoughts repeat themselves over and over.How do you think.This...
  6. F

    Upset stomach

    Two weeks ago i pretty much had a breakdown, couldnt function at all etc. I have makor health anxiety and have been put on olanzapine and fluoxetine. My worry at the moment is bowel cancer. I wake up every morning and about 5 mins later i get loose stools. Doesnt matter what time i wake up...
  7. F

    Nightmares, how do any of you cope and deal with them?

    I have nightmares sometimes. I can blink in a nightmare to wake myself up. Can anyone else do this? Sometimes I have nightmares and when I when I wake up the low feeling that was in the nightmare stays with me for hours, does anyone else suffer from this?
  8. M


    I have just had a complete breakdown and said some terrible things to Dad. I just don't feel up to coping with life. I just wish I could sleep and never wake up again.
  9. D

    Like everything is a living nightmare.......

    We've all heard the saying, "like a living nightmare" but has anyone ever actually felt like they're living in a nightmare? Like still dreaming, a bad dream, even though it's reality and you want to wake up so bad? I've been feeling like this for a while, could it be my adjustment disorder...
  10. X

    How to sleep well

    I have suffered GAD and other disorders for almost 5 years without noticing it. For over a month now it's getting worse than ever. I kept worrying about something in my ear (cause i had experienced before and i kept hearing noises in my ear) which make my sleeping's even worse. I usually lie in...
  11. R

    Can I stop taking these two medications? PLEASE HELP!

    I take half of 50 mg Levomopermazine (25 mg) And I take mirtazapine (15 mg) I HATE THIS SHIT. I take it at night. Usually 9 or 10 PM. It takes forever to make me tired. 1 in the morning I finally fall asleep and I sleep and sleep and sleep. I sleep until 4 pm! That means when I do wake up, I...
  12. J

    need help/ advice about anxiety

    hello iv been suffering with anxiety for a week now, from the moment i wake up till i go to sleep,but in the last few day the anxiety would calm down and go, and i would start to feel somewhat normal again. But as soon as i go to sleep and wake up the next day it will be back again like im...
  13. S


    Hi there, hope all of you are getting along well with your regimens. I'm a 34 year old male, in need of advice. As english is not my first language I would ask you please excuse any grammatical errors while i try to express this as best i can. I dont know if it is anxiety that I suffer from...
  14. speckles

    I just can't go on

    I feel like every second is too long. I don't want to wake up tomorrow I don't want to be here every moment is unberable
  15. M

    Waking Up In a Good Mood

    Hi All! I generally wake up in an ok mood most of the time (70%) & sometimes in a foul mood but sometimes (like today) I woke up in a great, if not fantastic mood. I feel really happy and contented and joyous. Does anybody else get this. I'm tryna work out what dictates why I wake in a good...
  16. C


    Every day I wake up disappointed that I'm still here, I wish I had the courage to end it
  17. B

    Saying It’ll Be Alright doesn’t Mean it Will

    I surround myself with a lot of people who are positive and give me positive feedback. They are just that type. Don’t know why... when I look at their lives, I think, wow. I’m glad I don’t have kids or a marriage or mortgage. But just saying it will be okay doens’t make it so. Every now...
  18. Garmc

    Olanzapine and Mirtazapine

    Hi I'm on these two medications the last few weeks now and I can't stop eating even when I'm full I still want to eat and when I wake up in the morning I feel really groggy and takes me a good hour to fully wake up. Has anyone any similar experience with these two medications are they just side...
  19. Zardos

    Three Day Weekend

    I've decided not to get up in the morning.. I've got enough Coke and fags to last me till Monday.. i normally stay up until about 2am and then get up at 7.. This leaves me tired all day... Plus being asleep is the only break i get from the voice in my head... There's that wonderful few seconds...
  20. A

    Oh f**k

    I am so scared. I don't want to go to sleep because I don't want to wake up in the morning.