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  1. M

    Take me out of this suffering

    I'm sick and tired of my situation. Fatigue. Dizziness. Confusion. Every part of me says I'm wrong and need to be fixed right away. Every second of this is too much. Every millisecond of this is too much. Every single moment of this is too much. Nobody understands how hard I'm suffering. Help...
  2. T

    Hello everyone..my first time here

    I am a 50 yr old divorced woman suffering with depression for most of my adult life. I have taken antidepressants for many years and had counselling a few times. I have been off work for a few weeks now. I'm still waiting for therapy and thought I'd give this a try. If nothing else, it will be...
  3. qwerty1234

    Intense anxiety

    This is so frustrating 'I shouldn't be this upset' 'I am very upset' I email with several friends daily including some people I know less well than others, and I get so anxious waiting for their reply.
  4. soulsearcher

    going to hospital, what to expect?

    hey peeps so the dr from home treatment team has deemed that im too high of a risk for suicide so im now on a waiting list for a bed, so i was wondering in regards to going to the hospital, what to expect?
  5. R

    Waiting for PIP Tribunal

    I called up the Birmingham Tribunal service just to see how long it could be and they said the average time is 34 weeks to get to a tribunal at the moment. Just thought I would let you guys know what they said to me in case your waiting too.
  6. N

    Waiting list for therapy

    Hi i am currently on a waiting list for therapy. I am on medication but having meltdowns and being rather destructive in my relationship causing arguements with partner. Un anaware of what i am doing at the time. Does anyone have any recommendations on things to do to avoid getting into...
  7. V


    Hey all. Just wanted to make an introduction thread. I'm an electronics technician who works in the aircraft industry. I have a longstanding and long lasting obsession with Star Wars, Star Trek, and other sci-fi and fantasy stuff. Yes, I play D&D (currently waiting on a campaign to get started...
  8. A

    Hi I’m new to the forum.

    Hi all. I’m new to the forum. I have OCD (touching and counting), I have low mood, anxiety, depression and paranoia. I am currently on iapt waiting list for therapy and into waiting week 4. I’m really struggling at the minute and I hate to say it but my relationship is taking a hard hit to at...
  9. S


    Saw the gp this morning, I wanted to take the tablet form of anti psychotic, as I hate the taste of it, unfounatly, even though pharmacy, said he couldn't get it. He told me to get them to swop it. unfournatly I was MESSED around with the receptionists, that they had done it, just not...
  10. tiltawhirl

    My mandatory annual physical

    I never want to go and have skipped many. I did go in about a month ago to get a COPD dx and inhalers. I am impatient waiting for them to call me back from the waiting room. So they weighed me, took my blood pressure and my oxygen level, didn't tell me what any of them were. I asked about...
  11. Stryder

    Panic and Worrying About Upcoming Events

    Over the past year as a result of a number of factors I've had a real battle with mental health although compared to where I was this time a year ago I'm definitely in a much better place, although not great definitely better. However there's still one issue that I deal with and can't seem to...
  12. Y

    Am I the only one who actually does something embarrassing, every time?

    Am I the only one who actually does something embarrassing, every time? I went to the hospital yesterday to see the gastroenterologist, and the hospital is a very busy, crowded place that gives me dozens of negative thoughts before I even get out of the atrium. I went with my mother, as I go...
  13. L

    Partner’s reaction to suicide plan

    After suffering from recurring periods of severe depression, all of which have involved running away, thinking of suicide and one overdose as being the only solution to hating myself, I recently revealed to my partner (who has been with me throughout) that I felt I had only one option left -...
  14. N

    Hiya everyone

    My name is Neve. I have an adult son who has paranoia symptoms. He's prescribed medication low dose which his Gp recently increased from 1mg to 2, although I don't think he's taking it as his paranoia is still evident it's slowly bulit up over the last month or so after a court conviction. His...
  15. L

    dont think im well i want to die

    i really think im unwell this with my step dad has got all too much i really dont want to be here iv emailed my doctor telling him im un well i hate this it the waiting and not knowing what going to happen with my step dad
  16. D

    Going through the motions

    Hi guys,it's 7-30pm here, another day nearly over.i feel emotionally numb, doing one job after another around the house.i get scared when I'm like this, because at some point I will get flooded with the emotions that are dead at the moment,lying dormant,waiting.like a spider in a web waiting for...
  17. Universe of Noise

    You Can Help Me, I Know You Can.

    I've been to see my GP and he has referred me for psychotherapy so now I'm just waiting for an appointment. He said he would mark the referral as urgent but it's been 4 weeks already. I hate the waiting, time just drags on. So while waiting I've been reading some self-help books on CBT and...
  18. Zardos

    Not Having A Good Time

    I've fallen into a general state of apathy... i can't concentrate.. So I'm just listening to music and free wheeling.. And spending way to much time in bed... I'm waiting for 'Have I Got News For You' then i think I'll go to bed... life sucks :cry2:
  19. E

    Moving the goalposts

    I've been waiting 13 weeks for my tribunal hearing against the DWP declaring me fit for work & saying I'm not entitled to ESA, originally I'd been told the waiting time was 11 weeks - so I phoned a few days ago to ask what's going on & they are now saying the wait is 18 weeks. The other night...
  20. T

    Anxiety and pananoia issues

    Hi everyone, I'm new here and joined so I could ask for some help. I've always been a little anxious but in the last year or so it's really gotten out of control. My life is far from difficult, I have a job and I make music and I don't struggle with debt. I have a handful of friends who really...