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  1. Poopy Doll

    Anxiety upon awakening

    Extremely anxious because the doctors office lied to me. They said my appointment was the first in the morning so I wouldn't have to wait with my bad legs. Now I find out I have to show up first to be first in line and the doctor is doing surgeries until forty five minutes to an hour after my...
  2. A


    Hello, I’m new! 🤪 I have a diagnosis of paranoid schizophrenia and delusional disorder.. can’t wait to talk to like minded people! XO
  3. Funnyday

    The long wait for receiving back my driving license

    It seems to be taking forever. I returned my license to DVLA when I was hospitalised back in March 2017. Its now the end of September 2018 and I still have another couple of weeks to go. I know that a section of the law allows for me to drive while waiting for my license back. The trouble is...
  4. T


    Looking for advice on tapering. Is it possible to wait until you get withdrawals then take a tablet to stave off symptoms
  5. N


    How long does it take to start working? My son has started taking it about six weeks ago but his symptoms have not improved. Should we wait a bit longer or change it? What are your experiences? Any suggestions greatly appreciated.
  6. P

    Rational vs. Irrational Fears.

    Sometimes I have a hard time differentiating between rational and irrational fears, especially when I'm already anxious. I locked myself out of my dorm (the second time this month) and had to wait till somebody came and opened the entrance door. There live many people, it was afternoon on a...
  7. H

    Need help

    I feel like I am losing my mind. I can’t concentrate, I can’t eat, I can’t sleep. I see my entire life just crumbling before me. My wife of three years just walked out - walked out. Said she wasn’t happy. Won’t talk to me or tell me anything. I don’t know to sit and wait, carry on as normal? I...
  8. soulsearcher

    i cant wait to die...

    hey peeps i seriously cant wait to die, i look forward to it to see the hereafter to see if ve made it to heaven or hell im looking forward to the whole journey only thhing that scares me is if i end up in hell anyone else looking forward to it?
  9. S

    What to do next.

    I just need some advice on if there's anything more I can do to get the help I need. I've been depressed for quite some time now, it's been an on-and-off problem for years. It got much worse in the last half of 2017, and so far this year has been unbearable. Things have happened that made it...
  10. Pinkshrimp


    I'm not sure where to ask this. I can't seem to master the search on here to find similar questions. It appears I might have intermittent Alogia. :clap: Never heard of it up until today but I have the symptoms and now it has a name. It's nice to know it is a thing and not just me. Question is...
  11. B

    Wait forever, waste time

    When you apply for help, wait 3 months for an appointment and your counsellor tells you they think depression is fake! Fuck trying to help myself, I'll just s/h because why the fuck not! Fuck! Was diagnosed with depression/anxiety years ago. Last time I tried to get a proper diagnosis they...
  12. A

    Getting prescribed anti psychotics uk

    It seems to be a lot harder than I thought, but I'm pretty sure it's what I need. I'm in a pretty terrible state, massive anxiety and stress, started having panic attacks when going out again and the voices are near constant. I saw the early intervention unit for psychosis, the result of their...
  13. R

    Please can I have some advice

    I hope this is the right section. I have a history of depression. My parent died suddenly at the end of January which has triggered a really bad episode. I had been doing really well the last couple of years. Previously the depression was managed by the gp with some nhs counselling sessions...
  14. G

    wait time for doctors, and some other stuff

    In November I moved from Colorado to California. Hubs had moved 2 months prior to get an apartment, etc. I hate it here. I don't have any friends. I can't find a job. I don't really get along with my stepdaughters (they grew up here while hubs and I were in Colorado). I don't drive much because...
  15. E

    I need help, why is it taking so long

    Hi all, new on here. I'm really struggling to cope with anxiety at present. I can barely leave the house. I've got to wait 6 weeks for an urgent assessment and don't think I can manage that long. Any advice? Thanks
  16. P

    I’ve relapsed and it’s like I can’t get enough

    Well it was inevitable, I suppose. I need to wait until May since my Cmht haven’t allocated me anyone and I need to wait to see a consultant to potentially adjust my meds and may offer me other support but it’s hoghly doubtful. So while I am waiting I have self harmed and to be honest it feels...
  17. E

    Waiting for a tribunal hearing

    My appeal against the DWP's decision that I am fit for work & not entitled to ESA was lodged on 18th July, it is now 11th November & I still have not got a date for a hearing, I was initially told the wait was 11 weeks, then that changed to 18 weeks, then 27 weeks (yet they're supposed to be...
  18. H

    Wait for therapy con

    Has anyone had this? In my area they have changed it so that you have to go to a group session weeks before you start your actual one- to -one therapy. I had to wait only a couple of weeks for the group session. I have been waiting about 20 weeks for my one to one to start. I don't think it...
  19. I

    fed up off family,at the moment hate them

    My family are being really unsympathetic about a couple off issues taking my brothers side number one my brother may have caught chicken pox and I've never has rgen in my life in trying really hard not to catch them ,for various reasons staying out off his way and my parents and him are having a...
  20. R

    nhs cyberattack

    i've got an appt with the gp tue made 2 weeks ago, i don't want to turn up and find due to the cyberattack they've lost all record and be told to wait, it's usual to be expected to sign in 10 mins before or lose the appt, the appt turns out to be 30 mins after the appt time so it's waiting in a...