1. S

    vulnerable groups

    how many of you think mentally unwell people are scapegoated as the cause of their problems, whether they be loneliness, sexual health issues or their fears [or paranoia] of what may happen to them if they allow others to control their decision making. basically, do you think you are in a...
  2. L

    “Am I really playing victim?”

    I was told tonight by someone close to me that to “stop playing victim!” This hurts and I can’t deal. I’m currently in a MHU after a failed OD on Sunday, I’m already emotionally vulnerable. I was or thaught I was making progress until I was told that! Now I’m feeling sooo angry and hurt
  3. little rose


    just got triggered just by my new neighbours knocking on our door dealing with chronic trauma stuff and i didnt answer the door cos it made me anxious.. felt vulnerable ever since thye knocked on the door.. i hate how simple little things like that set me off feeling vulnerable.. i just felt...
  4. S

    i'm not cut out for this life

    it's too hard , it's too hard , i don't understand how i'm supposed to like life when this is what life has done to me .. i don't understand how not to struggle in life , even if i did not have all these issues weighing me down , i still fear having to struggle .. i still may fear what if life...
  5. T


    Hi everyone, I decided to join this because I'm going through a very hard time and feel so alone right now. I don't have many people to turn to and it's been really difficult. I've been living with anxiety and depression since I was about 12; it began when my father was abusive to me sexually...
  6. S

    being caught without clothes

    Feel totally embarrassed about this post and cannot see any (site rules) in relation to my experience, so hopefully okay to post?:( I suffer with very sensitive skin conditions and feel humid-heat a lot more so than so many average people in the UK, having researched it all. My genetics are...
  7. P

    It's hard to ask questions

    It's hard to ask questions that are not vulnerable questions.
  8. R

    vulnerable person

    last night at 5 30 i had someone banging on the door, don't know who it is, i could challenge them but worry if i have to call the police i'd have to wait up the rest of the night for the police to come by which time they'd be long gone. thinking of cctv so i can identify whoever it is maybe a...
  9. cpuusage

    Suicides of benefit claimants reveal DWP flaws, says inquiry

    Suicides of benefit claimants reveal DWP flaws, says inquiry | Society | The Guardian A series of secret internal inquiries into the deaths of people claiming social security reveal that ministers were repeatedly warned of shortcomings in the treatment of vulnerable claimants facing potentially...
  10. D

    Hello....I'm New.

    I have decided to join after reading up on here for the last few nights. I have depression but I don't try and think about it too much. I don't tell anyone I know in real life that I have the 'black dog' and I don't think they can guess either, I can put on a good face as far as that is...
  11. U

    thought someone is going to kill you

    who else has this problem? I get it some days when im most vulnerable like in bed I freeze and am scared to look over the blanket, im so sure hes going to kill me but then later im back to normal and think how silly it is so think something like that but at the time it happens it feels like...
  12. N

    Mentally ill housemate

    Ok...this is coming from someone with a mental illness herself, just to clarify. So I agreed that a friend could move in as a lodger. It seemed like a great idea at the time, but I was in a depressive episode and was basically thinking about how I couldn't be arsed to get a lodger and sort all...
  13. K

    upset and justified

    hi i just wanted to introduce myself my name is kristyan and i am have my mental health conditions and i am a very vulnerable sort of person. I need to express whats been on my mind i feel because i am regarded as a vulnerable adult people can take advantage so my upset can be justified. I am...
  14. S

    i was sexually assaulted

    The thing is nasty people out there, can easily identify a vulnerable teenager. A paeddofile spotted me. For about 2 years, on a regular basis, he would appear in frint of me, exposing himself and masturbabting. He already knew,there was no onei could tell. In the end he physically acttacked me...
  15. B

    Got my support worker in trouble :(

    Hello, I'll try & keep this brief, It's my first post so bare with me. I can't stop thinking about this controlling awful doctor that works at the surgery I go to, he's the head doctor & I've heard a few people complain about him, I also think he got my support worker in trouble, well, I...
  16. moyet

    Dad died a week ago

    My dad passed away a week ago this evening after complications after a triple heart bypass. He developed septicaemia and multiple organ failure. I feel so numb. And empty. I tried meeting a friend earlier in town. Perhaps it was too soon. The family keep talking about the official stuff, like...
  17. F

    Appropriate adult not available for many vulnerable people in police custody

    Appropriate adult not available for many vulnerable people in police custody Up to a quarter of a million adults with mental illnesses are not being supported by an appropriate adult while in police custody, according to a report. An analysis of police data showed appropriate adults – trained...
  18. F

    What does it take for Tories to feel compassion for the poor? We can now take 'mental illness' off the list

    What does it take for Tories to feel compassion for the poor? We can now take 'mental illness' off the list When most people see a person in the depths of despair or on the brink of suicide, they see a vulnerable person in need of help and compassion. Although not if you're Iain Duncan Smith...
  19. valleygirl

    ***Trigger***Scared, vulnerable, exposed, not safe

    I had therapy this afternoon, and we were going through my lifespan timeline, starting from when I was 5. We were working on an incident that happened when I was 5. One day me and my little friend (a boy), who was also 5 at the time, were curious about the difference between boys and girls, so...
  20. dubblemonkey

    being aware

    sounds and reads pretty damn boring!... but the simplicity has kept me alive!.... and often this has not been enough. and to drift from 'full on lifestyle'.... too complete suicide and diabolical believe in reverse!..? ...this behaviour is not unique to me or to you...'s easy to...