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  1. qwerty1234

    Dealing with rejection

    I was rejected by an old friend who I fell in love with and who didn't reply to my email. A lot of men I feel care only for their own feelings. I know that is a strong statement but is how I feel. I got interviewed for jobs that I didn't get. My current volunteer employer hasn't emailed me...

    Thoughts on my article engt

    I was asked to write a piece on volunteering for our day centre newsletter. I just knocked something up, so thought it would be interesting to share, and see what you think. --------------------------------------- Internet, vaping and coffee. That is how I spend most of my time. I...
  3. Not_Crazy_Yet

    I need to find either a job or a volunteer position

    I looked into volunteering at the hospital. The hospital here in town also has a mental hospital on the same campus. I thought maybe I could help in the MH hospital. So I downloaded the handbook and looked thru it. You have to pay a $10 fee annually and also follow a uniform. The uniform for men...

    Charity shop.

    I have been volunteering at a charity shop. I have had three shifts now - over three weeks. The first shift was good enough, was kept busy and met the assistant manager. It appeared all pretty chilled and organised. I was a given a wednesday afternoon shift to buddy up with another man there...
  5. M

    of no use

    told people will phone back and they don't send emails that are not answered, i'm no use to anyone, even when i offered to volunteer on here there id no response. i get the message m
  6. FlowersInYourHair

    5 Things I Learned Volunteering for a Suicide Line

    (sorry if this is posted in the wrong section) Hey all, I don't post much on here because I'm, well, shy and awkward haha(and yet I volunteer at a place where my sole job is to connect to people). But I felt like I wanted to share this. I've been volunteering for a suicide/crisis line for...
  7. N

    Mail collection when in hospital

    Hi does anyone know of a volunteer organisation that would collect mail from an inpatients home and bring them to the hospital. North London area thanks
  8. C

    A Monday Morning Hello!

    In keeping with tradition in all social settings, I'll introduce myself as a new user, so hello! I'm Ceebo. I have been interested in, close to and experienced mental health issues for much of my life, so it's an area I care about and am passionate about. I hope I can contribute to the...
  9. P

    BPII, here!!

    Hi! I'm 46, female, married, 2 grown, 1 teen... 3 pups ("pups" lol) and a cat. ❤️ I was DX'ed Adult Onset ADHD years ago, THEN BPII. I wonder if BPII kind of "umbrellas" the ADHD, anxiety, depression, and recently SAD...? I loathe the multiple labels! Anywhooooo... Health wise I was dx'ed in...
  10. K


    What types of experiences have people had whilst starting to volunteer? What problems should I look out for in a new work place?
  11. N

    Mental Health - Pulse rate/Anxeity - Caffine

    HI all, Now that I have switched from caffeine style of drinks, and am having caffeine free cola, I think, I'm going to get hold of on a daily, regular basis, Lucozade Zero drinks. They only have a hint of caffiene in them. When out to volunteer, I'll make up and have my energise drinks for...
  12. D

    MIND - BPD Research looking for volunteer (London)

    Expert by experience | Mind, the mental health charity - help for mental health problems
  13. cpuusage

    A totally connected universe

    A totally connected universe | DrParisetti.com The latest issue of the Journal of the Society for Psychical Research features one of those scientific papers which are still capable, after many years spent studying parapsychology, consciousness and its survival of physical death, of dealing a...
  14. C

    happy new year

    hi all just saying happy new year to all. met some brill people on here & sure many more to come! live your life how you want & not what society dictates. myself, i'm gonna get back to the books for my psych degree. and maybe volunteer at local rehab centre. if i can do it you all can! above...
  15. J

    Weird experience

    More than 20 years ago a man with mental disable wants to be in events with in first aid group. Instructor have said after test that he's skills is zero. I have heard that he does not be able to give a bandaid but in panic hurry up an other volunteer. However a one of group leaders was very good...
  16. T

    Employment and University

    I just feel really deflated today. I applied for a Care Assistant role and they said they would contact me eitherway- even if I didn't get the role today they would call. I haven't had any calls so I am stressing out. I'm applying for Nursing at Uni next year and I need hands on care...
  17. F

    Can magic mushrooms cure schizophrenia

    A hallucinogenic drug derived from magic mushrooms is being given to human guinea pigs in a controversial experiment aimed at curing schizophrenia. Professor David Nutt, who was sacked as a Government adviser after a controversy about the dangers of drugs, is leading the study that is costing...
  18. calypso

    Fed up!!

    Saw the Recovery Team leader today. She said, "How are you?" I told her I was feeling suicidal and like self harm to cope with the feelings and she replied, "Right, there's nothing we can do and we are taking you off all the registers now". I was stunned at her insensitivity and lost my...
  19. student12

    Giving up

    since i cant never get a job i just give up and accept the fact that i am a fucking loser. I just live in a section 8 apartment living off of my social security. no one wants me just i accept my lot in life. I just be a volunteer working for nothing because am a big fat nothing. i AM done...
  20. student12

    Job hunting and interviews are a real bitch

    Okay i may sound redundant but i am searching for a job that could eventually allow me to work on my teaching degree later on in life Even through my undergraduate degree is in psychology i was hoping that i could start out as a teacher's assistant in a preschool. But the two jobs that i ve...