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  1. P

    thoughts and comment from dr about volunteering- upset by this.

    Hello I didn't really know where to start. I feel like i am "stable" but anything can tip be right over. That is a huge contradiction, I know but I just don't even know what is going on in my head. I had a routine appointment with my dr today and she was ssaying how she was concerned as I had...
  2. freddiefreakery


    I have to volunteer today. I can't tell my parents, but I hate volunteering. I know I have to get used to it so I can become more functional but I hate having to speak to people. My parents wouldn't understand if I told them how scared I am before going in. I'd appreciate support. <3
  3. N

    Brand New Volunteeer Role/Existing Ad hoc volunteering duties

    Hi Folks, For a while now, I have been volunteering on Tuesdays, for Admin Assistant - Copy Typist; and I have an announcement of some news; I had a forward planning meeting on Tuesday last week, off course what with the palava I have had problems here at MHF, not being able to log on...
  4. M


    So I was just wondering what % of people here at the forum do any sort of volunteering. I do want to volunteer, but don't because of several reasons. Most of the places ask for resumes which scares me. Like I wonder why do they want resumes, I am not asking for a job. I start thinking that maybe...
  5. I

    Volunteering and benefits

    Would volunteering make me lose my S.S.I.? I go to a mental health group where part of my recovery is volunteering at least 2 days per week. My psychiatrist has access to my group records since she works for the same company. But my lawyer said to not tell my psychiatrist about my daily...
  6. N

    Volunteering and Anxiety

    Hi Folks, Though I do enjoy my volunteering overall, I have had a touch tad of anxiety over the weekend, and today, following on from my request to try to switch day of volunteering, in the brand new organisation I am currently helping. They said, they would phone me in the place, when I am...
  7. neorealism

    Transitioning from voluntary work into part-time employment.

    I have been doing some volunteer work and it's mostly been successful to date, I've also joined a couple of local community decision making groups. The work, the socialisation, feeling needed and having some responsibilities have made me feel semi-human again. It's amazing how many people are...
  8. N

    Possible Lined Up volunteering /Anxiety Levels Increase

    HI Folks, I have been having a bit of a problem with my anxiety levels. I am very aware that there could be a possible volunteering task, to be lined up for me, soon, and what I don't like, at all, is that some co-ordinators these days, can't do any emailing comunique not until about the late...
  9. S

    Hello forum :)

    I found the forum looking to advertise my academic study (which I will be posting shortly) but thought it important to say hello and engage with the community here which seems so varied and positive :) I've been working in the civil service for quite some time but it never really went very far...
  10. S

    Mental Health is better so I want to try volunteering but am afraid of losing my benefits!

    Mental Health is better so I want to try volunteering but am afraid of losing my benefits! Hello reader! I am 20 years old, with a diagnosis of Asperger's syndrome and Schizoaffective disorder. I have been (forced) admitted into hospital for long terms in the past because of this and I now live...
  11. N

    25ml Abilify - holiday/vacation - very very strong - now back home rerducing

    25ml Abilify - holiday/vacation - very very strong - now back home rerducing Hi Folks, Whilst away and still away on holiday/vacation, I was finding later on in review mode, that 25ml was once more very very strong in the waking alerting sense, for during the evening and onwards and including...
  12. R

    I want to go travelling and do some volunteering, but too shy

    I always wanted to go backpacking, but never went for it, hoping to go to Spain, Ireland or up to Scotland, taught myself Spanish and French so I'm at intermediate level. I saw some sitss online instead of goinv with expensive tours, doing couchsurfing or doing volunteering through volunteer...
  13. Random5

    How will volunteering without expenses affect my benefits - ESA and DLA?

    How will volunteering without expenses affect my benefits - ESA and DLA? Can anyone advise me, from experience, the impact of voluntary work on benefits? I volunteer 4 - 8 hours a week without claiming expenses. Apologies if this thread already exists. Thanks in advance.
  14. N

    Paranoia - For a moment

    Hi Folks, I wasn't mentally well earlier this evening, during the evening, I had a spell of paranoia, plus i was very tired from my day of travel, volunteering and trialing me on 20ml, which was a bit of a mistake, I shoudl have reverted up to 25ml for today, and then dropped back, to trial on...
  15. K

    Support group and volunteering

    I am currently recieving universal credit 'limited capability for work and work related activity' due to severe depression and anxiety, I also get PIP. It has been pointed out to me that being at home all the time is excasibating my conditions and so I have been thinking about doing a few hours...
  16. L

    Let's talk about something nice!

    Hey! Let's lighten the mood a bit! What does everyone look forward to every day? Or an event coming up you're excited about? Anything! Mine as simple as it is is volunteering in a dog sanctuary and walking my 3 dogs, they keep me busy and make me get out. What about you guys?!
  17. N

    Probelms with Paranoia More Recently

    Hi Folks, I'm better now anyway. I have been h aving paranoia problems whereby I'll always will feel, and I am senstive on that front, that people are talking about me, without me there, in a large gathering crowd, or worse when I am about, in streets, organisations of volunteering depending...
  18. N

    Anxiety and Volunteering - & stress

    HI All, After having a very bad lack of sleep overnighter, and I was anxious about things today, and feeling stressed out slightly, I was very anxious overnight, reliving over the days non volunteering events, what should have happened on time, hadn't, and the fact they were window envelopes...
  19. N

    My Own Mental Health Problems (including Paranoia) and my mother's current problem

    My Own Mental Health Problems (including Paranoia) and my mother's current problem HI all, Due to anxieties having crept upon me fast over the weekend gone, and earlier this week I'd been hearing voices, having hallucinations slightly, and I increased my medication up again to 25ml. On the...
  20. N

    GP Appointment

    HI all, I have since phoned earlier this morning, the GP service, they couldn't fit me in for an advance one for a particular GP, I wished for, in May, so it has been booked for the 5th of June, in the afternoon. For broaching any problematic situations, I prefer to see this one, than my...