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  1. S

    Voluntary hospital admission?

    Having been in a mental health ward twice I hated it, but the past week I’ve been getting worse, to the point I’m having to see my cpn every day. Has anyone asked their cpn to admit them to hospital? Is this something that I would be able to do. I feel I can’t keep myself safe, as much as I...
  2. albie

    Watch out for this trick-ESA

    Went to get my blood taken by the gp and she asks me some questions for a form. One of them was asking if I did any work or voluntary work. I stupidly said I did voluntary work. Now if this gets back to the esa people I could be taken off the support and lose money. So watch out for this.
  3. Random5

    How will volunteering without expenses affect my benefits - ESA and DLA?

    How will volunteering without expenses affect my benefits - ESA and DLA? Can anyone advise me, from experience, the impact of voluntary work on benefits? I volunteer 4 - 8 hours a week without claiming expenses. Apologies if this thread already exists. Thanks in advance.
  4. N

    Ad Hoc Or Longer Term Voluntary Work/Fitness Activities inconjunction for Voluntary Work

    Ad Hoc Or Longer Term Voluntary Work/Fitness Activities inconjunction for Voluntary Work Hi Folks, I felt that my other thread is from so long ago, I felt I'll create a new thread. I have just heard on email, and I am at present in talks with the organisation I help, will be in talks, that I...
  5. Mr.NiceGuy

    Voluntary control of the language of a voice to speak with cats

    My count on successful tests to see if my cat will respond to altering a voice like one heard by schizoid to see if she responds to me calling her worked funny today. She walked into the room and was sitting facing me. I then used a voluntary voice to say 'Possieur your on the TV!' something I...
  6. L

    Time on my hands

    Hey everyone, Since becoming stable, time feels slow and I don't know what to do with myself. I'm going back to a voluntary job in January but until then, sitting, waiting for nothing feels unbearable. Any tips? Thanks, Carina
  7. Mr.NiceGuy

    gravity the answer to schizophrenia

    A person can summon voices by using voluntary tones of tinnitus or voluntary voice creating. Recording the inner ear while you are upset with voices and simultaneously using voluntary tones of tinnitus or voluntary voice creating is an alternative treatment. I observed that an animal such as a...
  8. W

    Schizoaffective and tired of it!

    Sorry to start on a downer but really am confused and hoping for sometimes advice. I dont hear voices dont have hallucinations and barely have delusions. Through broadcasting yes. But seems so bored with like keep giving up thanks like voluntary and groups because nothing seems to satisfy me! I...
  9. Mr.NiceGuy

    technique to try against malicious voices

    Voices are involuntary. Interpreting them is not. When I was in the height of hearing voices, scrambling what they were saying did nothing. By having access to my thought they are able to stir powerful emotions in me. I have observed that these emotions create changes in the tinnitus in my ears...
  10. Mr.NiceGuy

    recording the inner ear to control voices

    One technique I developed while working on the science at https://www.mentalhealthforum.net/forum/thread142952.html while I was attempting voluntary tinnitus the voices would get really angry and yell at me to stop. By recording the inner ear while I made the whistling noise I was able to...
  11. L

    Is this CBT a sham?

    Hello there!! When I first began availing of therapy a couple of years ago (through the Irish health service) my then therapist introduced me to CBT. I wasn't finding it any use so I opted to not do it. I ended up leaving that therapist because I found him/the service to be useless. I recently...
  12. B

    Puzzled by the mental health service...

    My mother was telling me that 40 years ago to get into hospital you just had to say you wanted to go and that was that you got in. But now it seems almost impossible to refer yourself, is it easier in other areas?? I am in the little brook hospital area in Dartford and has anyone got themselves...
  13. Run Like Hell

    Psychiatric ward question

    If you are a voluntary in patient do they allow you to go out at all? Say if you wanted to go home to feed a pet or arrange some other business?
  14. Run Like Hell

    Home vased voluntary work?

    Does anyone know of any? I have to spend a lot of time at home and it's killing me having no purpose.
  15. BillFish

    Voluntary patient, what does that mean exactly?

    Voluntary patient, what does that mean exactly? I have been in a ward, and signed myself out 24 hours later. If I decided I wanted to go to a retreat and come off meds I could do it today. If I don’t feel like going to the clinic, I’ll tell them I coming next week(like I did two weeks ago). If...
  16. fazza

    Voluntary or section I think i need to go in either way

    I am constantly hearing voices and my thoughts are not mine. I feel like a beacon and I am receiving thoughts of people around me. I cannot think straight I have to concentrate really hard to stop my thought leaking out of me. The wife does not understand what it is like. I have not been this...
  17. T

    Hi all!

    Hi everybody :) Very nice to be here. I am a man who has been through quite a lot over the last 4 years. I've been diagnosed with paranoid schizophrenia and i'm not sure if it is actually that, or whether it is simply evil (Satan/demons) because 4 years ago I prayed to a demon - and not long...
  18. V

    I feel lonelier than ever

    I didn't really know where to go for this because I feel completely hopeless. I had a girlfriend, who for the first 6 months, was amazing. Then everything went downhill, and now we're not together and I was actually fine with it. She wanted me back but I accepted she wasn't for me, until I saw...
  19. L

    Voluntary work

    I am being encouraged to do voluntary work at moment as part of recovery. I have said not at the moment. I really don't think my head is ready for it. But haven't got any good reasons why not to except not feel well enough but difficult when psych and cpn think you are ready. Anyone else having...
  20. B

    Work and Mental Health

    Since having a paranoid psychosis for 2 years in my early 20's, my ability to sustain work has been very painful and I have had breakdowns because of not being able to cope with work. The best way I can explain my condition is that I have no rubber coating on the wires in my brain and i become...