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  1. Mr.NiceGuy

    100% of the content of conversations with voices originates from my thoughts on my interests

    100% of the content of conversations with voices originates from my thoughts on my interests Though I hear voices to my thoughts sometimes, I ve never turned it around to be a voice on to the thoughts of whom creates the voice. 100% of the thoughts are from an origin in my own head, the voices...
  2. F

    I think ilm going mad can anyone help?

    So about 5 days ago I started feeling a little low. Just a few things going on at the minute and it felt like they were constantly going round my head. Anyway I started struggling to get sleep at night. It hasn't happend in a while and I lay there just thinking about stuff and all the bad...
  3. Kerome

    What is the spiritual message of a voice?

    I got a few voices through that made jokes... one said, “not everyone thinks their big toe talks to them”, which was a previous voice hearing experience. Funny. Everything I think could be a load of bullshit. I make big complicated schemes in my mind about how my soul could be in danger, but it...
  4. D

    I see particles (demons)

    I see particles 24/7 and I think that they are demons. When it is quiet I hear a muffled voice which used to be very audible. Does anybody else see particles?
  5. N

    The more I hear the voices then the more I recognise them as part of my personality I no longer have.

    The more I hear the voices then the more I recognise them as part of my personality I no longer have. Hiya, I am now 5yrs in to hearing voices which are negative and threatening, however everything they’ve ever said has been a lie and they have no knowledge of anything that I don’t know...
  6. T

    Hearing voices network

    Fantastic group once a month meet up discuss how we have all been can talk about voice hearing and give each other tips or encouragement non judgmental environment. Try it guys nice people.
  7. Zardos

    If You Knew What I Was Thinking...

    If you knew what i was thinking you'd hate me !!! But its not my fault.. Its the voice in my head.. My 'internal monologue' ?.. it has a mind of its own and its 'evil'.. For want of a better word.. We had quite the conversation this morning.. All of which is fairly unrepeatable... Its a...
  8. W

    does all kind of scizophrenia have voice hearing symproms ?

    does every scizophrenic have voice hearing or hallucination symptoms ?
  9. S

    The Voice of God

    Does it exist?
  10. M

    Totally Overwhelmed after 3 months of confinement

    Hi guys, I'm currently out from confinement for 3 months and before the confinement I have a contract that was signed but unfortunately this doesn't pursue due to i was confined. I think I experience v2k or voice to skull technology because i hear voices for the second time after almost 3 years...
  11. M

    Hearing voices during sleep very anxious

    I am starting to get nervous and anxious every time I hear voices during sleep. I am able to sleep but it feels like I am just closing my eyes and I toss and turn just to get away from it but its there. There was a voice who keeps babbling on about something I do not understand then there is...
  12. M

    Is it normal

    *Rather start new thread, new issue* The voices I'm hearing have been in 2 forms, so to say. 1 of the voices is speaking directly to me, always negative, derogatory remarks etc. Luckily this I only get 10% of the times The other, it's a different voice to above, but it's like there's 2-3 people...
  13. S

    A course in hearing voice.

    One of the most important problems is that I hear voice ... I hear these voices everywhere ... even when there is no justification for it. To get rid of this bad thing, I decided to make every job I want to do in the future In a timely manner.However, the problem is not solved.About the minute...
  14. B

    HELP Drug induced psychosis????

    Hey this is random but I’m really scared and would greatly appreciate any help. Last night I was smoking with my friend and all of a sudden things started to get really weird. At first I thought it was a panic attack because my hands were all sweaty and everything felt heavy, but I just couldn’t...
  15. Kerome

    Is religion helpful in psychosis? Or in recovery?

    I was thinking about this the other day, when looking at my own experiences was religion helpful in a psychosis? I mean you use the context of religion, of angels and demons perhaps, to give meaning to the things that you encounter. By doing so you place them in a context, you have certain...
  16. R

    I hear a womens voice.

    I hear a womens voice telling me I am worthless that I am nothing but a waste of resources. My psych prescribed me anti-psychotics for this issuse but its still there. I am afraid if I talk more about these things with people my doctors will request that I stop hormones for my gender dysphoria...
  17. Hallucinat

    Ahm, Am I Just Seeing Things?

    So, let me just tell you something that I've experienced, alright? Well, it all started this year, just as a voice. A voice in my head, answering my questions, talking to me, giving me advice and just all around being there with me. I hadn't realized up until a few months ago that the voice I...
  18. N

    A Heard Voice

    Hi All, I happened to just have been the only one upstairs, which is the case usually in at home, and others are around in their own room, or downstairs, and maybe ahving a late lunch after shopping, and all of the sudden, and I was at the computer, I had a heard voice happen. I don't wear...
  19. K

    Who am i?

    I am a 19-year-old university student struggling with my identity. I have a constant nagging voice in my head that criticizes everything I do. Recently I have suffered from attacks of some sort in which an argument occurs inside my head, I have no control over this and it makes me feel very ill...
  20. R

    constant voice in my head, what does it mean

    For as long as i can remember i've had a voice in my head constantly rerunning events, getting angry about things that have happened that feel unfair, or just randomly commenting on insignificent things, although the fun comes when it starts running through lyrics from songs that i hadnt even...