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  1. D

    (Another newbie,) Hello there.

    I'm not really sure where to start with this thread, so I guess I'll start with the reason why I joined. ~ Saturday, me and my partner were due to meet my mum in town. I told her we were shopping, so she knew-only when we went to the pub where she was waiting to order food- she was angry and...
  2. M


    Hello, I started hearing voices in 2017 and so far I have been able to recover my space inside my head. With the help of medication I was able to sleep but at the early stages even when I am asleep I could still hear voices. Hearing voices has frightened me since I never heard of anyone in my...
  3. A


    Hi everyone. I’m a 19 year old student diagnosed with Social Anxiety disorder and Depression. To add to it all, I have Asperger syndrome, which just adds confusion to my anxiety. I enjoy drawing, reading and writing my own stories which help me deal with my emotions. My current life situation...
  4. P

    Im curious

    Hey guys Ive already made a post about me and my problems but this is new. Long story short im an anxious person and was diagnosed with general anxiety disorder (GAD). New problem came in and i want to ask if any of you have this or if you think its normal. I have a buzzing noise in my ears...
  5. S

    Voice hearing- yourself at different ages?

    Hi hope you are all ok.. Does anyone else hear voices of themselves at different ages? I believe when I experienced trauma my personality split. They argue with each other and some don't particularly like each other. I believe each has a different personality and psychological disorders. My...
  6. M

    For other people

    This is one of the worst things that can happen to someone. It traps you in your beliefs and disbeliefs. It makes you feel shame for any moment of pride. It sucks away your human emotion. It makes you feed into conspiracy just to try to understand what is happening to you. It makes you think...
  7. M

    Rough Day

    I'm having a rough day. The voices are confusing me or the single voice is re-enforcing the idea that I'm dumb. It might call me hypocritical but the things I hear it say are predictable reactions to what I am feeling. I'm feeling dumb today and the voice will say "honestly you are dumb but it's...
  8. M

    Being in love with your voice

    My standard for a relationship is pretty high now when there's a male voice that knows me inside out
  9. N

    overprescribed quetiapine

    Hi guys So my regular psych has now left my clinic so I saw a locum who asked me to confirm my meds. So I told her 225mg venlafaxine 2000mg Depakote and 900mg of quetiapine. Anyway it turned out I should have been on 300mg quetiapine- 100mg x3 a day. My GP had somehow misread my prescription...
  10. S

    Sometimes I wonder...

    Does my inside voice talk without me knowing. Or another one how quiet is my inside voice. Stuff that shouldn't be said.
  11. E

    Speaking to voices

    I have been seeing my Community Psychratric Nurse once a month for a couple of months now and we have been working on having a dialect with my voices. I have two main voices(one good and one bad) and a few “visitors”. The good voice is called Snowflake and I believe it comes from an old toy...
  12. Funnyday

    Voice to skull

    There are over 300 pages in the pdf in the Link. http://researchonline.ljmu.ac.uk/6092/1/543845.pdf
  13. A

    I have dominate control over my voices

    From being a voice hearer since I was little I've been through a lot. But everything is going great!
  14. Tired Daisy

    Are there any upsides to being the most pathic being there is?

    I'm a laughing stock to people, people don't mix with me I've tried to mix with others so many times but people seem to hate me. I'm called a retard and seen as a retard anything I do is seen as irrelevant I have the most awful voice which people either laugh at or they hate it and tell me to...
  15. F

    No voice hearers in Torbay, Devon

    The group was shut down by the MH trust. Pretty much indicative of Devon all over health wise.
  16. A

    I am a voice hearer but I am also a hero!

    My name is Angela I am voice hearer but I am also a hero. I was diagnosed with auditory hallucinations when I was four years old. I am a proud voice hearer. There will be times when I do struggle, but I have an amazing support system. And they are very helpful. I am inspired by all you...
  17. R

    My partner has 1 reoccurring voice

    My partner has 1 reoccurring voice. She can describe the way she looks, and she isn’t a friendly voice. She tells her horrible things and my girlfriend is really starting to suffer. She is seeking professional help with the help of me, but I was looking for some support and information so I can...
  18. C

    I really can't go on

    I really can't go on. I have been verbally abused by medical professionals my stepmum. I feel I have been left defenceless to put my voice across.
  19. K

    auditory hallucinations or intrusive thoughts?

    I can't tell if I'm hearing voices or if these are just intrusive thoughts or something. they are always internal but not so much in the sense that I'm thinking them. it is more like I am hearing them from outside my head except that my head is the source of the sound if that makes sense. almost...
  20. A

    Impulsive internal voice answers with constant, methodical negativity

    Maybe someone has experienced something similar and can offer some helpful tips to counteract. I always had school and sports growing up so what I'm now experiencing didn't seem to manifest as a severe problem until recently. In the past few years and very specifically, in the past 2 months, I...