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  1. S

    Vitamins & Minerals how long are they effective for

    Hi I have epilepsy and I am going to try various Vitamin & minerals to hopefully help it. Does anyone know how long in hours these vitamins and minerals are active for ?. Vit C (ester C) = Omega 3 = Calcium / Magnesium = Vit D = Vit E = Vit A = Vit K = B-12 = B-6 = Tumeric = Cayenne...
  2. A

    Phobia of medication!! Surgery in a few days!

    Hello all! My name is Ashley, I'm 29years old and I developed a fear of meds about 10 years ago. It happened after getting slightly addicted to Vicodin and smoking pot. I had a panic attack while on it, and developed a phobia of ALL meds. Even vitamins. I'm no longer this afraid. I hate...
  3. B


    hi am on citalopram for my anxiety will it calm it down been 5 weeks on 20mg doctor says need to stay on them for a year i do swimming and take multi vitamins and fish oil thanks

    Does anyone take supplements?

    I currently take : a multivitamin Omega oils Probiotic. I am running out, and need to do my annual order of the vitamins and oils. I have been taking omega 3 6 9, but I just read something, and it seems only omega 3 is necessary. (6 is commonly found in diet, and 9 is not necessary). I...
  5. ElDorado

    Anxiety caused by vitamin supplements...?

    I recently started taking vitamin b-12 as I'm tired most of the day and was looking for ways to increase my productivity. However, it seems as if ever since I started taking them, my anxiety has got considerably worse. I have gone back to the person I was last year and have been pushing my...
  6. T

    Vitamins for Schizophrenia

    What do people think about taking vitamins to treat or prevent Schizophrenia? Has anyone tried the recommended vitamins for Schizophrenia? Did you feel any difference? Ones on the website say: Sarcosine D serine Melatonin (I thought this was a naturally occurring chemical in the brain...
  7. cpuusage

    Vitamin Experiment

    Have tried vitamins & supplements of various kinds before, but never seem to notice much of a difference. i'm trying an experiment with some high dose vitamins - Vit D3, C, B-Complex, Zinc, Q10, Omega 3, Serrapeptase, Multi-Vit, Niacin, Iron, Garlic.
  8. Konifera

    Seeking General Advice.

    Briefly: I've been greatly improving factors of my life, growing past the issues that stunt my relationships, I've come here seeking help on those issues and I feel I've resolved it. Thankfully I might have the insurance needed to see a professional within a few months. My current job is...
  9. A

    Hi. These are some things trying to get better.

    I don't take any prescription drugs for Schizophrenia. I'm turning 25 on august 12th. I'm also handicap. AEHTHARHE$WT#@$TG -Legal in usa over the counter Smart drugs - nootropics < Cause brain not working right. -vitamin b complex -vitamin d3 < Found is low with Schizophrenia. -Zinc...
  10. shaky

    Calming natural products?

    At the weekend I was cracking up. I was going mad and in the end I took 1/smg of Risperidone to calm me down. It worked, but I hate taking that stuff. The side effects are annoying, I don't know what it is doing to my brain - making me dependent on it. Does anyone know f some natural things -...
  11. B

    Vitamins vs Prescribed Medication

    I have been tinkering with the idea of trying out vitamins to heal my depression. I heard that by taking 3000mg of vitamin B3 and a high dose of vitamin C will in time decrease depression better than prescribed medication. I wondered if anyone has tried doing this successfully/unsuccessfully...
  12. Naw1984

    Vitamins for depression

    Hi everyone Just wondering if anyone has had any luck trying to help fight depression by taking vitamins.* I am taking Folic Acid, B6, B12, Vitamin C, Vitamin D and krill oil, as well as a multi and probiotic. I'd love to hear your opinion and experienced. (My apologies if this has been...
  13. T

    Bingeing and vitamins

    Do you think that the urge to binge (not necessarily in the same way as BED or on sugary fatty foods) comes from deficiencies in vitamins, iron etc? Or is it rebelling against the restriction? X
  14. T


    Not sure at what point coffee & vitamins = breakfast FFS
  15. D

    Truehope Empowerplus

    my schizophrenic nephew murdered my brother in November while on this vitamin supplement only. Does anyone have any experience with this product? Could you please message me?
  16. ABsea

    stress & skincare?

    Whenever I'm stressed (80% of time) My face breaks out :( like disgusting big ugly boyle looking things and they get so painful. Lol i know im gross. I've tried everyything! I drank herbal tea and it worked amazingly till i poisoned myself unknowingly :S apparently too much of a good thing can...
  17. F


    I have crazy vertigo since last night. My eating was bad yesterday - what I did eat was mostly purged. This is different from feeling faint (ie. black dots closing in/low blood pressure) this is full on spins, I'm walking like a drunken sailor. Motion sickness, but I haven't been traveling...
  18. A

    magnesium and other vitamins

    Has anyone here used either magnesium, potassium, calcium or some form of combination of them to help lessen the effects of depression? I wanted to hear testimonies to see if it causes a notable change.
  19. S

    Do you take vitamins to help?

    What do you take? Have you noticed a difference?