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visual hallucinations

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    Wall Castle Building Men Visual Hallucinations Of Dark Green Intensive Building Blocks - Full On

    Wall Castle Building Men Visual Hallucinations Of Dark Green Intensive Building Blocks - Full On On two occasions during psychosis I have had to deal with the same intense, very difficult, overwhelming and hyper-stressful visual hallucinations. that both consisted of the same visual...
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    What Types of Voices Are There?

    There are many kinds of voices this is a list of some that may be common to voice hearers and some that may not be so common. Narrators Narrators state every thought you have either in the first, second or third person viewpoint. For example, they might say "I am typing these words," as I...
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    Psychosis, Audio & Visual Hallucinations since 2006

    Hey people glad to be here. I've had Drug induced psychosis since about 2006 from doing a lot of illegal drugs and have been on medication since 2007 trying all the medication, risperidone, Olanzapine or (Zyprexa), quitiapine, paliperidone with depot as well as daily tablets. I have only...
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    Coping Strategies for Voice Hearing

    Hi there, these are some helpful techniques that I think may of help to others. This may be of use to low to mid level intensities. But if you find that you are not coping, even though you may be trying these suggestions, it is important to seek help from a medical professional: Focussing...
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    Things that have helped me with my voices

    Hi there, these are some suggestions that I found might be of help to others. Theses ideas may be of some help to others, but it's important to seek a medical professional as soon as possible: Focussing Techniques Being able to concentrate while you are hearing voices. Identify your voices...