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  1. W

    help me help my daughter please

    Hello, hope you dont mind me posting here, but I dont know what to do. I will try to keep it brief. My daughter is 12 and began self harming two years ago. She is very withdrawn only leaving her room for school and meal times, i can rarely get her to join us for family time or visits away from...
  2. N

    Conservatives consider limit on GP visits

  3. G


    Hello all Whats the longest you have stayed on medication? has it been months years ect... I have been on it for 3 years since my last hospital visit. Has anyone been on it a really long time like 15 20 years without any hospital visits gazzmg
  4. D

    I need somebody to talk to..............

    ..........i have nobody now,i am used to my house being very busy with visitors from morning to night. Since my depression and anxiety has got worse the last few months nobody wants to know me,it's like i have the plague. I have always been there for everyone,been a shoulder to cry on,a helping...
  5. B

    Can I have home visits?

    I've been in the system now for 6 years. I have bipolar type 2 (amongst some other social anxiety type things) and am on Lithium and other meds too. I have not heard from my CPN since February, despite being on CPA and messaging her in emergencies. None of my CPNs have cared tuppence about me...
  6. N

    I think I need a different therapist, but I have only had two visits

    I am new here and not sure if this was the correct place to put this but it was my best guess, please move it if it is in the wrong place. After a recent crisis I decided I could no longer deal with my issues on my own. I am not sure what exactly is 'wrong' with me, I am working on figuring...
  7. M

    After the history taking

    What happened next with your Psychiatrist? What are the pattern of your visits and who did you see after that appointment? Just wondered what to prepare myself for :-)
  8. F

    Nervous Breakdown

    Hello everyone, this is my first post and I'm looking for advice/guidance in respect of my Mother in Law. She was admitted to hospital in May last year with what we were told was a severe nervous breakdown, she is 68 years old and not really had any symptoms in the past. This was a massive...