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  1. C

    Can't Shake the Guilt

    Hello. I'm new to the forum, unfortunately not new to having Borderline Personality Disorder, but new to the diagnosis and treatment. I was wondering if anyone else has feelings of extreme guilt for distancing themselves away from a narcissist parent and the family who doesn't (and never has)...
  2. R


    Hello I just wanted to introduce myself. Im 54 and I have had depression, anxiety and PTSD for about nine years. I have been on several combinations of meds with no success. I have came off my meds several times in the past because I was waiting for my social security disability to go through...
  3. Kerome

    People’s stories of loved ones dying

    There is a program on Dutch tv called “I miss you”, which is basically a series of graveyard interviews with people who come to visit beloveds. It is really touching, to hear people’s stories of who is buried there, what they meant to them, the times they spent together, and how the other...
  4. Kerome

    Local government help sources

    Via volunteering I’ve recently been involved with local government’s services for people with mental health difficulties, and I thought it would be worth talking a bit about what they do in the Netherlands. First there’s what they call the ‘sociaal wijkteam’, which is a per town or per...
  5. J

    It's all over

    My story: https://www.mentalhealthforum.net/forum/thread182808.html It's all over. I've been placed in the Support Group. After last nights random DWP payment of just over £320, I rang them first thing in the morning to ask about it. The guy on the phone asked if I'd had a WCA recently to...
  6. fazza

    Anyone with schizophrenia moving from dla to pip

    Got the dreaded brown envolope tellying me that my dla is ending and i need to claim pip. i have a regular cpn visit plus i am on a depot injection every two weeks. My question is does anyone here have schizophrenia and claiming pip Thanks
  7. I

    What kind of help should i seek?

    Hello. I suffer from depression, agoraphobia and obsessions. Should I visit a psychologist or a psychiatrist? I have never searched for help before.
  8. R

    Can't talk to people

    I have a really hard time trying to talk to people, I just freeze and nothing comes to me to say to them. I avoid going anywhere if I know I will have to make conversation with others. It's getting to the point where I don't visit family anymore and they don't visit me either. I am tired of...
  9. P

    Has anyone else successfully been discharged by the mental health team in England?

    Has anyone else successfully been discharged by the mental health team in England? I've been trying to move to a new area but only want to do it when I'm not under the mental health team. Every time it's time to get discharged something comes up. Like one Dr wanted me to get tested for Autism...
  10. fazza

    Liverpool Mental heathcare for Treatment resistive Schizophrenia is a joke

    Liverpool Mental heathcare for Treatment resistive Schizophrenia is a joke Fired my CPN told her that i wanted no more visits as I was sick of tired of having missed appointments with no explanation and constant going off sick. Now dont get me wrong anyone can be sick but at least pass your...
  11. S


    Hey I'm Syron.j from Canada. I'm new on this forum and here's a little bit of myself if you'll take the time to listen At 18 i had my first hospitalization, that was in 2012. I went on and off of medications many times, ended up a total of 4 times in the psych ward and it's been about 3 years...
  12. shaky

    Autumn is Here :(

    It is now the Autumn (in the northern hemisphere, where I live) and this is always a bad time for me. his is the time I often end up being picked up by the police or visited by the crisis team I am getting unstable. I can feel it. But I have no support. I have no CPN visiting. My next contact...
  13. Square Pearl

    Can't deal with anything today

    The psychiatrist is visiting my neighbour who is unwell and I feel like my heart is being squeezed and I cannot breathe. I want to do something, anything to myself or anything just to remove this feeling. I could scream continuously so that they hear me. I want desperately a solution to this all...
  14. B


    I was suppose to go to grandma's funeral. but I'm not too fond of crowded places; not good for my mental illness. besides, my mom wanted me to look very fancy and refused to let me go there with average clothes. but i really want to visit grandma now. I feel like it's a sin to not visit her...
  15. U

    Visiting My Dad Causes A Lot of Anxiety

    Hello all. I'm new to the forum. I have been dealing with anxiety and low self-esteem issues for a couple decades (I'm 37). I reside in the midwest United States. On Friday, I am travelling to surprise my dad for his birthday - he lives in a very large east coast city. Every time I travel...
  16. I

    Doctor visit set off major trigger

    I'm new to this forum so I hope all that I share here is acceptable. I'm just having a big depression and anxiety struggle right now, and believe it was worsened by a recent doctor visit. The visit was a routine medical check up. I've seen this doctor before and he's a nice guy, but he's not...
  17. D

    my mom is driving me crazy...

    This is my first post. I just joined this website, because I was feeling so frustrated and miserable after a stupid fight with my mother. I feel sorry for my mom and I'm not sure what's going wrong with our relationship. Well, we've never had a great relationship; when I was a teenager, we were...
  18. A

    Took Old Medication

    So I took an almost 11 month old medication. I got the bottles confused. What is the worst that can happen? Should I wait to my next doctor/NP visit to tell someone or go to the ER? It was abilify 30 mg tablet.
  19. Fluffymum

    Personality disorder units?

    Hi does anyone know how to get into these? I'm at the point where I need more than just being left at home with a visit once a week from the Cmht to placate me, I have long standing issues and split personality disorder and borderline pd. Any ideas?
  20. B

    missing him..

    The foster home took my number so my son could call me and we agreed on 730 am. He called me wed but not since. I wish I could at least here my little man's voice. He doesn't come visit until Tues. I really miss him.